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Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss: How to Clear Floor 12

Clear the Floor 12 in no time!

Genshin Impact Version 4.3 update has brought a new set of enemies for both Floor 12 in the Spiral Abyss. Since these are the topmost floors of the Abyss, ensure that you have units that are at least sufficiently built for the teams they are in. In this guide, we will explain the new changes in the current Spiral Abyss, how to clear them in the current Genshin Impact 4.3 patch update, and the most optimal teams that can be used.

Genshin Impact 4.3 Update Spiral Abyss Guide: How to clear Floor 12

Ley Line Disorders: For this floor only, the Let Line flow will be normal.

Chamber 1

Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 12
Image via HoYoverse

First Half

  • In this encounter, there’s a lone wave featuring the return of the PMA boss, making a comeback after its last appearance in version 3.3. Your optimal strategy involves employing a single-target Elemental DPS to swiftly eliminate this adversary. It’s crucial to bear in mind that this cube possesses a substantial 70% Physical Resistance.
  • Navigating through most of its attacks is relatively straightforward, allowing you to manage the situation effectively. The challenge arises when the boss’s HP drops below 50% (approximately 35-40% HP), triggering Defensive Mode and summoning four Ruin Sentinels: Scout, Defender, Destroyer, and Cruiser.
  • Focus solely on attacking the highlighted Sentinel (preferably baiting it to approach the boss)! Avoid engaging with any other Sentinel, as it would be a significant waste of your time. Upon defeating the highlighted Sentinel, the main boss will be paralyzed for approximately 20 seconds, during which time all resistances are reduced by 50%. Seize this opportune moment to unleash all your Skills and Bursts. Once the boss emerges from the paralyzed state, it temporarily becomes invincible before reverting to its normal attack patterns.

Second Half

  • This floor features a single adversary, the Thunder Manifestation, akin to Specters in its floating nature. Melee characters may find it challenging to reach, but not impossible. There’s a brief window when the Thunder Manifestation hovers close to the ground, allowing melee characters to connect with their attacks. It’s advisable to conserve all Bursts for this period to maximize damage output.
  • The Thunder Manifestation’s attacks are generally easy to evade, especially with a shield provider in the team. Pay particular attention to the Wall of Lightning and Dive Bombs (unofficial name), as they inflict the most damage. When dealing with the Wall of Lightning, instead of running parallel or attempting to outpace it, dash through the wall when it approaches. Timing it correctly grants invincibility frames, enabling you to stay close and deal damage until the last moment.
  • When the boss reaches the arena’s edge, consider saving your Burst and using Skills or abilities with short cooldowns. The Thunder Manifestation is likely to teleport back to the arena center shortly to recommence its attack patterns.
  • For teams capable of creating Bloom, be cautious. If the Thunder Manifestation strikes the Bloom, the Hyperbloom will retaliate against you rather than the boss. If employing a Hyperbloom team, ensure you’re the first to trigger the Hyperbloom reaction.

Chamber 2

Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 12
Image via HoYoverse

First Half

  • In the initial wave, you’ll encounter a solitary foe, the Construction Specialist Mek, and the most effective strategy is simply to employ brute force, swiftly defeating it to prepare for the subsequent 2 waves.
  • Moving on to the second wave, the Ruin Guard presents two vulnerabilities: its glowing eye and a small socket on its back. Striking either weak point induces a brief stagger, and hitting the second weakness rapidly causes the Ruin Guard to collapse and deactivate temporarily. However, considering the time constraints, it’s not highly recommended to focus on weak points. Instead, it’s more efficient to unleash all Skills and trigger elemental reactions swiftly. If you still opt to target weak points, employ a Bow character’s aimed shot for enhanced accuracy and a better chance to hit the cores.
  • In the third wave, two Ruin Graders emerge from the same location as the previous waves. The Ruin Grader shares vulnerabilities in the cores on its head and feet. Attacking an exposed weak point interrupts the Grader’s current attack, while successfully damaging the second weak point and temporarily disables it for approximately 20 seconds. Whether to target weak points depends on the time available. If ample time remains, attempting to paralyze the Grader can make subsequent encounters more manageable. Once again, use a Bow character’s aimed shot for improved accuracy and a higher likelihood of hitting the cores. However, if time is limited, a brute force approach is more advisable, considering the impending wave you need to confront.

Second Half

  • In the initial wave, numerous enemies spawn nearby, providing a favorable grouping. Additionally, all enemies are immune to Geo, with Geo Slimes equipped with Geo shields. These shields are susceptible to Blunt attacks (including Claymore and Plunge attacks, except for Bow and Catalyst users) or can be countered with elemental reactions. Once the shield is depleted, the Geo Slimes tend to leap away, so it’s crucial to defeat them before they regenerate another shield.
  • The second wave introduces Geovishaps with heightened resistance to Geo elements. Both Geovishaps pursue you, facilitating their grouping. However, they are susceptible to being knocked back easily, requiring strategic positioning to align them in the same line of sight or ideally corner them against a wall.
  • When their HP drops to 40% or after a prolonged duration, Geovishaps imbue themselves with Pyro and Hydro, respectively. While gaining increased resistance against their respective elements, their bodies maintain a constant Pyro/Hydro status, allowing for the exploitation of elemental reactions. A notable weakness is their susceptibility to being stunned momentarily if they perform a slam attack on a shielded character.
  • The third wave showcases 2 Lawachurls, each creating Geo shields vulnerable to Blunt attacks. Upon their spawn, approaching one Lawachurl prompts the other to execute a slam attack at your location (which should be evaded), effectively consolidating both at the same spot. Alternatively, positioning yourself against a wall achieves a similar outcome.

Chamber 3

Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 12
Image via HoYoverse

First Half

  • Introducing a new boss that boasts complete immunity to Hydro. Fortunately, this immunity makes it remarkably susceptible to triggering Hydro-related reactions. While the boss’s basic attacks are generally easy to evade and inflict decent to quite high damage (bearing in mind its colossal HP pool), the challenge intensifies when it summons a Half-Tulpa and assimilates it to empower itself.
  • Throughout the battle, a Half-Tulpa emerges every few seconds, serving as a power source for the Hydro Tulpa to enhance itself. In this heightened state, both its area of effect (AoE) capabilities and damage output are elevated, and it gains a 45% increase in resistance to all damage. Prioritizing the swift elimination of the Half-Tulpa becomes imperative, preventing the boss from entering the enhanced state. Despite their presence, the Half-Tulpa’s HP and Hydro shield are relatively weak, making them easily conquerable. Dendro and Cryo elements are particularly effective for this task, with Dendro being the optimal choice.

Second Half

  • In the initial wave, two Lawachurls materialize near each other in the central area, both generating their electro-shields. While these shields amplify the Lawachurls’ attacks, they don’t diminish the damage they receive. Breaking these shields is more effective with Pyro, Cryo, and Dendro attacks. Once the shields are dismantled, the Lawachurls lose immunity to being Frozen, making it an optimal reaction to employ, preventing them from charging away.
  • Anemo Crowd Control (CC) isn’t conducive to gathering the Lawachurls, as they willingly approach your location. Therefore, Anemo isn’t necessary initially. Positioning yourself against the back wall in the back area is advantageous. This way, when the Lawachurls execute charging attacks, the wall obstructs their movement, allowing you to corner them effectively.
  • In the second wave, two Eremite ladies emerge in the back area, entering an enhanced state by summoning their spirit animals to the arena. Prioritize attention to the Floral Ring-Dancer, as the Loremaster possesses the ability to teleport to your location. The Ring-Dancer also has teleportation abilities, but only when not in the enhanced state. This approach enhances the likelihood of gathering them in the same location, although it’s not guaranteed.
  • It’s advisable to concentrate on defeating the spirit animals first because their presence boosts the Eremite ladies’ resistance and interruption resistance. Once the animals are vanquished, the Eremites become stunned for 10 seconds, experiencing decreased Pyro/Dendro resistance (Pyro for Loremaster and Dendro for Ring-Dancer).

Optimal Team Comps to use on Floor 12 in Genshin Impact 4.3 Update Spiral Abyss

If the floor proves too challenging, keep in mind that team changes are a viable option. Although restarting from Chamber 1 is necessary, you won’t lose stars for completed Chambers.

In the First Half, it’s advisable to steer clear of Physical and Hydro DPS. However, any other elemental compositions work well. This is due to the Perpetual Mechanical Array possessing 70% Physical Resistance, and the Hydro Tulpa is entirely immune to Hydro. Apart from these considerations, any other elemental setups are effective.

Moving on to the Second Half, it’s recommended to avoid Electro and Geo as the main DPS options. The Thunder Manifestation is impervious to Electro, while Geo Specters and Slimes are immune to Geo. Aside from these limitations, all other elemental choices are viable.

F2P Team Recommendation

Floor 12 4.3 F2P Team
Image via HoYoverse

Advanced Team Recommendation

Floor 12 4.3 Advanced Team
Image via HoYoverse

That’s how you can clear the Spiral Abyss Floor 12 in the Genshin Impact 4.3 update!

What are your thoughts on the guide to clear Genshin Impact 4.3 Spiral Abyss Floor 12 Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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