Game of Sultans: Vizier Training strategy (Part 2)

We already have classified the viziers and created the minimum required team. In this article, we will discuss the advanced viziers’ team, strategy in-depth and will also clear a few doubts. If you have not read our previous article we recommend you to read Part 1 first. So, let us get started with this second part of the Game of Sultans Vizier training strategy.

Answering doubts of the previous article

At the beginning of the game, you won’t have access to all the strong viziers but you had to run your empire smoothly. So, we have tried to keep the viziers’ team as compact as we can in our last article. However, the list/team is not complete from every aspect of the game so we will create an advance team that will cover every aspect of the game and gives you supreme power in your hand.

You might be thinking why every column doesn’t have an equal number of viziers? The straight answer to this question is, you don’t need it, because the list is made in such a way that it will maintain everything in order.

Game of Sultans Vizier Training factors

Game of sultans has many side events and mini-games inside of it and every event has its own sets of requirements. Such as, normal union war needs 16 viziers but demands 12 strong viziers, (we recommend at least 8 strong viziers). If you are participating in the War of Supremacy then you are suggested to keep 16 strong viziers. If you look at Pirates event it ads up all your military power and so on for other events.

On the other hand, you need to progress through the Campaign so a fair amount of solders/levy will be required and not to mention to train all these viziers you must produce as much gold as you can. Hence, keeping all these factors in mind we have created the advance team so let’s look at it.

Game of Sultans viziers experienced forces

The Advance Team

1Yavuz (O4)*EvliyaSinanAyas*
2Sinadim (O4) Merzif*Alihad
3Semsi (O4) Tahrun Mustafa
4Karahmet (O4) Candar Kane
5Rustem Nash Almus
6Kilic (M5) Karaman
7Kuyu (M5)
8Kokasin (M5)
9Ozdem (M5)
10Seydi (M5)

Significance of the Symbols

BOLD: Leader of their respective group
STAR ( * ): Consumers of normal badges and books (attribute, military research, prestige and political). [Almighty badges should be used on 6* skills for better results].
ITALIC: Not that much significant or supporting viziers of the team.
UNDERLINE: leader of all for F2P (but P2p or P2W player can/should choose better vizier )
NOTE 1: at the beginning, Davut will be the leader of the military, till you get Kilic, and finally Yavuz (any O4) will take over the charge.
NOTE 2: If you are a P2P player and you have ‘Class X’ viziers then you can replace the viziers from the advanced team accordingly.

So, there are 28 viziers (50% of the total viziers) in the advance team. However, you need to be more focused on 14 viziers (25% of the total viziers) viz 8 Military +3 Research +2 Prestige +1 Political and they must be from Class A and above. The viziers training strategy of the advance team should follow as described in part 1.

Game of Sultans viziers training

Stay on track

Your military power will be increased on the demand of the game but the real challenge is to stay focused on research viziers. That’s why a number of research viziers are included in the team and don’t worry about the Political, it has already been taken care of by Outstanding four (O4) viziers. Additionally, you have to keep an eye on Prestige. To read the in-depth strategy click here.

Use of Badges & Books

Before we go to discuss this we need to know the formula of calculating military power and the formula is
Combat Power = [{ Vizier level x (Total Military Talent) x 5000 } + Military Attributes]. For Example,
Combat Power of Kilic = [{200 x (5* x 10 + 3* x 50 ) x 5000 ]+10000000 =21,00,00,000

So, this is how the power/combat power of a military vizier is calculated. However, it is suggested to use badges on four different military viziers (mainly on 2 and sometimes on other 2) because of the union voyage, union war, etc. and the military books should be given to Yavuz (or any of the military viziers you like). In the case of Research, Political, and Prestige badges and books should be given to their respective specialist vizier.

Note: you can give prestige books and badges to Ayas, research books and badges to Evliya and political books and badges to Sinan but if you want you can give research and political books and badges to Merzif also. Attribute bonus helps a lot in the arena battle.

Is it necessary to have a harmony bonus or connected consort?

Yes, it is highly recommended to have either a harmony bonus or a connected consort. These bonuses boost the power of the vizier with a great amount in the long term (even double up the power). Read more here.

Which vizier should not be trained?

There is no such vizier you should not train, you have to train all but at different levels, like ‘Class C’ viziers should be kept at the lowest level.

P.S. – Some of the underlined lines which shows articles but not linked yet, those articles are under creation. We will be able to publish them and link them with this article very soon! Meanwhile, if you have any queries about Game of Sultans Vizier training feel free to leave them in the comments below. And make sure to follow us on Twitter to catch all the updates from GamingonPhone!

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Looking at your “Advanced Team” you rank Yavuz (O4), Evliya, Sinan, Ayas as team 1 and Sinadim (O4), Merzif, Alihad as team 2. There are several flaws with this strategy. First off Evliya, Sinan and Ayas are all Companion viziers. This means to grow their percent bonuses for max resource gain you need to split charm between three companions which is a terrible choice. This will significantly lower your ranking in Companion XP rush and will slow your progress on xp growth. The formula for companion xp is exponential. That means 10 charm added to 100 base charm gives less xp… Read more »


So what are your thoughts on Murat? Wouldn’t he be able to do the same as Merzif?

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