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Fortnite Guide: Tips to get the Shadow Tracker Pistol in the game

Get the shadow tracker pistol for yourself!

Fortnite is a fast-paced action game by Epic Games where 100 players need to fight against in a Battle Royale to survive till the end and win the match. It is a very popular game and it has acquired many players across the world. In Fortnite, the players might have noticed that all the weapons that deal a lot of damage to the opponents are from the higher group of rarities. These weapons can be found from ground loots, chests, and Supply Drops too. Another way to acquire them is from the NPCs in the game, one of them being the Shadow Tracker Pistol from Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. Here’s how the players can acquire it in Fortnite.

Introducing the Shadow Tracker Pistol in Fortnite

The weapons sold by the NPCs in Fortnite are generally more powerful when compared to the normal rarity weapons. These sets of weapons which are solely sold by the NPCs only are known as Exotic weapons and can be found all across the map at unnamed locations and various POIs.

The Shadow Tracker Pistol is one of the Exotic weapons which can be bought from the NPCs in question. The Pistol is known to use less ammunition than normal guns and also has a special feature that reveals the location of the opponent who is shot with this pistol, to the shooter’s teammates for a brief amount of time.

fortnite shadow tracker pistol
Image via Epic Games

This feature makes it one of the best sidearms in Fortnite and the players who want to acquire it can do so by buying it from an NPC. Now we are going to talk about where one can find the pistol in the game.

How to acquire the Shadow Tracker Pistol in Fortnite 

Before we talk about where this weapon can be found, the players should be informed that one will need around 400 Gold Bars to buy it from the NPC. These Gold Bars can be acquired through various ways in the game, some of them being opening chests, cash registers, safes, and lastly eliminating players. 

fortnite shadow tracker pistol location
Image via Epic Games

Now that one has enough money to buy the Shadow Tracker Pistol, they can head over to an unnamed landmark called the Temple which is north of the Lazy Lagoon POI. There they can finally buy the weapon from the Sunbird NPC in Fortnite.

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