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Free Fire: A Comprehensive Guide to reaching the HEROIC League

It’s a well-known fact that reaching the HEROIC league is one of the most challenging tasks in Garena Free Fire. Every ranked season players persevere in the hopes of reaching the top of the pile. Even though HEROIC isn’t considered the ultimate league among the professional players or GRANDMASTERS it’s still a great achievement nonetheless for casual gamers or those who aren’t much-interested in Pay2Win.

For many players ranked matches prove to be a nightmare. To them, it becomes awfully hard to even survive let alone achieve the ‘Booyah’.

How to reach the HEROIC league in Free Fire

Here we are sharing a comprehensive guide to reaching the ranks of the HEROIC league that’ll definitely help players improve their overall gameplay and tactics in ranked matches of Free Fire.

1. Gameplan and strategies should be based on current rank

First of all, players should check their current rank. Much of the gameplan depends on it. Lower leagues/ranks like the Silver and Gold tiers allow for greater risks to be taken by the player.

The Platinum and Diamond tiers are just too good for unnecessary risk play like running around in the open without any covers on sight, not being extra careful about landmines planted on the staircases or loot boxes/airdrops, engaging in battles without carrying enough ammo, etc.

2. Make use of loadout before starting the match

Loadout is sub-divided into two: Basic and Survival. Basic and Survival offer any one of the following on the basis of user choices, respectively.

  • Basic: Armor Crate, Supply Crate, Leg Pockets, Scan
  • Survival: Bonfire, Summon Airdrop, Resupply Map, Bounty Token

Make sure to choose one for each slot, they are very much crucial to getting a ‘Booyah’.

3. The landing should not be executed in a reckless manner

Don’t land in the open or where someone has already landed. It’s suggested that the player should dive instead of surfing to land at the desired location faster. Land around houses or on the roof if possible but keep an eye out for enemies right from the start.

4. Find the locations where one might find armor upgrade kit or the next-zone detector

It’s essential that vest and helmet be upgraded to higher levels. So, play enough classic matches to get yourself familiarised with the locations where they could be found.

5. Always be on the move

Never stand still, ever. Whether you’re looting a box or using medkits/eating mushrooms. Always follow the ‘duck and up’ rule. Even while you’re sprinting make sure to use the jump button in between. This makes it less probable for snipers to go for a headshot.

6. Know when to retreat

It’s not necessary that you finish your battles if you’re engaged in one, that is. If you find a cover that might lead you to an escape route or a better position; use it, all the more, if the enemy seems to be dominating.

7. Camp style > Rush Style

In ranked matches, it’s better not to engage in battles soon. Stay hidden for as long as possible but also make sure you’ve enough weaponry to kill someone in the event they come across you unexpectedly.

8. Play solo more often

Play solo ranked matches most of the time unless you have perfect communication sync with other squad members. Highly skilled pro players play ranked squad most of the times and you really don’t want to come across them when you can’t even communicate with your teammates.

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9. Know your game

Upgrade your player skill slots. Try to play rank matches more often when you get some legendary weapon skins from events. Silencers prove to be more valuable than muzzles in ranked matches. Use landmines around locations where the enemy might come. Keep gloo wall in hand when rushing to kill someone in cover. Use gliders to position yourself in unexpected locations.

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