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Free Fire: List of in-game glitches and how to fix them

Fix those irritating glitches!

Free Fire is a diverse game with various region servers. Every battle royale has a different type of glitches. Some are enjoyable but some are very annoying. Would you like to know about these glitches? Let’s know about them in this list of glitches and fix to each of them in Free Fire.

What are the in-game glitches in Free Fire?

First, let’s know what different types of bugs and glitches are present currently.

Server time out bug

This bug majorly occurs in the IND server. The main regions are Bangladesh and Nepal. Why does this happen? The answer is that these two countries don’t have a dedicated server and are combined with the IND server. So players from Nepal or Bangladesh face ping problem too. This problem can be fixed.

Players who have been suffering this bug for a long time, like for 1-2 weeks, can try switching on and off the airplane mode of their phone. This is the best ping and resolving the issue for those using the VPN of the IND server. Let’s continue and consider the next bug with a solution.

Offline and Online Player glitch

Nowadays there is a glitch in which online players are represented as offline / in the group and the offline player is shown online. This glitch is very annoying as users have to call/ whisper to his/her friend to play together. This glitch occurs due to an increase in the server burden, which gets fixed after 2-3 days.

Is there any possible solution? No, there isn’t like the user/player cant change the setting of the server. Now moving on to the newest and funniest bug.

Reload Bug

This glitch is quite amusing. The question is what happens in this glitch? Right. So in this glitch when the player reloads his gun/ use medicate the ammo, the number of medicate decreases very fast and gives a sort of speed boost glitch which is actually a bug. After a few seconds, the remaining ammo or medicate becomes zero. Solving this bug is very easy.

Open settings option in your device. Find apps section.

free fire glitches fix

Now the user has to find Garena Free Fire. Then chose clear data and force stop.

How will these settings help? These will reset the game and let the game recover fully from every bugged file and other crash files. It will help to start the game smoother. Are there more bugs, some big ones? Yes, indeed let’s check the next bug.

Refund bug

This occurs when the user applies a refund policy on the game to get the entire amount back. At times,  this automatically happens and diamonds (in-game currency) go in minus. But after sometimes it gets fixed.

What happens if the user doesn’t top up to neutralize the negative amount of diamond?

The answer is that simple: accounts will be banned permanently. Some users might not even have occurred face to face in even one of the above but even then for safety what should they do?

Solutions to avoid every glitch in Free Fire

For safety from any above bugs or glitches, the player should try cleaning the app by the in-game feature. To clear the cache, the player can just uninstall the game and clear every file. It will be a freshly launched game with lesser chances of bugs.

These bugs could be very annoying at times especially when you are extensively gaming. Yet, they aren’t dangerous and could be easily resolved. There are not only these 4 bugs but there are several others too. Common examples are sit-up, headshots or we can say there are many which cannot be listed or even can be fixed. Let bugs not hinder your gaming. Go gaming!

That’s all we got for today regarding the Free Fire glitches and fix for each. If you found it helpful, let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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