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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS: List of all Pod Plants in the game

Use the strange new plants in your favor!

Fortnite’s new season is all about the jungle and how to survive in it. They have introduced wildlife, a lot of new flora and fauna amongst other things. Epic Games have added a whole new jungle biome into the game with a number of jungle-specific POIs in it. A lot of new types of plants and flowers have been introduced in the jungle biome, such as the likes of Hop Flowers. Three other plants have also been added which are termed Pod Plants and are namely Bomb Flowers, Stink Flowers, and Slurp Flowers. So here’s how Pod Plants can be used in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS in different ways.

Pod Plants in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS

1. Bomb Flower

Bomb Flowers are bright pink in colour which makes them hard to miss out on if any player comes across it. It can easily be spotted amongst the green vegetation in the jungle POIs as it stands out because of its color. It is a useful flower but it can also be dangerous to use because if it is not aimed right, the impact of the flower can be too close to the player themselves and deal damage due to the explosion.

Fortnite Wilds Bomb Flower
Image via Epic Games

Bomb Flowers deal 80 damage when they come in contact with anything, be it a player, creature, or character. To use a Bomb Flower, players will need to use a pickaxe in the direction that they want the flower to shoot at. This will make the flower launch forward and will explode on impact. It can be used to quickly destroy a structure or building as it deals major structural damage which makes it easier to reach the loot inside the structure.

2. Stink Flower

Stink Flowers are similar to the previous Fortnite item with a similar name which has now been vaulted. It was called the Stink Bomb and was quite useful as whoever would be in the radius of the bomb after it exploded would start losing their health very quickly if they didn’t escape from the area in time. The Stink Flower has a similar function and effect.

Fortnite Wilds Stink Flower
Image via Epic Games

The Stink Flower can be used in the same way as the Bomb Flowers and are bright yellow in color. Players will need to use their pickaxe to launch the Stink Flower in the direction they want to by using the pickaxe in the same direction. Upon impact, the flower explodes and released a poisonous yellow gas. Players in the radius of the gas will start losing health at the rate of 5 HP per tick. This flower is particularly dangerous as it can’t be stopped by a player’s shield as it starts directly decreasing their health.

3. Slurp Plant

Slurp Plants are kind of the complete opposite of the other two plants mentioned above. Both the Bomb Flower and Stink Flower are used to deal damage to the players and decrease their health, the Slurp Plant is used in the opposite way to increase the health of the players. Slurp Plants are bright blue in color and players can use their pickaxe to burst open these plants. Upon bursting it, the player will get healed by 25 HP or Shield.

Fortnite Wilds Slurp Flower
Image via Epic Games

The good thing is that Slurp Plants respawn in the same location after 15 seconds after being used once. This means players can increase their health by a lot by just having a little patience as they won’t even need to look for any shields if they use this method.

All of the Pod Plants mentioned above can only be found in the jungle biome exclusively which includes the POIs such as Creeky Compound, Shady Slits, Rumble Ruins, and the nearby areas surrounding all these locations.

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