Gacha Club: Beginners Guide and Tips

Style your character and Spark up for your new Gacha Adventure!

Gacha Club is a casual dress-up simulation game that has various customizations including hairstyles, costumes, facial features, pets, and weapons. The game is a development by Lunime. The main purpose of the game is to enjoy the collection of customizable options along with various gacha units. The legendary ones specialize in their respective abilities against the bosses. Other vital features expose you to a stimulating environment. Therefore, follow up on our Gacha Club Beginners Guide to understand the main gameplay and significant features. Get some essential tips while reading this post as well.

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Gameplay Overview

Gacha Club is a dress-up simulation game that is built on the concept of customization. These include hairstyles, costumes, body options, pets, weapons, and other objects as props. You can view your created character via the Studio. They play no role in the main storyline battles. The inbuilt character units you include in a party are responsible for taking you forward in the main plot. 

Gacha Club Home screen
Image via Lunime

The primary gameplay follows the storyline format. The story unfolds in the form of chapters. Each chapter has six club stages that represent a particular element excluding the Boss stage. Once you clear the Boss stage you can move ahead to your next chapter. Here, every stage has four sub-stages where the difficulty keeps on increasing. 

The battle style or should we say gameplay mechanics, for all game modes is the same in Gacha Club. The only difference is the number of enemy waves you face in a stage. To battle, you must form a party of a maximum of seven character units. They can have the essence of the same elements or different ones. You can form up to ten parties with similar or variant units. 

Image via Lunime

When the battle starts, the units are represented by their respective cards and they start to attack the enemies turnwise. When they gain enough ability, you activate their skills by tapping at Activate option appearing at the base of their cards. If this seems much work to you, you can always set the battle on Auto to skip manually handling the units. Click on Start Battle to begin battling and slide the options beside the button to change your current battle party. 

Introducing the Basics of Gacha Club

The Game Modes

1. Main Story

The main story battles follow the primary plot of the Gacha Club. The story unfolds in the form of chapters and the chapters are combined of stages. Here, the battles occur in the form of stages. Each stage displays a club representing its basic element and has four sub-stages.

Image via Lunime

Every battle will have two enemy waves. You have to defeat the Boss in the final stage at the end of the chapter. Only then can you proceed to the next chapter. You can change your party from your created options beside the Start Battle button. 

2. Elemental Towers

This is yet another interesting game mode where you must fill each elemental tower to unlock the next main Tower. One victory in a particular element contributes to a level addition in that elemental tower. Each elemental tower has ten levels. With each level you clear, the level of enemies you fight also increases.

Image via Lunime

Currently, the game has six towers: Lyte’s Tower, Clover’s Tower, X’s Tower, Eve’s Tower, Melody’s Tower, and Corrupted Bella’s Tower. The Lyte’s Tower is the first tower. Once every elemental tower reaches to its tenth level, the next main tower i.e. Clover’s Tower unlocks. 

3. Training Mode

The Training mode is another game mode where you can test the skills of each unit in your party. The mode, in other words, helps you in training your units. This helps you figure out the characters you must include in your team for the main club and boss battles.

Image via Lunime

You can choose between any three sections namely Enhancement Stars, Skill Moons, and Awakening Records. The training spaces indicate the rewards after a victory i.e. enhancement stars, skill moons, and awakening records respectively. As you clear the Easy level, the Normal difficulty unlocks and the training continues so on.


One of the main attractions of the game is its collection of Customizations. You can make changes to your character from the home screen itself. Firstly, you must set a body for your character. You can either select the preset options or you can create yours with settings like height, head size, and others.

Image via Lunime

Then you go ahead to select their hairstyles and clothes. You can even assign them some weapons, pets, or other objects from the options. The options are available when you tap on a particular customization. 


The Studio is a place where you fully view your saved characters in a fun way. As you tap on each one of them, they start to collect in the Studio space. You can select backgrounds to please your eye.

Image via Lunime

They appear alongside their pets and objects if they have any. There are certain functions that you can perform on them such as making them pose, move, or flip them. You can even change their expressions and chat with them.


The Units section lets you view your party’s character units on display along with basic attributes. You can create a total of six parties consisting same or different units of your preference. To view the other characters, you can double-tap on the profile of any elemental unit.

Image via Lunime

Thereafter, you will witness all the inbuilt characters you can include in your team. You can see the information of only the unlocked units. The section allows you to enhance the level and active and passive skills of units using certain skill moons, enhancement stars, and gold


The Gacha section allows you to pull character units and pets. The probability of getting pets is much higher than pulling units. There are different versions of the Gacha. These include Standard Gacha and the other basic elemental gacha pulls. These exclude the legendary units.

Gacha Club Gacha Section
Image via Lunime

You can view three options —1 Gacha Pull, 10 Gacha Pulls, and 40 Gacha Pulls. They require 5, 50, and 200 gems respectively. After you reach the max LB for any units or pets, the respective cards convert into gold instead. 

Mini Games

Apart from the main story battles and other game modes, Gacha Club provides you with a few mini-games. These mini-games are a good source of side entertainment within the game. The current games included are Lemo & Yuni Dance, Mascot Whack, Usagi vs Neko, and Memory Match.

Image via Lunime

You get a small tutorial at the beginning if you are trying them for the first time. An additional advantage of these mini-games is resources such as Bytes and Gems. The section also has an exchange shop to acquire exclusive character units in exchange for certain bytes. 

Gacha Club Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on the Main Story Battles

The main story battles of Gacha Club are divided into chapters. These chapters mold into stages. Here, every stage represents an element of units and you eventually face the Boss at the end of each chapter. The first clear of the stage provides you with ten gems with other additional resources. These currencies help you in activities around the game. The Main story battles also take you forward in the story and you get the chance to unlock vital secrets.

2. Try out all Game Modes

The Battle section has a total of three game modes. These include the Main Story, Elemental Towers, and Training Mode. The main story game mode focuses on the overall game progression providing important rewards. The other two modes have their purpose and regulations. Thus, we recommend you play and experience the fun in different game modes. The party battles will only benefit you in terms of currencies such as gems, gold, and other materials.

3. Enhance your in-game Character Skill

The characters in Gacha Club have two types of skills: Active and Passive. A character has three options for advancement. These include Enhancement, Skill Enhance, and Awakening. Out of the three choices, the Skill Enhance is effective and the resources can be available easily for you. This upgrade enhances the stats of the active and passive skills and performs efficiently in party battles. To enhance skills, you require a certain amount of skill moons and Gold. 

4. Play the Mini-Games Frequently

Gacha Club has a mini-games section where you can try out the in-built relaxing games for fun. The games have their advantages. The games include Lemo & Yuni Dance, Mascot Whack, Usagi vs Neko, and Memory Match.

They have an easy and a hard level. You can choose the difficulty that suits your preference. Frequently engaging in mini-games will help you acquire bytes and gems. You can use sufficient Bytes to purchase exclusive units such as Corrupted Male Cry, and others from the exchange shop. 

5. Keep Pulling for Units

The Gacha section enables you to acquire common and legendary pets and character units. Every unit or pet has a level limit or LB. The cards after reaching max LB, convert into gold. This can be possible when you gain the cards for the same unit or pet multiple times. Hence, we strongly advise you to keep pulling pets or units to gain gold. This currency is a necessity when you wish to enhance the skills of your available units. 

Final Thoughts

Gacha Club is an impressive simulation game with tons of customization options for new characters. The exclusive collection of adorable inbuilt chibi characters enhances the pull game of Gacha Club. Some powerful ones must be a part of your party.

The game provides a few game modes to experience the electrifying battle styles. Apart from the battles, it also contains mini-games to keep you entertained throughout your casual journey. In case of any confusion, look for our Gacha Club Beginners Guide and Tips piece and dive into the unlimited possibility of creativity.

That’s all from us for the Gacha Club Beginners Guide! Did you find our Gacha Club Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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