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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS: Tips to find and use Shockwave Grenades in the game

Use the grenades to travel forward through air!

Fortnite always keeps on vaulting and unvaulting various things in the game. This time around in Chapter 4 Season 3, there are not many mobility items for the players to use. The lack of proper transport options this season other than some vehicles and raptors who have been recently unvaulted, raised some concerns among the players. Epic Games listened to the concerns and have now once again unvaulted Shockwave Grenades which are a mobility item in the 25.10 version update in Fortnite WILDS. Here’s how players can find it and use it to travel through the map.

Where to find Shockwave Grenades in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 WILDS

Shockwave Grenades were added in Fortnite back in Chapter 4 Season 1. Since then, they have been vaulted and unvaulted a couple of times according to the choice of the developers. For the past few seasons, Fortnite has had an abundant number of options for mobility items which made the Shockwave Grenades not as useful as they were in the past which is why they were removed.

Fortnite Wilds Shockwave Grenades
Image via Epic Games

But in the current season, players have found themselves once again in dire need of Shockwave Grenades because of the lack of mobility items. Even though they have been unvaulted now, they can be quite difficult to come across because of their Epic rarity. They can be found as normal floor loot along with also as loot inside normal chests and rare chests. Players can store up to six Shockwave Grenades in their inventory at once and they drop in pairs of two as loot. 

How to use Shockwave Grenades in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Wilds

Shockwave Grenades are powerful items as they can push away everything that is nearby upon explosion and they also provide a Hop Flowers effect to the players which prevents them from getting fall damage. Players need to find out the correct angle in which they’ll be thrown in after the explosion as this calculation will determine where they’ll fall and where they wanted to fall in the first place.

Fortnite Wilds Shockwave Grenades
Image via Epic Games

Players will be launched straight upwards if they drop a Shockwave Grenade at their feet. But this won’t make them travel any distance as they’ll simply just launch straight into the air. To move forward as much as possible using these grenades, players will need to be as far as possible from it while still being within the radius of the explosion to be thrown into the air.

The best way to do this is by throwing the Shockwave Grenade at their feet while the player is running as they take a few seconds to detonate. This will give the players to go far enough from the grenade before it explodes and also stay within its radius of the explosion.

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