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Free Fire: All Revival Points and Vending Machine locations

The best guide to locate revival points

Free Fire’s OB27 update has recently rolled out with a bunch of new features; one of which we shall look at today, which is the availability of Revival Points in all maps. In this guide, we shall talk about this and list the various locations for these revival points and vending machines as well in Free Fire. Just like many battle royale games for mobile released, resurrection is a commonly known thing, however, in Free Fire, this is done a bit different. This resurrection process is instead done via Revival Points and Vending Machines that allow players to get revived multiple times per game.

How revival points work in Free Fire

For starters, this feature is located only in Classic Game maps and requires you to select either Duo or Squad mode. If you played the classic mode Big Head, you will notice that after you die, you can select your spawn point and respawn in the air instantly. With the Revival Point, it’s much the same, only you’ll respawn exactly where the point is located and it’s not something you can do alone. It can only be done once every two and a half minutes but will revive every fallen teammate.

How to revive multiple times

Ressurection by Revival point is done by a teammate heading over to the Revival Point and standing or moving in the area until the heart-shaped icon fully charges. After that, they’ll all revive in the air, near the point, which will be closed for a short time (the game will notify when it reopens). This means that for each time it closes* and a teammate requires revival, you’ll either have to wait or move to another point location to do so.

*Revival points open/appear after 50 seconds (0.5 minutes) when the match starts and close 0.5 minutes at the collapse of the final zone.

Free Fire Revival Points locations

Ressurection by Vending Machines is considered much easier, as it only requires you to head over to one of many located on the map, purchase a Revival Card and use it on the machine. Purchasing Revival Cards require Tokens, which can be found scattered on the surface of any location. Unlike with Revival Points, so long as there is a reachable machine in the area, you can revive any fallen teammate using a Revival Card on the Vending Machine.

Revival Points and Vending Machine locations in each map

All locations in every map is shown below:



Free Fire Revival Points locations


Free Fire Revival Points locations

Bermuda Remastered

As a final note, be wary of the safety at the revival point, as there might be another person at or heading towards the very same. If the enemy players secure the point before you do, their teammate might cause trouble for you later on, so prevent that from happening at all costs!

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