Frozen City Beginners Guide and Tips

Survive the apocalypse with your tribe!

Frozen City is a survival and city-building simulation game, published by Century Games Publishing. Survival and city building is a genre of the game where the player has to establish settlements to survive and grow their community. From this Frozen City Beginners Guide, the players can understand the gist of the game about how they need to survive and build the community.

Gameplay Overview

This game consists of character well-being, town/city/settlement development, and the ability to create and own settlements. As soon as the player enters the game, they are introduced to the game through a conversation between survivors. The players see the conversation about how they need to set up a fire and survive.

Introducing the basics of Frozen City

As soon as the player enters the game, they see a conversation between survivors. The player has to assign and use the survivors and assign tasks to them in order to help them survive and sustain life in their newly built community.

As soon as the player enters the game, the first task they are assigned is to find wood and use it to ignite the fire. Then the players will move on to other tasks while they make sure to keep the fire burning, while they build their community to fulfill their various needs.

Basics of Frozen City
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.

The player has to do the tasks while taking care of the well-being of the survivors. Each survivor needs rest, food, and warmth. When any of the survivor’s need for basic necessities is on the lower side of the bar, the player can revive them using the facilities built in the community.

As the player keeps playing and improving the community, it will reach a maximum level and the player can move onto another city/town on the map to search for new resources and improve their lifestyle in a different way. Once the player reaches the maximum level of a community, the resource of that place will become an unlimited source.

Understanding the in-game Shelters

Shelters are buildings built by survivors for various purposes. Using, improving, and building these are the main tasks of the survivors. To be brief, the shelters are necessary for survival. A few types of shelters are:

  • Dorms: These are the shelters in which the survivors can sleep and take rest. These consist of beds and a fireplace for the proper resting facility of survivors.
  • Mill: Mills are the shelters that act as a collection and production places of resources in usable form. Without these shelters, the player will run out of resources to continue living in the place.
  • Workshop/ collection stations: These are shelters, which mold the raw materials collected in mills in the desired form to be used by the survivors for various purposes.
  • Hunter’s cabin: Hunter’s cabin is a shelter in which the survivors hunt and bring meat that is needed for cooking in the kitchen. Here they bring the hunted animals and prepare them to be fit for cooking.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is a shelter where cooking and dining occur. The raw materials are taken from the hunter’s cabin and food for survivors is prepared here.
  • Hospital:  This is a shelter in which the wounded survivors are taken care of.

Other in-game features and characteristics

  • Fire: This is a constant resource needed by the survivors. Along with rest and food, warmth is also a necessity that directly affects their productivity at work and survival.  There are two intensity settings for fire, regular and big. A big fire setting is used when the cold is extreme. Otherwise, normal fire is used.
  • Activities: Activities of the survivors depend upon the available shelters. The main activities of the survivors are finding and collecting resources, using the resources appropriately, upgrading their shelters, and taking care of themselves. These are all the responsibility of the player.
  • Rewards: The main rewards of the shelter building and activities are resources and diamonds. At the point of finishing the level, the resources of that particular region become unlimited. And diamonds are a constant reward for task completion.
Image via Century Games Pte. Ltd.
  • Settlement: The main center shows the settlement. Here the players can see all their built and owned settlements.
  • Tasks: On the bottom left of the screen, there is a notepad icon, which represents the tasks. Upon clicking on this icon, the players are led to the tasks list. Here the player can see the available tasks which they are yet to complete, the status of tasks being completed, and the completed tasks on which the rewards can be claimed. Here the player can also see the status of their completion of a level in regard to the town/city they are in.
  • Shop: Right below the tasks icon, the players can see a shopping basket icon that represents the shop. Here the player can buy various items related to the game with in-game and real-time money.
  • Statistics: On the right side of the screen, there is a pie chart icon, which represents the statistics. Upon clicking on this icon, the players are led to the statistics of the game. Here the players can see the status and statistics of their goods production and the production chain working.
  • Survivor management: Right below the statistics icon, there is a human icon, which represents survivor management. Upon clicking on this, the player is led to the survivor management section, where the players can adjust survivors in different activities and shelters and check the well-being status of the survivors. The players can also set their shift settings.
  • Map: On the right bottom of the screen, there is a map icon, representing the map. Upon clicking on this, the player can see the map of the cities they are next to move and settle into.

Frozen City Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

If you are a first-timer to this game, these tips and tricks might help you get started at this game:

  • Set the fire to normal if not needed as this will save the usage of resources.
  • Don’t keep any survivors idle, always assign them to any of the shelters.
  • Make sure all the shelters are well staffed because even if the resources are available if a survivor is not assigned, the shelter will not be used properly.
  • Finish the tasks and collect rewards to improve the level
  • Check the health and rest status of the survivors and assign them to rest or feeding places if needed.
  • Keep a check on the health and rest status, because unwell survivors will have low
  • If the survivor is not resting or eating for a long time, they will die. So keep them occupied.

Frozen city is an interesting city-building and survival game. It has good features to keep the players interested. If you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Frozen City beginners guide. Happy gaming!

That’s all for today’s Frozen City beginners guide. Did you find our Frozen City beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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