Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall: Complete Beginners’ Guide and Tips

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall or GOT Beyond the Wall is the latest video game adaptation of the famous series co-developed by Behaviour Interactive and Gaea Interactive Entertainment. This free-to-play mobile game faithfully takes players back into the Game of Thrones series from HBO and allows players to take control of their favorite characters from the show. Players starting out on their journey Beyond the Wall might be a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, our Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Beginners’ Guide aims to make sure you’re headed in the right direction with all the necessary tips, tricks, and strategies to make your journey across Westeros.


We have listed out a few points in this Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Beginner’s Guide that will help you in learning all the basics of the game quickly. Let’s take a look.

Main Game Screen

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall beginners' guide Main screen, GOT Beyond the wall
Main Game screen in GOT Beyond the Wall

Let’s briefly explore all your options from left to right:

  • Lodge– You have 3 daily attempts to do missions for a specific Westeros region which rewards affinity with that faction. More the affinity you have with a region better will be the affinity rewards you receive from that region.
  • Merchant – He has several tabs with different items for your shopping pleasure like glyphs, supplies, ability scrolls, etc. You can also access the Merchant by tapping the ‘Shop‘ icon at the bottom of the main game screen.
  • Legendary Events – Special time-gated events where you can earn Heroes or shards of Heroes as rewards. You progress through the story to normal, medium, and hard challenges which rewards you based on the increasing challenge.
  • Challenges – The battles here don’t advance the story. You can test your ability to strategize effectively with unique enemies, victory conditions, and restrictions.
  • Beyond the Wall – Allows you to access the game’s main story mode. You can also send region-specific units to expeditions, complete tests in the uncharted lands, collect rewards from Weirwood forays after defeating enemies, or do random events.
  • Codex – You can replay part of the story you missed or learn about a specific Hero or Unit to formulate your strategy.
  • Hearth – Home to your Heroes. Here you can unlock heroes or promote them with hero shards. You can also level up your hero’s abilities, equip them with powerful utility tactic cards, or personalize your hero’s traits to determine the flow of the battles. You can also equip heroes with pendants received after completing Tests in the Uncharted Lands.
  • Hero Arena – If you fancy PvP, you can find it here, but only after you’ve reached Lord Commander Level 20 for your profile. Using Specific Units and Heroes provides you with bonus points.
  • Barracks – Your Units are bunked here. You can level them up or improve them with seals of valor. You can also level up their abilities and gear. Customize unit traits once you reach Lord Commander Level 40

Heroes and Units

As you play through the game, you’ll assemble a roster of both Heroes and Units. Heroes are characters like Jon and Daenerys, as well as those created just for the game like Alvar Spyre and Dramon Blackwood who can be found in the Hearth. Units are characters like the Champion of Winter and Winterfell Rider which are general troop units from specific regions.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall challenges you with a limited number of Heroes and Units you can deploy in each battle as they guide you to victory. It is important to have a well-rounded selection of both Heroes and Units to create a synergy. The techniques used to level them up are similar but require different items.

Combat Basics

Beyond the Wall is a tactical RPG where you build a team of heroes and units to take on enemies in turn-based skirmishes. You can tap on any of your characters when it’s your turn to see what you can do. Blue squares show where you can move, red squares show where you can attack. You need to be in range to hit your foes, and the grid will help you in this.

Combat Field in Game Of Thrones Beyond the Wall
Combat Field in GOT Behind The Wall

Different characters have different skills, as you’d imagine. Ranged units can attack from farther away, mounted units can move much quicker and warriors with heavy weapons can damage more than one enemy with a single swipe. Heroes and Units also have special abilities that generally start a battle on a cooldown timer before they are available to use.

It’s important to learn the differences between the types of attackers on your team, and then use them accordingly. Don’t throw your ranged fighters to the front line. Use your tanky characters to protect the weaker ones and think about which enemies are the most dangerous for you. Read the victory conditions carefully for each battle, as they can differ and don’t always require you to wipe out all your enemies to win.


This Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Beginners’ Guide gives you an idea about the different types of currency to acquire. Here’s a quick rundown of the ones you’ll see most often:

  • Copper Penny – Used to level up Units and Heroes (with the proper Tomes), upgrade buildings, and buy items from the Merchant.
  • Silver Stag – Used to buy even better items, and sometimes for draws from the Night’s Watch Oath.
  • Gold Dragon – The rarest of coins, can buy you items in special purchase events.
Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall beginners' guide Currencies
Currencies in GOT: Beyond the Wall

You can not use these currencies to draw new characters except during certain limited time events. The rest of the time, you’ll need Carved Glyphs, which you can buy from the Castle Merchant for 300 Silver Stags each.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall: Tips and Tricks

Some important tips and strategies are included in this Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Guide to help you through your journey. You can jump right into the game as a beginner keeping these tips and tricks in mind.

1. Prioritize progressing the story quests

The Story Mode in the game can be accessed by going beyond the wall. The story mode is divided into chapters with each chapter further divided into stages. The story mode will serve as your main source of experience as well to level up your account or commander level. As you reach new levels, additional features and game modes become available.

Story quest
Story Quest in GOT: Beyond the Wall

Clearing the current stage is enough to make the succeeding one available for you but completing it with a full 3-star rating has additional rewards. On top of the additional rewards, securing a 3-star victory on each stage unlocks the patrol ability. It lets you spend only the required food to instantly finish a previously conquered stage. This will be very useful when you need to farm for specific items that your preferred units need to be upgraded. You can earn additional treasure chests based on the number of stars you have accumulated. Only by securing 3-star victories across all 7 stages within each chapter, you can earn the top chest that requires 21 stars.

2. Select Manual over A.I

Devoid of any strategic sense the A.I. logic that your units follow typically involves using skills whenever available. While auto mode is more convenient as it allows your units to move and attack on their own, chances are that you will not secure a 3-star victory if you activate it.

As such, even as a complete beginner, you will still perform a lot better playing manually than having the A.I. take over for you in combat. Patience should be a virtue here. You should initially proceed with manual play and only after your units are too strong for the stage you can let A.I take over.

3. Learn about Hero Skills and Traits

Each hero has unique skills, some of which can be unlocked after reaching a star level. All heroes start at star grade 1 and can be upgraded after securing enough hero shards of the character. Each of the heroes’ abilities, can also be upgraded using ability scrolls and beyond each hero’s intrinsic abilities, an additional one in the form of traits can be added. Some traits can be used on all heroes while others are exclusive for each character.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall beginners' guide Hero rosters, GOT Beyond the wall
Hero Rosters in GOT: Beyond the Wall

The best exercise of customization and strategy formulation comes from the hero traits. As your hero reaches a new level, he or she earns hero trait points that you can allocate across a wide selection of stat boosts and enhancements. At the hero traits page, choices are basically divided into 2 paths and for the most part, one focuses more on offense while the other invests more in the hero’s defense attributes.

GOT Beyond the wall
Hero attribute upgradation screen

Some may stray from this and present options that may both lean towards different offensive or defensive builds. You can freely mix investing in both paths. However, you need to max out one node before moving on to the next one. So it is best to focus on one path to reach the end node faster. In any case, you can reset invested points once every 48 hours but the copper pennies you have spent will not be refunded.

4. Focus on selected units

Each unit in the game requires a lot of resources to upgrade and become stronger. Careless upgrading will make it difficult for you later on. Each battle you engage in has a limit when it comes to the number of units you can deploy. It will be advantageous for you to bank on at least 3 units so you should decide early on which ones to use alongside your hero.

Be sure to check on each available unit at hand before deciding on which ones to primarily focus on. For best results, consider a variety of classes that can support your main hero well in combat. Beyond classes or types, the region where the units originate from should be a point of consideration. There are four unit types available for each region. Having 3 from the same region in your team maxes out the region buffs you can obtain.

Selecting units GOT Beyond the wall
Selecting Units is important in the game

You need to gather Seals of Valor specific to each unit type to rank them up. Each rank up provides a tremendous boost to a unit’s stats so it is best to farm for specific region units as much as possible. Maxing out a unit’s level requires Insignias to promote the hero and increase his level cap. You can also upgrade each unit’s gear using materials obtained from story stages. Be sure to look into each unit’s needs before you start farming for resources.

5. Upgrade Barracks and Lodge

Structures within your camp can be upgraded to boost the resources you get out of them. Structures like the barracks, where your units are stationed, and the lodge, where you can recruit for additional units. Based on your current commander level both these structures levels are capped. In any case, be sure to check on both and level them up as soon as you can.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall beginners' guide Barracks and Lodge, GOT Beyond the wall
You should upgrade Barracks here

Each level upgrade in the barracks increases the amount of experience points units earned when they are deployed in combat. In the case of the lodge, more units can be earned with each recruitment so leveling it up is beneficial. Each new level gives permanent boosts and added one-time rewards as well.

6. Send out your Scouts

Getting new recruits for the Night’s Watch is key to succeeding. Make sure to send out your scouts whenever you can from the Lodge. You can access a map of Westeros that shows you the regions you can send them.

Scouts in the game GOT Beyond the wall
Send Scouts for scouting an area through new recruits

You only have a limited number of expeditions a day, but using them up will get new characters for your army, as well as giving you tiles you can use to upgrade the ones you already have.

7. Do Weirwood Adventures for loots

Weirwood adventures are a great way to get loot in the game. You’ll find these in the map of beyond the wall, and they’re essentially great for grabbing materials with every fight.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall beginners' guide Weirwood adventures, GOT Beyond the wall
Weirwood adventures is great for loot

Watch out for instances with lightning bolts around them – these are tougher enemies and you might not be strong enough to take them on right now. Going the easy way isn’t a bad thing to start off with, and you’re still going to be raking in the things you need.

8. Complete Daily Quests and Achievements

Daily Quests are missions you need to accomplish within the day. Each objective you satisfy earns you instant rewards as well as activity points that lead to unlocking extra treasures. Points earned each day accumulate per week and increases your activity. More treasure chests with even better rewards can be earned based on your activity.

GOT Beyond the wall Daily Quests
Daily Quest screen

Achievements, on the other hand, pertain to milestones you reach as you progress in various aspects of the game. These may not exclusively relate to battles you engage in but can extend as well on food consumed, copper pennies spent, unit upgrades, and so on. Achievements reward you with silver stags.

GOT Beyond the wall Achievements
Unlock new Achievements in the game

9. Partake in Time-Limited events

The game comes packed with a lot of events to further boost your progress in the game. Pay close attention to the New Player Event which activates on the first day you play the game up to nine days later.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall beginners' guide timed events
Taking part in timed events is beneficial

Legendary events give you a chance to earn Carved Glyphs and some new heroes to add to your collection. These events vary in difficulty but cost nothing to attempt. With that, you can freely spend as many tries as you can to try and grab some sweet rewards. Take advantage of the various events available at Merchant’s Errands banner.

This is all we have for you regarding our Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Beginners’ Guide. Did you find this article helpful? Share with us any additional info or tip in the comment section below as it may help other readers as well!

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