Garena Speed Drifters: Game modes and Strategy Guide

Race to win!

Garena Speed Drifters, a kart racing game released by Garena Games Online has been meteorically rising the charts as one of the most played racing games. The multiplayer co-op and versus game modes offer varieties of fun and challenging experiences to racing game veterans and casual newbies alike. In this Speed Drifters Strategy Guide article, we have compiled a few tips and strategies to help you compete better in the races.

Speed Drifters: Strategy Guide

Training Mode

Garena Speed Drifters comes with excellent in-game video training guides through the Training Mode. Advanced tricks on the track can only be unlocked once you reach a certain account level. Be sure to master new tricks and challenges in the training mode as soon as it becomes accessible. You should initially focus on learning and perfecting the Start boost. For the boost, you need to tap on the countdown timer after it hits “1”.

Focus on one technique at a time and slowly integrate them into your gameplay. Start with the basics learning Double Boosts, WCW, and CWW boost first. They are the most used in speed races and will improve your time the most. The next most beneficial will be the Snap Boost. It might take a while to master it but it’s worth it. The rest of the advanced techniques are quite situational to the track you are racing on. Avoid steering into walls or other racers in some instances to make the most out of your boosts.

Utilize the Boosts

Landing boosts will trigger upon landing from a jump, irrespective of how big or small. Flying boosts trigger upon getting big air. Snap drift boosts happen when you quickly switch directions while drifting. Just be sure that you are ready to hit the boost button when they pop up. With practice, you will get better at utilizing the available boosts properly.

Campaign Mode

After reaching account level 3, the campaign mode will be unlocked. Try to complete each stage to earn more experience points to level up and unlock additional game modes and features as well as a lot of rewards. You should aim to acquire all 3 stars when clearing a stage to earn more rewards. The initial stages of the campaign mode are relatively easy and racing against A.I. opponents will serve as an effective training ground to hone your drifting and overall racing skills.

Speed Drifters: Tips and Strategy Guide

You can freely replay each stage you have previously beaten. This helps you to focus on the objective you failed to achieve for getting a 3 star clear. You won’t receive as much gold and experience points on succeeding attempts but the actual reward for completing the objective can come a long way moving forward.

Track knowledge

Familarize yourself with the layout and location of shortcuts of every maps. You can also watch race track guide videos in-game and try to emulate the play style. Be careful not to overwhelm yourself and stress too much about the snap boost and crazy speed and focus on the path they take and general nitro/WCW/CWW usage.

You can create your own room and start it with a friend ideally, or if you buy the crown you can start solo matches. While practicing it’s good to aim for each of the racetrack’s trophies as a goal. Practice the common tracks and consistently being close to the gold trophy time, will surely make you advance high in the ranks.

Missions And Event Objectives For Extra Rewards

Rewards can be earned by accomplishing objectives in both the Main Missions and Daily Missions. The Main Missions involve milestones that offer one-time rewards once you reach them. Check on what objectives you can still accomplish to progress further in the game. You can also earn rewards based on the total number of objectives you accomplish. Dedicate some time to try and accomplish as many of the daily missions as you can if you want to progress fast in the game. You can view missions through the lower right icon on the screen.

You can earn great rewards from daily events by merely signing in each day. Browse through all given tasks so you can target the ones you can accomplish faster and make the most out of each event.

That’s all for Garena Speed Drifters Strategy Guide. Got any more driving tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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