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Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Beginners Guide and Tips

Explore challenging modes with quirky heroes and defeat to survive!

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is an action-packed battle royale game where you experience various game modes. The game is a development of BOLTRAY GAMES in collaboration with Mod X. You matchmake with other players over the globe on a particular map depending upon the game mode. You engage in a battle and eventually emerge as true fighters. The Funny Fighters provide you with an interesting collection of heroes and weapons. Thus, follow our detailed Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Beginners Guide, learn about the basic gameplay along with significant features, and grab some valuable tips on your way.

Gameplay Overview

In Funny Fighters: Battle Royale, you need to follow the basic battle royale format of gameplay. In this format, a certain number of players undergo matchmaking to play together or against the opponents. There are various game modes available in the game with each mode having a diverse map. You can either play solo, as a duo, or as a team of three, four, five, or eight members. The number of players you can play or compete against depends on the mode you choose to play in. 

In a match, your main goal must be to survive till the end and kill the opponents before they attack you. The map does not entertain loot locations. They are present in the top left corner to give you an overview of the area and track your location as well as your opponents’.


The weapons pop in variable positions throughout the map. Each hero you choose to play with has a unique set of skills. You can activate them for higher-level kills. For gameplay mechanics, you get a joystick on the left to control your movements all over the area. There are several buttons on the right that assist you in various functions. The central button is for picking up any weapon on your way. The hand icon is used to throw your weapon at the enemy.

The wheel icon helps you to roll and dodge the opponent’s attack. The punch icon allows you to drop your weapon and fight your enemy manually. There is a rather unimportant but fun emoji icon on top of all these icons for giving reactions. Lastly, you must abide by the rules of the respective mode and kill all your enemies to win a battle. 

Introducing the Basics of Funny Fighters: Battle Royale

The Game Modes

There are a handful of game modes in Funny Fighters: Battle Royale where each of the game modes follow the same gameplay. However, the rules and regulations for each of the game modes might differ.

1. Ranked matches

In the Ranked matches, the system chooses two maps in a round-robin order from any of the game modes present. Each map lasts for an hour before it is replaced by a new one when the time is up. You get rank for each kill and your rank goes up or down as you win or lose. The ranked matches have two types:

  • Classic – This ranked match follows the classic 4v4 format. Here, you need to defeat a member of the enemy team to gain 1 point. The first team that reaches 14 points wins the battle.
  • Solo Battle Royale – This is a ranked matchmaking battle royale mode where you can play as a solo. In the match, you need to destroy items in the area to get weapons. You must at any cost avoid the Poison Circle. The last one to survive in the battle wins the match. 

2. Arcade mode

Arcade is a short-duration mode where the players carry on a survival match within a limited area.

  • Arena – Arena is a popular game mode that follows the 3V3 format. In other words, it is a BO5 Team Deathmatch mode. You need to defeat the opposing team within the limited area and time to win a game.
  • BR Frenzy – This arcade mode follows an 8V8 format. You need to break bottles or jars to get weapons and growth items. You must defeat enemies to earn points equal to their levels. If you are defeated, within 10 seconds you can select a teammate to revive at his/her location. The team to get 100 points or eliminate the enemy, making it impossible for them to revive, wins the battle.
  • Solo – The solo match is a BO5 1V1 mode. You must defeat all opponents to win a game. The one to win three out of five games wins the overall solo match.
  • Duo Battle Royale – This is an unranked matchmaking battle royale mode where you can play as a duo. The primary rules are the same as the solo BR matches. Each game has 8 teams of 2 players. The teammates can go for revival but when both the members are killed, your team will be eliminated from the match. The duo to survive till the end will win likewise.
  • Arena – Arena is a popular game mode that follows the 3V3 format. In other words, it is a BO5 Team Deathmatch mode. You need to defeat the opposing team within the limited area and time to win a game.
  • Gold Rush – The Gold Rush mode is a 4V4 Gold Snatch. You need to snatch the maximum Gold in the map area. The first team to obtain 10 Gold within 30 seconds wins the Gold Rush mode. 
  • Heist – The Heist ranked match is a BO3 (Best of 3) 5V5 Demolition mode. Here, teams alternate between defending and attacking two bomb sites with a Gold Pig. To win, the offensive team must plant explosives and blow up one of the Gold Pigs within 100s. The defending team wins by preventing bombs from being planted or defusing them within 100 seconds. 


The Hero section holds a collection of heroes you can choose to play in matches. You can judge their performance by their levels, hero quality, and matches played. Our Funny Fighter hero tier list will help you choose the best character for your battles.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale Beginners Guide Hero

You can view their basic stats and other special powers by tapping on them. The upgradation of a hero is also available in the area itself. One requires a specific amount of gold and EXP to level them up. You can also change between their skins if available. 


This section helps you witness all the weapons of different categories whether be it melee, ranged, support, or interactable items. One can view their primary attributes and other significant characteristics by tapping on a particular weapon.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale Beginners Guide Weapon

You can add mods to your weapons i.e. the unique attacks that you can exhibit against your opponents. The mod quality can be common, fine, rare, or unique. The unique attacks are deemed legendary and are the most powerful mods of a weapon. Check out our weapon tier list for viewing the top-tier weapons for this game. 


The Backpack is the storage area of Funny Fighters where you can view items to use. Apart from items, the section has a mods column where when mods are received as rewards, they can be available.


These mods are beneficial for adding a skill method to their relative weapon. Other than these, the section has MVP Action, Win Action, Lose Action, Show Action, and Performance options for stances.


There are different types of quests in the game. The primary quests are Novice Quest, Daily Quest, and Weekly Quest. The novice quest is for the beginners and initial quests to give them a gist of the game. You receive rewards such as gold, diamonds, and mods.


The daily and weekly quests, as their name suggests, renew or refresh daily or every week. These quests can help you win EXP which in turn helps in levelling up the Battle Pass. The EXP you receive for weekly quests is much higher than for daily ones.  


The Feat section is an achievement section for you concerning the heroes unlocked, weapons, and other miscellaneous tasks. By completing each task, you gain feat points that add up to grant you rewards such as gold, hero EXP, a new hero, epic mods, and many others.


For the heroes section in Feats, you get achievements for each of the heroes available for play up until then. The weapons section has small missions for each of the weapons present in the collection. 

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is the game pass in Funny Fighters. The Pass is of two types: Basic and Premium. The rewards from the basic battle pass are accessible for free. The premium pass is a real-money investment for obtaining higher-value rewards.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale Beginners Guide - Battle Pass

The rewards mainly include gold, Hero EXP, and common, fine, rare, or unique mods for your weapon skills. The more you gain EXP by completing quests and other tasks in battles, the more the Battle Pass levels up. 

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Keep Upgrading your Heroes 

Heroes are one of the significant pillars of this game where the hero you play with determines your performance. Now, upgrading your heroes benefits you in all ways. The process increases their overall stats offering better ability against opponents. You can upgrade them using a sufficient amount of gold and hero EXP. This also improves the capacity of their special skills.

2. Add Mods to your Weapons

Mods are special power attacks of weapons that enhance the damage your opponents face in a match. They are of common, fine, rare, or unique types. The unique attacks are termed legendary and are the most powerful ones of all. When there are mods added to any weapon, the ability and overall power of the weapon increase significantly. This eventually gives you a higher chance of defeating your enemies.

3. Explore all the Game Modes

Funny Fighters inhabits a handful number of game modes for you to explore. From classic BR to arcade and events matches, the game modes are of various types available. There are five different categories of game modes with some being similar. The event match can be any game mode present in the collection. To win, you must experience different game modes. This helps to gain an understanding of the logistics and hone your shooting and surviving abilities.

4. Complete Feats and Other Quests

Quests are primarily of three types: Novice, Daily, and Weekly. Novice quests are for beginners to get the hang of this game. You gain EXP for daily and weekly quests while rewards like gold, hero exp, mods, etc. for novice quests. On the other hand, Feats are achievements you get for each of the heroes, weapons, and other miscellaneous tasks. You gain feat points for the same which eventually leads to you winning gold, hero exp, rare mods, and other items. Therefore, focus on completing these in-game activities. 

5. Level up the Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is the game pass and is of two types: Basic and Premium. The basic battle pass is accessible for free and so are the rewards. The premium pass unlocks when you make a real money transaction. The overall rewards mainly include gold, Hero EXP, and all categories of mods for your weapons. You must gain EXP to level up your pass. This is mainly possible by completing quests and other tasks in battles. So, it is always advisable to level up your pass to obtain higher-value rewards.

Final Thoughts

Funny Fighters is a fun, out-of-the-box game that offers an impressive collection of funky but powerful heroes and weapons. You can choose between modes to get exposure to a challenging yet funny adventure. Along with basic firearms, pick up interactable items as weapons to form creative combos. The features on the other hand are easy to comprehend with their significance. Therefore, keep up with this Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Beginners Guide to achieving triumph amidst the chaos of Funny Academy.

That’s all from us for Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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