Gacha Club Character Tier List for February 2024

Choose the best elemental unit to fight the Bosses!

Gacha Club is an amazing casual simulation game where the various customisations take centre stage. The game is a creation by the developers, Lunime. The game piles up an exclusive collection of chibi characters you can include in your party. It offers five basic character units, 2 legendary units, and the ultimate shadow unit. The elemental essence of each unit stays intact along with their primary attributes and individual skills. Thus, follow up on our Gacha Club Character Tier List to choose the top-tier characters for your battles that I have made after playing the game for countless hours.

Gacha Club Character Tier List for February 2024

I have divided the chibi characters in Gacha Club into four major tiers: S, A, B, and C.

Strong (S)Angel Emiko, Charlotte Mei, TeaCaku, Zack6XZ, Lyte, Cykopath, Mizumi, SaikiCedar, Midori, Ohige Alien, Spring, Jin Nguyen, Meloa & Lenoa, CloverLammia Sparkles, Lilli, Muu, Matt, KouMariposa, Mae, Aiai, Tia, POP STAR, Goddess, KatCarla, Shizu, Cherica, Max, Lilith, 000Corrupted Male Cry, Sickmeter, Corrupted Cry, Corrupted Male Buns, UsalinaDJ Kat, DJ Nekommu, DJ Alvee, DJ Asif, DJ Leak Shadow Merupo, Shadow Meguna
Good (A)Lado, Luni, Cyn, Sye, Felix, Orion, Lexia, Snowmallow, ReefSilvia, Lemo, Ramunade, Mofumofu, Remmy, Kiwi, Manami Lin, Sylphid, Oliver, Seer LanceYuni, Satsuma, Lucifer, Radd, Carma, Rein, Cleonya, Caramel, Kaede, Minty, Michael, Picc & Pawket, Hoang ZhaoNgoc, Mort, Roger, Mily, Moka, Vivvie, Apple Pierte, Wei, Yang, Renegade, TabTabCorrupted Buns, Corrupted Daisy, Corrupted Radd, Cor. Luni, Cor. Bex, Cor. TeaCaku, Cor. Kiwi, Cor. Fierin DJ Buns, DJ Male Buns, DJ Luni, DJ Cry, DJ Ramunade, DJ Kiwi, DJ Fierin, DJ Manami LinShadow Phantom, Shadow Vinyl, Lander Blazer
Average (B)Blueberry Pielot, Glamm, Dreamy, Chris, Sebastian, Fade, 1V AND 1V, Mash, Nekomuu, Patkun, Catgirl, Sammy, Layne, Iris, Kazekura, Prima-toil, Clara, Thomas CatRinrin, Vivi, Commander Fierin, Ichi, Hotaru, Lulu, Rose, DjoleOta & Ris, Senpaibuns, Male Buns, Roro, Crydiaa, Collin, Daisy Baka, NiaBex, Mark, Meromero, KuroKuro, Claudia, Robin, Zyphon HaintCor. Manami Lin, Vileblood Ryan, Cor. Lilli, Cor. Ichi, Cor. Kurakaze, Cor. Emiko, Cor. CarmaDJ Lado, DJ Bex, DJ Radd, DJ Lilli, DJ Daisy, DJ Carma, DJ Ngoc, DJ AtomShadow Yuni & Lemo, Shadow Luni
Fair (C)Dana, Fuyumi, Moemura, Rennin, Evylin, Wolfychu, Kinen, Stifle, ZebulonNakashima Yuki, Romeo, Keito, Kyon, Jae, AspasdinidiesAngelica, Wiki, Poppy, Yuna, 1tz_Kal3m, Ziel, Leon, FlashyKlau, Esfirasya, ElaineAlvas, Nyahal taja, Meiko, Hatsya, Mumble, Momo, YumiPenelope, Lonely, Alky, Aria, Hatsumi, Nemu, KiyomiDictator Hatsya, Chaotic OwO, Cor. Momo, m o, Cor. Klau, Cor. Ngoc, Cor. KatDJ Ichi, DJ Jin, DJ Mort, DJ Ryan, DJ Jae, DJ Hats, DJ Evylin, DJ KlauShadow Neon, Shadow Lith

Best Meta Class Characters in Gacha Club for February 2024

Water Class Character – Angel Emiko

When it comes to the Water class, I strongly recommend including Angel Emiko in your party. Her base Health i.e. HP is pretty high being 8250. The ATK and DEF scores are 916 and 25% of ATK respectively.

Image via Lunime

Thus, it makes her a great choice for boss fights. Her active skill boosts the MP for her team. The passive ability of Angel Emiko in the game increases the damage-dealing capacity of her teammates.

Wind Class Character – Cedar

When I discuss the wind unit, Cedar is a must-have in your team. Her HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 9396, 928, and 22% of ATK respectively. Her active Ultimate Debuff decreases all enemies’ ATK, DEF, and Crit Rate by 1% to 5%.

Image via Lunime

The passive skill of Cedar increases the team’s Max HP by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%. Her powers are quite similar to the fire class unit Lammia Sparkles. Cedar helps when you want to have two ultimate debuff units in your party for boss fights.

Fire Class Character – Lammia Sparkles

Lammia Sparkles is the top-tier character when it comes to the fire units. Lammia has the Ultimate Debuff active skill which is important for countering any boss’s self-buffing ability. She enables you to buff your party while debuffing the enemy wave.

Image via Lunime

Her skill decreases all enemies’ ATK, DEF, and Crit Rate by 1% to 5%. The passive ability of Lammia increases the max HP of her team by 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%. Her HP is 6258, ATK is 924, and DEF is 25%. Hence, Lammia is most suitable for strong boss fights.

Light Class Character – Mariposa

Mariposa is a compulsion for your party against battles when it comes to the light units. She has very high base health making her the ultimate light unit for boss fights.

Image via Lunime

Her HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 10407, 948, and 14% respectively. The active skill of Mariposa is the ultimate healer. It enables her to restore the lost HP of her teammates. Her passive skill also increases the overall HP for her party.

Dark Class Character – Carla

For the Dark class unit, Carla is the ultimate go. I prefer Carla because of her significantly higher base health making her suitable for boss fights. Her HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 4705, 2169, and 14% respectively.

Image via Lunime

She refrains from being the glass cannon unlike Shizu, that is, she uses her health or defence to stay intact in the battle. Her active skill heals the HP of teammates while her passive skills increase the damage they deal over the enemies. 

Corrupted Class Character – Corrupted Male Cry

Corrupted Male Cry is a unit more powerful than all the units in Gacha Club. They have a 100% stat boost with a limit break is 20. His HP equals 3780, ATK is 1407, and DEF is 40% of ATK.

Image via Lunime

His active skill, Power Strike, is capable of wiping out an entire wave of enemies. The DMG dealt can reach from 1.2x up to 3x of their attack power. His attacks are very effective against hundreds of shadow enemies as well as shadow bosses.

DJ Class Character – DJ Kat

The most powerful DJ unit for Gacha Club is most definitely DJ Kat. This DJ has high primary stats enabling her to have a balanced performance in battles.

Image via Lunime

Her HP equals 4688, ATK amounts to 813, and DEF equals 13% of ATK. The ultimate active skill for DJ Kat is increasing the buff defence for her by 15 against high-value opponents. Her passive skill also raises the basic DEF for her teammates in battles.

Shadow Class Character – Shadow Merupo

The most powerful unit for the Shadow class is Shadow Merupo. She has the Ultimate Buff active ability. She increases the team’s ATK, DEF, and Crit Rate by 1%-5% depending on the level she’s on.

Gacha Club Character - Shadow Merupo
Image via Lunime

Her power deals the most damage in her class but has above-average HP. The HP, ATK, and DEF scores are 4620, 1470, and 10%  respectively. Hence, she is a great pick against low to medium-damage bosses. 

Final Thoughts

Gacha Club is an interesting and fun dress-up game. The game allows you to form a character out of your creativity. The other features include gacha, units, and others. Here, they play an important part in getting you the powerful characters in your party. The chibis with their individual elemental touch, are set to devour every enemy that stands in their way of victory. Therefore, to learn about the topmost ones in this game, you can fall back to this Gacha Club character tier list I have created after playing for hundreds of hours.

Do you find our Gacha Club Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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