Brawl Stars free rewards and how to claim them

Some freebie time!

In Brawl Stars, obtaining rewards is a fun aspect of the game, mirroring the typical experience across gaming platforms. In this game where we are invited into fast-paced battles featuring a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles, getting rewards to boost the progress is necessary. For the same, plenty of in-game events will be happening, so I will have this guide dedicated to Brawl Stars with the list of free rewards and how to claim them.

Here are the free rewards with their links you can claim via different events.

Free Redeem LinksRewards
Click HereEsports Pin
Click HereCartoon Pin
Click Here100 Coins
Click HereStarr Drop
Click HereClown Pin
Click HereWaste Land Pin
Click HereStarr Drop
Click HereStarr Drop
Click HereStarr Drop
Click HereStarr Drop
Click HereStarr Drop
Brawl Stars free rewards
Image via Supercell

Players should make sure to open these links from the mobile device where Brawl Stars is installed. When you click them, they’ll take you to the game’s main screen. You might have to do a few things there to get your free stuff. Remember to use your phone for these links to work right. We’ll keep adding new freebies and taking away old ones, so check back often!

How to claim Brawl Stars free rewards

1. Brawl Stars #100StarrDrops Community Event

Brawl Stars #100StarrDrops Event
Image via Supercell

Currently live in the #100StarrDrops Community Event, which will run until March 25, 2024. This is the biggest ever in the game, and will grant you a chance to get 100 Random Starr Drops for free! Along with other players, you need to collect 1.5 Billion Rare Starr Drops. The top 100 players with the Rare Starr Drops will win the Mega Prize of 100 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS too.

2. Events

The most straightforward way to earn rewards in Brawl Stars is by participating in events. You can see the dedicated section to simply participate in the event and engage to unlock rewards. One such recent event where we could earn plenty of freebies was dedicated to the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 where players would earn gifts for participating in the predictions event.

3. Twitch Drops

Brawl Stars Twitch Drops event cover
Image via Brawl Stars

Another avenue to claim rewards in Brawl Stars is through Twitch Drops, where you can acquire valuable items like Power Points, Coins, Gems, Bling, and more. Refer to our comprehensive guide on how to claim Brawl Stars free rewards from Twitch Drops, as we’ll be regularly updating it with the latest rewards.

How often do we get free rewards in Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, free rewards are a regular occurrence. You can frequently earn them by participating in in-game challenges and events. Additionally, during special occasions, you may encounter shared vouchers, links, and drops as a way to snag some free goodies in Brawl Stars.

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