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Free Fire: Here’s how to increase DPI and enable Macro in the game

Want to increase your DPI and Macro?

Free Fire is a battle royale game such as no other, having a completely different playstyle compared to other titles in this category. It has different types of controls and setting to help the players but some people tamper with devices to help themselves. Free Fire has a controlled setting by default. In this, the player’s aim will be stuck on the body, head, or limbs by the Aim Assist of the game. So the player has to now drag the screen to increase the chances of shooting headshots. Many players try to tamper with their phone settings to increase the percentage of dragging and getting more headshots etc. In this article today, we will discuss how to increase your DPI and also how can you enable Macro in Free Fire.

Ways to increase your DPI in Free Fire

  • First of all, you have to open your mobile settings app and turn on the developer option by clicking build number 5 -10 times.
Free Fire DPI Macro
  • When you have successfully enabled the developer option, you will find a drawing portion where there will be an option to increase the Smallest width. By default, it will be 360 or 400.
Free Fire DPI Macro
  • You can increase this width, also known as DPI according to your wish.

Up next, we will have a look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of DPI.

What are the Advantages of DPI?

  • Increasing your DPI will increase the sensitivity of dots/ pixels per inch in the game.
  • This setting will also increase the percentage of sensitivity of phone and game.
  • With this change in the settings, you will be able to shoot every 10th bullet as headshot and will experience gaming much better than before.

What are the Disadvantages of DPI?

Along with the advantages, this setting has some drawbacks too. Till now players were only facing the issue of overheating but there are some other problems as well:

  • After 2-3 days you can face some issue with the screen, like random touches and automatically shutdown of the phone.
  • After 1-2 months you can observe an issue with the battery, like slow speed of charging and the decreasing of the life span of the battery. Hence, this leads to a dead battery at the end of the 2nd month.
  • After 1 year, there can be an internal breakdown of your phone. This leaves you with the only solution to buy a new phone.

Now players might think why this series of problems will start. This is because the phone will increase its power consumption for every pixel, which will then lead the battery to die. An increase in the flow of electricity to the screen will lead to random touches and a black screen and at the last, death of the screen. The increased stress of R.A.M and R.O.M will lead to overall damage to the phone.  

But players can increase the quantity of this setting (420-430 at max) which will not harm the phone.

There is one more setting that can give the player an extra advantage and also you will not get a ban/suspension of the account which is Macro.

Ways to enable Macro in Free Fire

Before knowing what is Macro, you should know that it can only be enabled on iPhones and Emulators. In the iPhone, the Macro can be known by multi-touch and gestures. Players can set how many times and where the software will touch on certain gestures or certain positions on the screen like whether it should be on the top right corner, top left, or custom. For Emulators, there is a feature named key mapping and macro.

For key mapping, players can set multi touches for the same button with a delay of some milliseconds. There are some applications that have macro inbuilt for example Bluestack,  Gameloop, etc.

Up next, we will have a look at the Advantages of Macro.

What are the Advantages of Macro?

  • Players can place gloo nearer and faster than anyone else.
  • Players can use different techniques of headshots starting from sit-up to jump-fire etc.

There are many more in-game advantages that you will know when you use the feature. However, there is a twist in this setting. Macros don’t have any disadvantages like DPI. The iPhone and emulator hardware are much better to control every minor and major issue for this feature.

Can Garena take any actions for using these settings?

Now android players or other players might be thinking that Garena should do something to control these unwanted actions. But Garena cannot control or even capture DPI or Macro users. The users are tampering with their device and not the game files. Even if they want to do so,  they will need one extra permission that captures the changes in settings of the phone. This will lead to the game getting banned in India and possibly in many countries as well because it will lead to tampering with the private data.

Final Thoughts: Is the tampering of device a fair move?

The tampering of devices is surely not fair in any kind of game. Many low-end or android players can’t do these settings and find themselves at the backfoot compared to those getting a false upper edge by using these settings, which violates the equality of the level of the players. This is a fact that when these types of players will go in official tournaments like FFWC (Free Fire World Cup) or others, they will suffer heavily. This is because they won’t be able to tamper with devices in these tournaments. Garena can disqualify the teams for 1-3 years. There is very little difference between Hacker and DPI and Macro player in Free Fire.

That’s all we got for today regarding the Free Fire DPI and Macro. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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