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Free Fire TDM (Team Death Match) Mode Guide

Garena Free Fire has introduced what is already a popular mode among other major battle royals: TDM mode or Team Death Match mode. Although, for the time being, it’s been rolled out for a limited period of time, we are hoping that it will be back again in the game. So, let’s take a closer look at what this new mode has got to offer.

According to the prevailing customs, Free Fire hasn’t made much changes to the general TDM format. It’s basically a 4v4 clash set around the same locations where clash squads take place.

free fire team death match mode
Free Fire Team Death Match mode

The rules are quite simple:

  • If the players are familiar enough with the existing rules of clash squad then this new format ought not to bother them much in terms of feeling it all ‘new’.
  • First, the players have to choose from the four sets of equipment offered at the starting of the match and each time they respawn.
  • Each time the player dies, he’ll respawn shortly before he can jump into the excitement of the battle again. Implies this new mode proves to be really fun if you’re a rusher.
free fire tdm mode
Different Equipment Sets offered in TDM

How to win in Free Fire TDM mode

1. Keep moving

Players should keep a cool head and be as dynamic as possible in terms of movement. The most important mantra: Never stand still!

2. Choice of Weaponry

Choose the equipment set wisely. AR/VSS should be chosen only if the player prefers maintaining a safe distance from the enemies. Otherwise, Shotgun/ UMP should be chosen if the player prefers engaging enemies in close quarters.

3. Have the high ground

Try to keep a high ground and a suitable cover/ escape route ready whenever possible. High ground offers more room for headshots.

4. Make use of the Grappling Hook Gun

Learn to use the Grappling Hook Gun as it can put the player in locations that would usually be out of reach. Perfect for catching enemies off-guard.

5. Collect power-ups

Power-Ups in the form of additional ammo, armor upgrade, health restoration get randomly placed in the map which when collected increase the chances of survival for a longer duration. Always be on the lookout for those shiny colorful orbs.

6. Strategize carefully during the period of Invincibility

Try to spray at your enemies openly as much as possible until your invincibility wears down. If you spot someone still wearing invincibility, make sure not to engage as no damage will be dealt until the invincibility runs down.

7. Stay alert and switch to campaign for the last 5 kills

First team to gather 40 kills wins the match. Needless to say, the matches usually transition from hardcore rush style gameplay to that of a ranked match campaign-style gameplay when both of the teams are close to claiming a booyah. Play extra cautiously when you reach that crucial stage of the match.

So far, and as is evident from the YouTube community, the new TDM format has been met with a warm reception. Though, there are a few rooms for improvement the format continues to successfully incorporate the qualities that make Free Fire unique with its visuals, dynamic movement and aiming. The general perception, at the moment, indicates this mode will soon be rendered permanent.

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