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Free Fire: Interesting Gloo Wall grenade tricks that you can do

Bring creativity into your game by performing such tricks

Free Fire can sometimes add some amazing game-changing features in their monthly patches that affect playstyles and smoothen up gameplay. One of these game-changers is the Gloo Wall grenade, which is either found or purchased in certain game modes. The Gloo wall’s basic purpose is to defend against enemy attacks. However, the creative community has always found ways to make it even more interesting to mess around with. In this article, we shall name 15 tricks you can do with some Gloo wall grenade tricks at hand in Free Fire!

List of Gloo Wall grenade tricks to do in Free Fire

1. Breaking falls

Yes, the Gloo wall can be used to break falls too! This trick requires at least 1 Gloo wall grenade and high terrain. Strategically place the Gloo wall below your feet and jump on it. If the ground is lower than expected you had better have more than 1 Gloo wall, because now you’ll have to spawn multiple below to your previously placed Gloo wall. What should be mentioned is that after using 3 Gloo Wall grenades, the first placed will despawn, so be careful!

2. Pushing out enemies

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks

When spotting an enemy who is near a window, you may spawn a Gloo wall within the structure right behind the enemy to push him outwards. Better have a gun equipped though.

3. Climbable Gloo

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks

Sometimes upwards is the way to go. If you wish to reach a high up roof or window, you can use Gloo walls to make a staircase, by placing them next to another structure. This is even more useful in a cooperative squad, where multiple people can support each other to build an even longer staircase. Careful for the fall though.

4. Gloo bridge

Same method as the climbing upwards with a Gloo wall, but this time we create a bridge to balance over to the other side. Depending on the covered distance and keeping the max Gloo wall spawn rate in mind you’ll also be able to stand mid-air.

5. Short defense

Image via Garena

Defenses, defenses, we’ve heard it all, but did you know you could place a gloo wall a bit more inwards the ground to create a less high wall? If this is done correctly, you can even close in and shoot down an enemy by jumping up and down while shooting.

6. Hilarious shut-in

If the enemy is faced within a corner you can use Gloo walls to block him. It will be even more fun if he does this himself. Now all you need is a grenade to finish the job and you can have a laugh afterward.

7. Tactical Gloo wall

Tired of having to face enemies with launchers? Then use Gloo walls tactically by placing them down right in front of them to only hurt themselves. Who knew such awesome defense existed?

8. Twin tower

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks

It may happen by accident, however, a twin-tower has double the chance of blocking off enemy attacks, if they are on high grounds. It can also block their vision so you can get to safety while they remain confused as to where the player went they saw a moment ago.

9. Drag Gloo wall

The Gloo wall is a utility as meant to be single tapped however it failed to place down a Gloo wall down right multiple times it may be time for another motive. Drag the fire button while holding a Gloo wall to make sure it gets placed down.

10. Crouch ‘n place down

Gloo Wall grenade tricks

If you’ve seen how many pros play the game, you may have noticed them crouching before placing down Gloo walls. Not only does this protect you from headshots, but it also makes the Gloo wall be placed down more fast and accurate compared to when standing.

11. Ultimate defense

It is possible to make a defensive circle around yourself with just 3 Gloo walls if properly placed. Careful for open spaces and cooked grenades though.

12. Invisible landmine

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks

Placing a landmine above a spawned gloo wall will cause it to float after the Gloo wall despawns so enemies won’t see what hit them. Just mind where and when you placed them though…

13. Quick cover

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks

Another defensive use for Gloo walls is having them at hand before entering a vehicle, swimming, or rushing an opponent. Use them wisely or you might run out before you know it.

14. Confusion and chaos

Free Fire Gloo Wall grenade tricks
Image via Garena

Placing down Gloo walls in different directions will further confuse an enemy while you change directions. Be wary of where you place them down and how many so this trick works its magic properly.

15. Last defense(s)

1 Gloo wall can defend 1 vehicle impact without you getting hurt. Placing down 2 instead of one creates an even greater defense, so with the now still enemy, you can jump out and surprise them with your weapon of choice.

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