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Free Fire: How to unlock the emotes easily in-game

Tips to unlock emotes easily!

Battle-royale games often tend to spice things up with cosmetics, of which Free Fire is no exception. While most of the player base’s money goes to these cosmetics, mainly being character and weapon skins, some tend to look forward to more stuff, like emotes. In this article, we’ll be discussing emotes are and how you can obtain yourself a few in Free Fire.

What are emotes in Free Fire?

Emotes are a cosmetic option made to be used as a way for players to express themselves without the need for words. In Free Fire, emotes also have rarities and exclusiveness, so you better start playing if you haven’t yet because you might be missing out on one of those right now.

Emote rarity in Free Fire

  • Red (Above Legendary)
  • Yellow (Legendary)
  • Pink (Epic)
  • Blue (Rare)
  • Green (Common)

Best ways to unlock emotes in Free Fire

No matter the rarity, emotes are expensive, under normal circumstances ranging from 300-500 diamonds, unless obtained through discount in some kind of event. Here are some known ways to obtain emotes in Free Fire.

1. Store

Free Fire Emotes
Obtain emotes from store in Free Fire

First up is the Store, where emotes are either time-limited or always available, often depending on which event is taking place. Emotes bought from here are overly expensive, especially premium ones but always guaranteed to be owned when purchased. Sometimes time-limited discounts may also take place, so waiting until such an event takes place before buying a certain emote may be worth it.

2. Elite pass

Free Fire Emotes
Elite Pass: This is certainly a great chance to obtain emotes

Next up is the Elite Pass which has a chance to have an emote upon reaching a certain badge count. These emotes are usually of Pink rarity, but have their exclusiveness going for them, which means that after the season ends, they won’t become available to obtain, ever.

3. Gift codes

This is possibly the hardest way to obtain an emote, because these usually expire after either select number of users entered the code or just due to time. These codes can be obtained by watching streams on the various social platforms and be one of the sometimes thousands of viewers to input them first.

4. Special Events

Free Fire Emotes
You have an option to obtain emotes from special events

Special events occur from time to time and might depend on both your effort and others. These events won’t be guaranteed to have an emote up for grabs, but could help you obtain currencies (vouchers) that might be used in some events available or those yet to come.

Event emote items are the type that can either make their way to the game only once or become available later for an even cheaper price. There are a lot of events, so summing them all up wouldn’t be all too helpful, but we have included some of the known, often returning ones below.

List of the following events for emotes

Top UpTopup up to 500 diamonds for an emote
Diamond RoyaleSpend diamonds or use vouchers to earn some prizes that depend on your luck
BullseyeDraw a card to have a chance to earn rewards  
Mystery ShopGet a huge discount on all items depending on your luck ratio
Faded WheelStart spinning the wheel to have a chance at obtaining your desired items.
Hackers StoreChoose your items and draw for them
Buy one get 2 freeBuy one, get 2 items at random
Food TruckGet huge discount coupons for on all items in the shop after making a certain purchase
GraffitiStep up until the top to earn the grand prizes for an even higher price.
Rich your collectionThe more spend, the more your collection increases.
Lucky SummoningUse a lucky boost for a higher chance at obtaining the grand prize
Change Your FateRefresh until you get your desired discount
Shani’s GarageGet a fixed discount on all items in the shop
Emote PartyDraw the prize pool of emotes for a chance to get rare emotes

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