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Fortnite x Star Wars: Tips to locate and defeat Clone Troopers in the game

Complete two quests at once at Brutal Bastion!

Find the Force event is the current crossover event between Fortnite and Star Wars which started on May 3, 2023, and will go on till May 23, 2023. Stormtroopers were a friendly addition to the game but now they have turned rogue and are trying to eliminate anyone on site. One of the quests from the third week of the event needs the players to defeat the clone troopers on the island and here’s how they can do it in Fortnite.

How to find and defeat Clone Troopers in Fortnite Find the Force event 

Clone troopers can be found in four fixed places on the island. These are the same places where they could be found in the previous weeks before they were captured by their evil counterparts. One of the locations has comparatively difficult clone troopers to defeat but not impossible. Here are the locations where they can be found:

Fortnite clone troopers location
Image via Epic Games
  • Near the intersection southwest of Frenzy Fields
  • Between Shattered Slabs and The Citadel, on a dusty gravel road in the west 
  • A road located slightly west of the Slappy Shores
  • Northwest of Brutal Bastion, where Darth Vader can also be found

The last location is where Darth Vader can also be found and players can complete two quests at once by defeating the clone troopers over there along with their Sith lord.

Fortnite Star Wars Stormtrooper
Image via Epic Games

Players can try to complete both of these challenges at once if they have allies to help them out as it won’t be a smart move to try to complete both the quests all by oneself. Players can use weapons like Assault Rifles or an SMG and also use a bigger magazine to deal more damage and have an upper hand during the whole battle.

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