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Free Fire Guide: Tips to earn Magic Cubes in the game quickly

Get magic cubes for yourself!

Magic Cube fragments in Free Fire can be used to get many cosmetics and skins. It takes 100 Magic Cube fragments to get one magic cube, there isn’t a direct way to get Magic Cubes you need to collect the magic cube fragments. There are many ways to collect the magic cube fragments. In this article, we will explain the ways to collect those fragments.

How to get Magic Cube fragments in Free Fire

1. Participating in Events

There are a lot of events that give memory fragments as a reward in return for completing quests. By participating in the events, players get a good chance of getting magic cube fragments which adds up.

2. Diamond Royale

Diamond Royale is a lottery, it’s a literal lottery where players come to try their luck. This lottery contains a lot of items which sometimes include Magic Cubes. The lottery can be played either with diamonds or with diamond royale tickets.

Diamonds are then again purchased with real money so the better option is the diamond royale tickets which you can get by free fire tokens. It is worth noting that after using 20 diamond royale tickets you will have to purchase diamonds if you want to participate in the lottery again.

3. Elite Pass

Players with the elite passes are given rewards if they play the game frequently, they receive rewards that the players with no elite pass don’t get, these rewards contain a variety of stuff which may sometime include some magic cube fragments. It’s worth noting that elite passes are purchased with real money, so again this option is just for those players who are willing to spend real money in the game.

How to create a Magic Cube from the fragments in Free Fire

These were the ways how you can collect magic cube fragments. Now once you manage to collect 100 of these you can follow the following steps to fuse 100 magic cube fragments into one magic cube 

  • Log in to your Free Fire account 
  • Click on the option store which is on the left side of the lobby page
Free Fire magic cubes
Image via Garena
  • Now another page would open which will have 5 options, among which you have to click on the redeem option.
Free Fire redeem magic cube
Image via Garena
  • A set of options will scroll, you have to choose Cube fragment and then choose an exchange
Free Fire core fragment
Image via Garena
  • Once you click on the options exchange, your magic cube fragments will convert into a magic cube.

Final Thoughts

Magic Cube enables the players to get skins and skin bundles. It isn’t necessary to put so much effort into collecting the magic cube fragments, you can always use real money to buy cosmetics of your own choice.

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