Game of Sultans Tips and Tricks: Vizier training strategy (Part 1)

We all are aware of the fact that its the viziers who decide the game and the importance of viziers in the Game of Sultans. In the previous post, we have discussed the best vizier so, now its time to set a vizier training strategy. if you can put things in a proper way or follow our guide you can easily make your mark in the leader-board without spending any real money. So, let’s get started.

There are a total of 56 Viziers in this game and they will keep joining your force throughout the journey of the game. Few will come by completing some achievement, few are from events and some of them with the sultan’s level.

Now, the question is which vizier to upgrade and which is not to or whom to upgrade first? what factors you should consider while deciding it ? should you upgrade all the viziers or few of them? keep reading to find out the answers to all the questions. We recommend you to read the previous post (The Best vizier) before this one. It will help you to understand things in a better way.

GOS viziers Loyal force
Game of Sultans Viziers (Generals)

Classification of Viziers

First, you need to segregate viziers into various classes viz.

1. Class X

They are those viziers who have 60 or more talents. you can only get them by spending money or by winning an event. These are extremely rare viziers. Example: Grace O’Malley, P. Reis, C. Columbus

2. Class A

They are those Viziers who have minimum 8* specialist talents and Either connected with consort or have harmony bonus. They will also have a total of 14* talent initially. Example: Merzif, Hersek, Fazil, Kilic, Yavuz, etc.

3. Class B

These are the viziers who have the same attributes of Class A viziers but they are not connected to any consorts or don’t have any kind of bonus. Example: Baltic, Alamus, etc.

4. Class C

These viziers have less than 14* total talents and specialist talent is 7* or less. Example: Lala, Ahmelek, Hocas, etc

Note: Murat is an exceptional vizier, you can consider him as Class A. Viziers with 17* or more initial talent can be considered as Class A vizier even if they are not connected with any consort. Example: Tahrun, Alihad, Rustem, etc.

Game of Sultans Vizier Talent Davut, Game of Sultans tips and tricks, gos tips and tricks
Game of Sultans Vizier talent classification

Vizier training strategy

The vizier training is one of the most important parts of ‘Game of Sultans’. You have to train many viziers depending upon various situations but if you upgrade a weak or wrong vizier it will be a waste of gold. That’s why it’s necessary to have a clear vision about it. As we have already classified viziers now we can simply follow this kind of manner or method for upgradations.
1. Class X viziers – level 350
2. Class A viziers – Level 250
3. Class B viziers – Level 200
4. Class C viziers – Level 150

The Perfect Team of Viziers in Game of Sultans

A single vizier or 2/3 viziers are not enough to run the empire smoothly, on the other hand, you can not upgrade all Class X & Class A viziers at the same time. Hence, you need a team or you have to pick a handful of viziers wisely and set a vizier training strategy so that everything stays in order. We will build the team as F2P but if you are P2P then you can add the vizier in the team accordingly. So, let’s build the team. (You can replace one vizier when you find a better option)

Game of Sultans viziers the braves, gos guides
GOS Viziers
1DavutEvliya Sinan Ayas
2Fazil Merzif Baltic Kane
3Mag 5 Nash Alamus
4Mag 5 karaman
5Mag 5

Note: Mag 5= Magnificent Five, O4= Outstanding Four.
In the beginning, you won’t have Mag5 or O4, it will take a few weeks, so you have to adjust those positions with Lufti, Gedik, and Veli but remember the upgrading method. (Don’t inject your much gold into these class C viziers, ultimately you have to replace them with better ones.)

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