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Fortnite x Spider-Man: “Where’s Miles” Posters and where to put them up in the game

Has anyone seen Miles?

Fortnite has yet again come up with another crossover event now that the Star Wars event is coming to an end. Collaborations are a never-ending thing at Fortnite and this time around they are joining hands with the Spider-Man franchise as the new Spiderverse movie is coming closer to its release date worldwide. A new weekly challenge has been released by Epic Games which needs the players to put “Where’s Miles” posters in different locations all over the map in Fortnite and here’s how they can do it.

“Where’s Miles” Posters putting up locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

This challenge has been introduced in an attempt to make people aware of the release of the new movie so that more people go out to see it and it’s also kind of a teaser for the upcoming event the game is planning in association with the movie. Players will need to put up three posters in total which are available at four different locations and after completing the challenge successfully, they will be awarded 12000 experience points.

Fortnite “Where’s Miles” Posters location
Image via Epic Games

The challenge is quite easy to finish but it is time-consuming as the distance between the locations is quite a lot and players will need to travel a lot of distance if they want to finish off the challenge in a single match itself. Some locations have two posters to put up but still one has no choice but to travel to two different locations to complete the challenge. The locations include:

  • Slappy Shores with two posters
  • Shattered Slabs with two posters
  • Mega City with two posters 
  • Solitary Shrine with one poster
Fortnite “Where’s Miles” Posters guide
Image via Epic Games

Even though Solitary Shrine has just one poster to put up, it is not visited too much by other players which makes it a good landing spot for this challenge. After putting up one poster, players can use a Launch Pad to go to Brutal Bastion from where they can take another Launch Pad and reach Slappy Shores and complete the challenge. Once players reach the respective locations, all they need to do is walk up close enough to the poster location and press the interact button and they will be good to go.

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