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Genshin Impact Ad Astra Abyssoque explanation and more

Find the hidden meaning behind the saying!

Whether is claiming your rewards of doing daily commissions for those 60 Primogems, sending your characters to expeditions for the materials you require, obtaining the Adventurer Rank rewards, or even chatting with Katheryne, she will always greet you with an enthusiastic ‘Ad Astra Abyssosque! Welcome to the Adventurers’ Guild’ whenever you visit the Adventurers’ Guild place. Genshin Impact is known for putting hidden meanings and lore in everything, and it turns out this little saying also has a hidden meaning to it. Ad Astra Abyssoque is Latin which means ‘To the Stars and the Abyss’. Here are some translations of the phase in other voice languages. 

JapaneseHoshi to shinen wo mezase/星と深淵を目指せ
Chinese Xiàngzhe xīngchén yǔ shēnyuān/向着星辰与深渊
Korean Byeolgwa sim-yeon-ui yeohaeng/별과 심연의 여행

What does this mean exactly? Why does Katheryne specifically say this line? Well, it is simply tied to Katheryne and her origin and of course how the Adventurer’s Guild is made. 

Hidden Meaning behind the saying Ad Astra Abyssosque in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Ad Astra Abysssoque
Image via HoYoverse

Not many people may have this knowledge, but the Adventurer’s Guild has essentially been established in Shezhnaya. Although whether they colluded with the Fatui or not is still unknown. Knowing that the game hints several times about Katheryne being a bionic puppet from Shezhnaya that may have been made by Sandrone, the Seventh of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers.

As far as we know, Sandrone is known for making robots and puppets, and dabbling in alchemy in some ways. It is not farfetched that she may have created these abundances of Katherynes with how her appearance seems to mirror Sandrone as well. 

Image via HoYoverse

The Fatui has strong ties with the Abyss, many of the Harbingers have said to frequently conduct operations deep within the Abyss, losing an increasing amount of sanity in the process. Take Tartaglia himself for example, who was said to be a shy and frightened child, but ever since he has fallen into the Abyss he became a completely different individual, bloodthirsty for violence.

It is still unclear what the Abyss holds, and why the Abyss is even mentioned in this phasing. We will all probably get our answers soon enough in the later parts of the plot in Genshin Impact. 

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