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Fortnite Galaxy Cup 3: Tips to get the brand new Khari skin for free

Stand a chance to win the Khari skin for free!

Epic Games decided to surprise the loopers with yet another really cool skin while they are still completing the Indiana jones quests. This time it’s the Khari skin that loopers can get for free in the Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Cup 3.

Epic Games is seen collaborating with Samsung multiple times. They together have conducted android-only tournaments or Samsung devices tournaments. These tournaments have given loopers chances to win great cosmetics and skins. the galaxy and galaxy scout skin which were very popular when launched were a part of the Galaxy tournament only. The Galaxy Cup 3 is going to be live soon, most probably around 16-17 July 2022, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Galaxy Cup 3 will feature additional cosmetics along with the Khari skin

Unlike the previously launched galaxy skins, this time epic games made sure to bring the galaxy skin along with other cosmetics. The Starlit Archer set includes:

  • Khari Skin
  • Ruth’s Quiver Backbling
  • Moonlit Bowblade Pickaxe
  • Galaxy Creation Spray

How to get the Khari skin for free in Fortnite

The Galaxy Cup tournaments follow the same procedure as all the tournaments it conducts. The outfit and the cosmetics are rewarded to those players with the best competitive performance in-game, varying per region.

This is not an efficient method to opt to give out the rewards as it creates a really competitive environment and it is very difficult for individuals to determine if their performance is enough to compete with other players from the same region.

Image via Epic Games

At the moment it’s not sure if this skin will be available in the store, but it’s likely that loopers will get a chance to purchase the skin with V bucks from the shop later. Competing hard enough in the tournament can get loopers the Khari skin and it is worth fighting for. Fortnite has been everyone’s favorite battle royale for a long time now.

Are you excited for Galaxy Cup 3 in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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