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Free Fire account banned: 5 ways to avoid it

After the recent patch came out, Free Fire also introduced the ‘Operation Cutcord’ to combat against the rising number of hackers in-game. Under this operation, it is supposedly taking all sorts of measures to keep the game free of unfair environment and behavior. This brand new anti-hack operations team already got more than 530k+ account banned, last week, that was found guilty of using hacks/prohibited scripts in Free Fire.

With this operation in effect, it’s also come to light that few players have recently reported getting banned wrongfully. Apparently, these users have stated they never used hacks/scripts to gain an edge over other players but still got a permanent ban, anyway. The veracity of these cases still lies in obscurity but this can be a matter of major concern if it’s found to be true. Today, in this article we’ll look more into learning how to safeguard our account from getting banned unreasonably in Free Fire.

1. Avoid using hacks/scripts at all costs

Hacks and scripts are third-party apps that modify the game files stored in the phone to offer all sorts of benefits to those using it. Using these things creates an unfair gaming environment for all playing. Thus, leading to the disruption of fair gameplay.

These hacks include headshot hacks, invincibility, spawn, teleportation, etc. Using scripts can reveal enemy locations and also make the character hide inside rocks. A very infamous hack that’s been around for some time now includes the wallhack and magic bullet. With the wallhack, players in vehicles can go right through a wall without crashing or facing any obstructions. Magic Bullet makes your bullets pierce gloo walls.

All of these unfair elements are strictly against the T&Cs of Free Fire. Hence, players really shouldn’t use them. All the more since the new anti-hack system went LIVE. Free Fire has stated it clearly that any account that will be found indulging in such hacks/scripts will be banned permanently.

2. Refuse team-ups offers

Many times, players will come across their enemies behaving in an unusual manner. They’ll keep swinging their melee weapon or perform sit-ups. This usually indicates that the enemy wants to team-up instead of engaging the player in battle. Now, if players do respond to the team-up offer in a similar manner by swinging their melee weapon, this exposes them to severe danger. Team-ups are against the T&C’s of this game and must be avoided.

The players spectating you will have all the right to report your account if found teaming-up with enemies. Hence, this should be avoided. All the more, in rank matches.

3. Don’t lose your cool in the heat of the moment

Free Fire has a strict policy against abusive behavior in-game. The game offers voice communication among teammates. Make sure to behave in a decent, civil manner especially, if you’re playing with randoms. Flinging curses via the voice chat can lead to your account getting banned in Free Fire. Explicit and undesirable in-game usernames can also get you in serious trouble.

4. Make sure your partners aren’t Hackers

In a recent post, Free Fire stated that in addition to players using hacks, those who frequently play with these hackers will also get banned. This implies, even if you’re not using any hacks/scripts, you can’t be relieved of the fact that you can get banned if found playing with hackers.

Often hackers are seen to be carrying their partners to higher ranks in the game. Earlier, the ones getting carried were free of ban concerns since no suspicious activity would ever be detected in their account. But now with the new anti-hack system around, even those getting carried by hackers to Heroic and Grandmaster ranks will, inevitably, face a ban.

As a genuine, honest player it’s your responsibility to make sure there’s no hacker in your team or your guild. In the event you get matched along with a hacker in random matchmaking, make sure to quit the match as soon as possible regardless of it being a ranked/classic match.

5. Refrain from exploiting in-game glitches

Post the Age of Streamers patch there have been numerous bugs reported to be imposing an unstable environment in the Training Ground‘ mode. From invincibility to the couch bug in which your player sits in a weird manner on the couch, these bugs are surely ruining the fun.

Many players have somehow discovered various exploits to use these bugs to their advantage. The invincibility exploit has become one of the most annoying elements of the game, lately. Well, indulging in such activities may also lead to account suspensions. So, make sure never to try those exploits out even if just for fun as it can have dire consequences.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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Does my free fire id will get ban after using discord.




What’s the maximum dpi that i can use without ban?

Methmal Dodangoda

My ID Was Banned When I Was Playing The Game, I
Haven’t Done Anything Wrong And I Am Sure That , And I Don’t know why my Account Has Been Banned And I Am
Sure That By Mistake they Have Banned My Account
For No Valid Reason,


Some cleaning apps and anything you use to improve performance and reduce lags is in position of possibility for you be banned. I used gltools and i said my farewell to my main account.


is playing same ff id with 2 devices regularly is safe?


Yes, its fine when they’re at the same location.


Exact same location or at same place?

Kini Osaka

Will my account get banned even tho I haven’t played in 8 months ? I need to know please if u can tell me please email me



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