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Fortnite x Star Wars: Republic Chests locations and where to find them

Rare chests with a chance of getting a mythic weapon inside!

Fortnite is witnessing its biggest Star Wars event to date and it brings with it a lot of quests, challenges, weapons, skins, and so on. The Find the Force event started on May 2, 2023, and will go on till May 3, 2023. During this period players will come across a lot of quests that they will need to complete in order to acquire the rewards. One of the quests in the first week of the event requires the players to open a Republic Chest. But they can be quite difficult to locate so this guide will help the players in locating Republic Chests easily in Fortnite.

Republic Chest in Fortnite Find the Force event

Republic Chests can be identified as black containers which are large in size and have the white symbol of the Galactic Republic on top of them. They are known to contain the DC-15 Blaster Rifle which is a mythic weapon and runs on unlimited ammo.

Fortnite Republic Chests guide
Image via Epic Games

It is great for medium to long-range combat but the only drawback is that the gun stops shooting when the tip of it turns red in color after getting hot from firing continuous shots. The chest also has regular loot inside so even if players complete the quest, they can still choose to come back to these chests as they provide good loot with the chance of finding a mythic weapon too. 

Where to find Republic Chests in Fortnite Find the Force event

There are a total of three locations where the Republic Chests can be found on the map. Players will be able to find two chests in these locations but they can be quite tricky to find and are not located out in the open. The locations are also set quite apart from each other so players most likely won’t have the time to visit all of them in a single game, but they don’t really need to too. Here are the Republic Chest locations.

  • South of Meadow Mansion, Southwest of Frenzy Fields: The chests can be found where the roads which are coming from the Shore Shack and Mega City meet 
  • North of Shattered Slabs: The chests can be found where the road from the Seaside Sentry and Pleasant Passage meet.
  • West of Slappy Shores: Here the chest can be seen located by the intersection on the south of the river which further leads to the ocean.
Fortnite Republic Chests location
Image via Epic Games

That was all about finding the locations of Republic Chests in Fortnite.

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