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Free Fire OB27 April update: New Characters, Weapons and more

The Free Fire OB27 update is just around the corner. As the dates draw closer, the advanced server registrations have already begun. With every update, Garena brings in a host of new items, events, and also new characters. The OB patch updates are one of the major updates that the game gets regularly post every 2 months. Today in this article, we will talk about the new features, events, and more in the Free Fire OB27 update which is soon to come.

A brand new character system and UI

Free Fire recently discussed in depth the changes they are going to bring to the characters and the overall system, in the Character Banter. Some well-known characters like Chrono, Wukon will get their skills to be updated after the OB27 update in Free Fire. Moreover, Free Fire has emphasized heavily the fact that how it’s going to optimize the ‘old passive’ skills. You can know more details about this brand new character system in our other article on this topic.

New Weapons and Improvements


Free Fire OB27 update
New weapon KORD

KORD is heavy damage causing Machine Gun that is coming in this OB27 update. It offers a near decent rate of fire and heavy damage over mid to long-range. The gun unleashes its true potential when used while crouching. Crouching adds buff to its rate of fire and damage dealt. This gun will only require a scope as an attachment. Moreover, this gun can serve to be a good alternative for the M60 and M249, the other LMGs present in the game at the moment.

Side Weapons

Dual USP is something that was anticipated by the players for so long and is now finally coming in this update. After Vector, this is the second weapon to get the dual wield feature. Beside this, a new side weapon shotgun called the m1973 is also going to feature in the game for the first time after the OB27 update.

New Characters


Free Fire OB27 update
New character Xtrema

Xtrema is a girl belonging to the wild! Her character skill is an active one named Xtreme Encounter. The skill gives 100 HP temporarily for 8s, extra 50% damage to shield and gloo walls. All effects last for 8s and the cooldown is 150s. These are the stats currently out in the advanced server, the actual stats might differ when the update goes live.

Mohammad Ramadam

Free Fire OB27 update
New character Ramadan

This character comes as part of the upcoming collaboration with the Egyptian megastar Ramadan. Hopefully, this addition will strengthen Free Fire’s objective to bring about more of the Global content. This time, it seems to be catering to the MENA server players’ interests.

New Pet

Free Fire OB27 update

Moony, the new alien pet is coming soon onto the lands of Free Fire with a pretty useful pet skill. His skill is called Paranormal Protection. At level 1, the skill offers a 20% reduction in damage taken when the user is in interaction countdown. This means a player will take less damage when using medkit, zone predictor or repairing etc.

Other Minor Changes

Free Fire OB27 update
New Boxing Ring in Free Fire

The training grounds have been optimized for better battle situations with a bit more space and room to accumulate all the action. Besides this, a boxing ring has also been added for the entertainment of players as well as to practice their melee skills. You can invite your in-game friends into the ring as well!

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