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Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge: Tips and Tricks to win every match

Easy ways to win every challenge you face!

Ever since its release, Free Fire has risen up exponentially in terms of offering quality lucid gameplay throughout low to mid-range performing devices. The game boasts of several exciting modes that cater to the interest of the vide variety of its userbase scattered all around the globe. Despite the availability of all these modes, certain locations in the maps of this survival game serve to present a challenge of its own that can’t be found in the in-game modes. One such very popular challenge is the Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight. Being a challenge, it’s not an in-game mode obviously, but still very fun to play against random enemies. Here are some of the top tips that you need to guide yourself to easy wins in this Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight challenge along with an in-depth guide on what this challenge is all about.

About the Factory Top Fist Fight challenge

The challenge is all about using your fists to knock down your enemies within a confined space from which you can’t really escape easily. The challenge takes place in the ‘The Factory’ located on the Bermuda map. Usually, around 10-15 players drop down on the roof of this factory to fight against each other right off the start.

Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge tips
Factory location in Free Fire

This location is special in the sense that one can get to this highly elevated spot only by dropping off the plane. Hence, this challenge kicks off and also comes to an end within the starting couple of minutes of a match. Fighting your way among other brave fist fighters doesn’t take long if you’re determined to be the last man standing on the roof of that factory.

Tips to win every match in the Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge

1. Equip the skill of Kla + One Healing character skill

Kla is an in-game character with a skill that increases the damage inflicted by the fists. At the max level, the fist damage increases by 400%. A headshot with this character would mean an instant kill. One would think as if this character was designed especially for this challenge. However, the character design is inspired by Ong-Bak Trilogy sensation, Tony Jaa.

Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge tips
Free Fire Factory Kla character

Using this character is a must if you intend to stand a clear chance at winning the challenge. At times, enemies may get their bounties opened before you. Once the enemies have the guns, your best bet would be to rush at them close range or wait in the covers and hit the perfect headshot. Without Kla, players have little to no chance of winning at close range against an armed enemy.

Kla itself might not be enough, so do keep a healing active character to back up your fight when your HP bar gets depleted to a critical point. Alok is the most preferred choice as his unique character skill offers HP recovery while on the move. Other alternatives could be K, Xayne, or a combination of A124 and Miguel.

2. Keep an eye on your Movements and Landing

Many times you’ll see players throwing fists at each other while in a ‘crouched’ position. This strategy helps to a great extent in evading direct headshots and hits on the body. Hence, players must make sure to duck while hitting the enemies around to minimize the damage conceded. However, it’s still possible to deal with or get blown off with a headshot when crouched.

Jumping around the enemy or running swiftly in a zig-zag manner may also come in handy to escape random enemies’ blows, especially when it’s crowded on the rooftop. Also, making random movements while spamming the fist button can help make it a bit difficult for the enemy to hit you.

Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge tips
Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge: Best landing spots

Landing right exactly on the edge of the factory or on top of the chimney makes for a tactical spot. It’s so because once the players land on the roof, it’s not possible to reach or climb back up to those vantage points. One can first scout the present battle scenes and spot out the most vulnerable enemy.

This way, players can hunt and put out the already damaged enemy of their misery by intervening in the fight at the right time. However, others may land around you at the edges or on top of the chimney with the same intentions. Players will have to get rid of these enemies first. These fights on those unreachable spaces give a higher probability of winning than what you’ll get down on the roof.

3) Use the most effective Loadout

Loadout is that feature of Free Fire in which one can select certain conditional boosts to better their chances of survival. There is a variety of load-out options available for the players. The one ideal combo loadout for a Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge is Bounty + Armour Utilities.

The bounty assures weapons once the player manages to kill someone while the armor utilities will give a random level of the vest and/or helmet right from the start. Both of the load-out options can make it easier for the players to win the challenge once they successfully kill an enemy first.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyoneHope you find these tips to win the Free Fire Factory Top Fist Fight Challenge useful.

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