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Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Hero Tier List for January 2024

Pick out your strongest funny hero to excel in challenging modes!

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is a fun battle royale game where you can experience a variety of challenging modes. The game is a development of BOLTRAY GAMES. Here, you witness skilled heroes who not just look adorable but are also fearless. They are all classified into tiers but you might face difficulty in choosing the top ones. This piece clears out your confusion and highlights the strong points of some must-have heroes from the list. Hence, follow up on our Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Hero Tier List to have a blast as a powerful hero and defeat your opponents. 

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Hero Tier List for January 2024

The heroes in Funny Fighters: Battle Royale are categorized into four major tiers: S, A, B, and C.

Strong (S)Wukong,
Good (A)Miss Theory,
Legionarius, Asuki,
Time Child, Earth Lord
Average (B)Kiki, Sena, Andy,
Steam Kid, Rose,
Harker, Yoru,
Race Queen, Magnobot,
Mecha Baby, Angela, Dr. Peculiar
Fair (C)Soundclash, Horseman,
Monk, Nerdy Nelly,
Peach, Boom Bro., Barber Tony

Best Characters for Funny Fighters: Battle Royale in January 2024

1. Wukong

Wukong is a mythic hero in the game and is described as the top gun of the Funny Academy. This hero is a must-have when you are looking for heroes to play as. The HP, Attack, and Stamina scores are 3000, 1000, and 100 respectively. It takes 36000 gold or 2400 diamonds to unlock Wukong.


It has two special skills: Uproar in Heaven and Nether Swap. The first one enables you to throw eight phantom umbrellas, knocking hit enemies up for 1s. Each umbrella deals 500 damage per 0.5s. The second skill generates an illusion on spot dash to a designated location which lasts 5s.

2. Jade

Jade is another mythic hero in Funny Fighters and aspires to be an assassin. You can unlock her using 36000 gold or 2400 diamonds. The HP score is equal to 2400, the Attack score is 1200, and the Stamina score is equal to 120. The special skill, Dash, allows her to dash in any direction.


Another skill, Shadow Walk, enables her to become invisible and doubles your Stamina Regen for 10s. Attacking or being attacked ends the invisible state but also increases your damage dealt by 50% for 3s. The Ultimate refreshes every time you get a player kill.

3. Miss Theory

Miss Theory is the top legendary hero in the game. She is termed a physics genius who completed her pioneering work on the Quantum Portal and Gun. You can unlock her for 18000 gold or 1200 diamonds. The HP, Attack, and Stamina scores are equivalent to 3300, 900, and 200 respectively.


Her first skill, Quantum Balls, fires balls from your Quantum Gun for 20s. The total damage dealt is 50-252 damage per 0.2s. Two quantum balls explode on contact, dealing 300-1503 damage. The second skill, Quantum Rift, opens 2 portals for 6s, one next to you and one in the target location. Characters, objects, or quantum balls can teleport to the other side.

4. Legionarius

Legionarius is another legendary hero with a worth the same as Miss Theory. The HP, Attack, and Stamina scores are 3600, 800, and 200 respectively. Block raises a Shield blocking DMG from the front, with a value of 25 times the current Stamina. Melee attacks knock back enemies within 0.5s of Shield activation.

Funny Fighter Battle Royale hero tier list - Legionarius

The other skill, Battering Ram, enables you to rush forward in a straight line, hitting all enemies in your path. The attack knocks them back, dealing 480 damage. If a knocked-back enemy hits an object, they will be impaled to it and suffer 2600 damage.

5. Asuki

Asuki is yet another top legendary hero and you can unlock her using 18000 gold or 1200 diamonds. The HP, Attack, and Stamina scores are 3550, 800, and 150 respectively. The skill, Heal, applies a healing chain to allies increasing your MSPD by 30%. All allies are healed at 220 HP per second.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale hero tier list-Asuki

The other skill, Guardian of Light, makes you the Warrior of Light and merges with an ally, granting them 2400 Shield for 15s. Also, the skill allows you to shoot forward-facing beams to damage enemies within a 4-metre radius, dealing 360 damage per 0.33s.

Final Thoughts

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale has a wide variety of modes to experiment with. Each one of them throws a different challenge at you to overcome. One thing that can surely help you is having strong heroes in your hands. The game settles in an excellent collection of heroes to play as. Therefore, it is advisable to go through our Funny Fighters hero tier list to figure out the rankings of all the heroes present. This piece will surely help them pick out the best fighter for their game.

Did you find this Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Hero Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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