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Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Weapon Tier List for January 2024

Equip the top weapons of each class from the Funny Academy!

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is an action, battle-royale game that features funny characters to play as. The game is a creation of BOLTRAY GAMES. You face a series of challenging modes this game has to offer. The game assigns a map, where you depending on the mode with other teammates defeat your opponents with the help of weapons, shields, grenades, and other gear. It would help if you had a proper understanding of the usage and stats of all the top weapons. Thus, keep up with our Funny Fighters: Battle Royale weapon tier list to select from the most powerful weapons.

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale Weapon Tier List for January 2024

The weapons in Funny Fighters: Battle Royale are divided into four major tiers namely: S, A, B, and C.

Strong (S)Sniper Rifle, Time Bomb Gun, MortarInflatable Hammer, Brutal Wheel Club, Rubber DuckyEnergy Shield, Syringe, Healing KissGas Tank, TNT
Good (A)Kar98k, Cat, Lego Cannon, FireworksLuggage, Fishing RodMinelayer, Segway, Scary BoxWooden Shield, Crate
Average (B)Suona, Delivery Driver Bombs Sawfish, Piranha Plant, Selfie Stick, Durian FlailBubble Gun, Ice Gun, Pogo StickOil Drum, Bucket
Fair (C)Firebomb Gourd, Bow, Pea Shooting Gun, Gatling Gun, PipeLarge Trout, Fork, SlippersPlunger, Lucky Clover, Glittering Egg, Smoke Grenade, Poop Push Scooter

Best Weapons for Funny Fighters: Battle Royale in January 2024

Here, we list the best weapons in each class according to which ones are the strongest in the game:

Ranged – Sniper Rifle

The best-ranged weapon in the collection is a Sniper Rifle. The charged damage is 3150, the charge time required is 3s, and the attack range is 15m with the CD being 1s. Some unique powers of the weapon include Camouflage and Explosive Bullet.


Camouflage, when charging, allows both yourself and the aiming line to become translucent. Explosive Bullet, on the other hand, explodes after hitting, dealing ⅓ damage to all enemies within range with Scope enabling attack+15%.

Melee – Inflatable Hammer

Inflatable Hammer is the top melee weapon you can equip in a battle. To inflate the hammer, hold the Attack button. The charged damage, charge time, range, action time, and movement speed are 3000, 3s, 2m, 1s, and 1.4m/s respectively.


The unique powers of the hammer include Thunderclap and Home Run. The Thunderclap enforces charged attacks that will cause an explosion in front of you three times. The other power, Home Run, changes the attack to a horizontal smash knocking all enemies back. 

Support – Energy Shield

Energy Shield is the best support weapon you can have in your hands on the battlefield. The shield mainly stuns an enemy when blocking damage and explodes when broken. The Shield, range, stun duration, throw distance, and throw speed are 9000, 3m, 1s, 4m, and 6m/s respectively.


The unique powers of the Energy Shield include Matrix Projection, Cyclotron, and Energy Blast. These powers throw a shield, creating an impenetrable barrier that lasts for 60 seconds increasing the throwing speed and distance. After taking 2000 damage, the power releases the shield to send a shock wave and knock enemies up for 0.5s.

Interactable – Gas Tank

A Gas Tank is the most powerful interactable item or weapon you can use on the field. The damage, delay time, throw distance, throw damage, and blast radius is equivalent to 2300, 6s, 4m, 400, and 3.2m respectively.

Funny Fighters Battle Royale Gas Tank

The unique powers are Explosive Sign and Pressure Valve. The explosive sign increases the explosion radius by 15% when the gas tank is detonated easily. The other power, the pressure valve, covers 50% of damage taken by the gas tank to base damage. 

Final Thoughts

Funny Fighters: Battle Royale is a fun, action-packed, battle royale game where you witness a wide series of game modes. Also, there comes a unique collection of weapons to use in battles. The favorable attack mode and range apply to each of these weapons concerning their class. To destroy opponents more frequently, you need to equip yourself with the appropriate firearms strategically. Thus, follow up on this detailed Funny Fighters: Battle Royale weapon tier list to rise in rank. 

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