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Garena Free Fire Fatal Blade Mode Guide

Garena Free Fire has now introduced a new game mode named ‘FATAL BLADE Lunar Shrine’. The much-anticipated mode got unlocked when players from all around the globe reached the mark of 500,000 badges in the current season, collectively. Here we will share some important tips and tricks about Free Fire Fatal Blade mode that will guide you throughout the game.

About Free Fire Fatal Blade

This game mode is all about teamwork and consequently supports squad mode only. 4 players enter through 4 different entrances. And this leads them to the centre of a very majestic shrine where, of course, the Guardian Samurai is waiting for them. He warns the players of an impending doom if they don’t retreat and thus the battle begins.

garena free fire

Unlike the Death Uprising mode, FATAL SHRINE calls for various actions other than just simply hitting the target. The Guardian Samurai has 5x bars of health. When it is depleted down to zero, it results in a booyah. This may sound simple enough to achieve but the reality is something else.

The Guardian Samurai has his own set of moves that reduce a player’s health severely when he gets struck by the Guardian’s blade. There are four revival towers situated at four different corners of the shrine. And they play a very crucial role in getting a booyah. 

The battle between the Guardian and the players unfolds against the backdrop of a fantasy world realm. The grandeur of the shrine is aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes. Dynamic weather systems such as frequent lightning and thunder spark up the fight. Amazing graphics seem to have been complemented by quality audio effects.

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How to win in the Free Fire Fatal Blade game mode

FATAL BLADE Lunar Shrine

1. Maintain a safe distance from the Guardian

Avoid getting too close or too far away from the Guardian Samurai. He can unexpectedly stomp on you by leaping high into the air even if he’s far out.

2. Stay away from the red circle

The area that’ll take damage when he strikes gets marked as a mini red zone circle. Try to stay clear of that circle.

3. Stay close to revival towers

Stay close to the revival towers and make sure to keep at least one of them ignited whenever you’re not fighting the Samurai.

4. Make a proper use of the towers

The towers can restore your health. And they also protect you from the Guardian Samurai’s Retribution, a move that instantly kills anyone who isn’t inside the protective shield of an ignited tower. The towers offer the above-mentioned perks only when kept active.

5. Use respawns when necessary

There’s no limit to the number of respawns. So, it’s better to get killed purposely if you didn’t get a gun of your choice. Because every time you will respawn with a different legendary gun skin.

6. Always go for headshots

There’s a 10min time limit under which you’ve to defeat the Guardian Samurai. So, it’s better to go for headshots. 

7. Cut the links of the rope of the Samurai

When the Samurai is left around with 2x bars of health he’ll try to destroy the revival towers. Make sure to cut the links of the rope he ties between two towers.

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When the Guardian Samurai is defeated a voice reveals that the enemy the players have just defeated is none other than Hayato. Quite a surprise!

FATAL BLADE Lunar Shrine

Hope the guide will help you to get a booyah! Do let us know if you have any more tips on your mind. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more awesome updates.

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