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Fortnite Most Wanted event: Tips to find and beat all the Cold Blooded Bosses in the game

Beat 'em all!

Fortnite is an action-packed battle royale game from Epic Games where players need to fight against each other on an island with 100 players and survive till the end to become the winner. The Most Wanted event has been included this time for their patch v23.40 release. The players must locate and open Cold Blooded Vaults in order to complete one of the tasks associated with this event. But, in order to do that, they must first defeat the Cold Blooded Bosses in Fortnite Most Wanted Event. Here’s how one can locate and use them.

How to locate Cold Blooded Bosses in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Since these bosses are the ones protecting the vaults from players, their position is the same as that of the Cold Blooded Vaults. So, it only makes sense that they are situated at the same locations as the vaults, namely Shattered Slabs, Frenzy Field, and Brutal Bastion.

Fortnite Most Wanted event Cold Blooded Bosses
Image via Epic Games

They are in possession of a Vault Keycard that the players must use to open the vault. Therefore, in total, there are two reasons why players must battle these enemies: one, they can’t access the vault itself if they don’t defeat them, and second, they need to defeat the bosses in order to obtain the Vault Keycard, which is necessary to open the vault.

How to beat the Cold-Blooded Bosses in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Defeating a Cold Blooded Boss might not be a piece of cake but is also not something very difficult and unattainable. While going into the fight, players should try to make sure they have enough ammo, HP reviving items, and cover so they can last for a longer time in the fight.

Players should try to defeat the boss as quickly as possible by dealing the most damage possible, which can be done by multiple headshots. After defeating the boss, players will be able to open the Cold Blooded Vault and get all the high-quality loot that is stored inside of it.

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