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Legacy of Divinity Beginners Guide and Tips

Ascend to Immortality and Conquer the Celestial Realm

Legacy of Divinity is a new RPG brought to you by G-CONG NETWORK. In this immersive game, you’ll embark on an epic journey through the vast world of cultivation, striving to ascend from a humble mortal to an immortal being. As a humble mortal, you possess the power to rewrite your destiny and overcome all the challenges in a bid to become immortal. In this Legacy of Divinity Beginners Guide, I will help you navigate the game’s basics and provide you with essential tips.

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Legacy of Divinity Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Selecting a Class

When you begin your journey in Legacy of Divinity, you’ll first encounter four distinct classes, each with unique abilities and characters. Choosing the right class is crucial for maximizing your gameplay experience. The Blade class uses sword beams to create formations that deliver rapid and repeated damage, making it ideal for players who enjoy close combat. The Athletics class excels in swift strikes and shadowy movements, perfect for those who prefer agility and strategic power.

Legacy of Divinity Classses

The Witchcraft class manipulates specters to inflict curses and hellfire, causing continuous damage over time, suitable for players who like dark forces. Lastly, the Sorcery class utilizes the five elements and astrological signs to cast powerful spells, dealing high burst damage from a distance. Each class offers both male and female versions, allowing you to choose the appearance that suits your preference.

Completing Main Quests

After selecting your class in Legacy of Divinity, your primary focus should be completing the main story, as it is crucial for unlocking all the game’s features and activities, providing a more expansive gameplay experience. The main story is essential for accessing everything the game offers and progressing quickly.

Legacy of Divinity Main Story

In my experience, to complete the main story, you need to go through chapter goals, which involve explorations, NPC interactions, and battles. The game simplifies this process with idle elements and automatic navigation, just tap on the chapter goal, and your character will move to the destination and complete the task. Focusing on the main story will unlock new content and help you level up faster, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Equipping Skills

In Legacy of Divinity, selecting the best skills for your character is crucial for success in battles against enemies. I’ve found that there are three types of skills: Cantrip, Psionic, and Ultimate. Cantrip skills are automatically cast during battles, and you can equip up to six of them. Psionic skills are passive and take effect when equipped, with a limit of six. Ultimate skills are active and powerful, usable in battles, but you can only equip two.

Legacy of Divinity Skills

Despite unlocking numerous skills in each category, you must prioritize equipping the best ones for your character to maximize effectiveness. Long-term gameplay requires careful selection and optimization of skills, considering the limited number that can be equipped in each category.

Cultivation and Technique Manuals

Cultivation is the key to mastering techniques related to your chosen class and refining your inner self to improve your stats. Before starting cultivation, you’ll need technique manuals specific to your class. Once you have a relevant technique manual, you can begin cultivation to obtain technique EXP.

The efficiency of cultivating technique EXP isn’t affected by the manual’s quality but by the heavenly flask tier bonus. I’ve found that completing main quests and obtaining pages to repair the heavenly flask is crucial. And promoting the heavenly flask tier increases cultivation efficiency.

Legacy of Divinity Manual

You can level up technique manuals with more technique EXP, acquiring basic stats to enhance cultivation EXP. You can ascend, promoting stats and achieving significant improvements upon meeting corresponding requirements. Ascension involves facing trials and conquering them successfully to attain remarkable status. Cultivating technique manuals leads to ascension, providing numerous benefits during gameplay.

Activating Relics

In Legacy of Divinity, activating relics is a crucial strategy for obtaining amazing bonus stats and gaining an edge in gameplay. Relics come in various quality grades, including divine, celestial, epic, and rare, with divine relics offering the highest bonuses and rare relics providing the lowest.

Legacy of Divinity Relic

I’ve found that continuously activating relics as you progress through the game is essential. Once activated, relics grant permanent stat increases, whether you’re in battle or not. Deploying relics in battles unveils passive skills that can trigger at any moment during clashes. Upgrading relics is key to maximizing their benefits, as it significantly boosts provided stats and enhances skill effects.

Legacy of Divinity Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips in our Legacy of Divinity Beginners Guide, that I came across during my journey:

1. Focus on Main Quests

Complete main quests to unlock essential features, rewards, and story progression. Main quests serve as the backbone of your journey, guiding you through the rich narrative of the game while providing valuable resources for advancement. By prioritizing main quests, you’ll ensure steady progression and access to key elements that shape your experience in Legacy of Divinity.

2. Cultivate continuously

Cultivation is key to improving your character’s stats and mastering techniques. Continuously cultivate technique manuals to gain technique EXP and ascend to higher levels. Technique manuals provide a crucial avenue for enhancing your character’s abilities, offering opportunities to acquire new skills and refine existing ones.

3. Customize your Character traits wisely

Tailor your character traits to suit your playstyle instead of blindly following the system’s suggestions. Maximize traits like Resilience, Cautious, and Self-reliant for balanced resilience and damage reflection. Consider investing in Independent for reduced skill damage or Egotistical for counter-kill functionality at low health. Prioritize traits like Unruly for control resistance and essence drawing, but allocate points wisely based on personal preference.

4. Activate Relics strategically

Choose relics wisely based on their grade and deploy them strategically in battles to gain an edge over your opponents. Relics come in various grades, ranging from divine to rare, with higher-grade relics offering superior bonuses. Prioritize activating relics that complement your playstyle and provide synergistic benefits to your character’s abilities.

5. Participate in Events

Stay engaged with the game by logging in regularly, participating in events, and completing daily tasks. Consistent activity will ensure steady progress and rewards. Take advantage of daily login bonuses and event rewards to accumulate resources and strengthen your character.

Final Thoughts

As you embark on your journey in Legacy of Divinity, remember that cultivation, strategic decision-making, and consistent engagement are key to success in the celestial realm. Explore the vast world of cultivation, form deep bonds with fellow cultivators, and master powerful techniques to ascend to immortality. By following the beginner’s guide and embracing the tips, you can embark on a rewarding journey filled with excitement and discovery.

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