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Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions for Faruzan and Tips

Team compositions for Faruzan in Genshin!

Genshin Impact has just released its new anticipated Version 3.3 Patch Update of Sumeru bringing in two new playable characters in the first half of the update, Wanderer and Faruzan. Faruzan is the new 4-Star Anemo Bow playable Character in Genshin Impact. She is the first dedicated Anemo damage buffer in the game. There is a considerable amount of high expectations regarding Faruzan, as Anemo DPS and Hyper-carry units badly needed their dedicated Support to boost their Anemo damage and provide those buffs in their party. This guide will help the players build the best team compositions for Faruzan and squeeze out his maximum DMG potential in Genshin Impact.

Faruzan’s Team Synergy and Play-style: Quick Overview

As stated before, Faruzan’s own personal damage is measly and negligible at best which is why her team compositions that we will be suggesting are centered on a Support Faruzan. Just like Kujou Sara and Gorou, Faruzan seems to possess a niche kit that is mostly tailored towards a certain Elemental Type and 5-star playable character. Similarly, her kit has many complications as she suffers through Energy Recharge issues. Her Elemental Burst cost is at 80, a surprisingly high Energy Cost which is never seen in Support characters. Not only that, Faruzan’s kit does not help with providing her sufficient Energy Particles to consistently have her Elemental Burst up.

Genshin Impact Faruzan Team Compositions
Image via HoYoverse

Her Constellations are her saving grace as it solves all her kit issues. The only problem is that her most useful Constellation is her C4: ‘Wonderland of Rumination’ and her C6: ‘The Wondrous Path of Truth’. These two Constellations both help with her Energy Issues and provide better buffs to her Anemo teammates.

Best Team Compositions for Faruzan in Genshin Impact

1. Wanderer Team

Genshin Impact Faruzan Team Compositions Wanderer Team
Image via HoYoverse

A Wanderer Team consisting of Wanderer as the Main Hyper-carry DPS, Support Faruzan who boosts Wanderer’s personal damage and the last two slots are flexible, based on what Team Comp one is building, based around Wanderer. It is highly recommended to put in a strong Shield Support for Wanderer in order to protect him as he is very vulnerable when he is in mid-air. The last slot can be filled with a quick-swap damage dealer or attack buffer.

Main DPSSupportSupportShield
  Alternatives: Mona, Kokomi, Beidou, Xingqiu and FischlAlternatives: Thoma, Diona, Layla
  • Wanderer: Wanderer acts as the Main DPS in this team composition, where he acts as a hyper-carry unit and deals high damage using his charged attacks and normal attacks. Wanderer receives different perks based on the swirled reaction. Usually pairing him with a Pyro unit seems relevant in order to receive the
  • Faruzan: If players really want Wanderer’s personal damage to shine and be consistently high, then bringing Faruzan to the team is a must. After all, she is the only concise Anemo support released alongside Wanderer. Her abilities are centered on buffing Anemo characters. Faruzan is also a rare and F2P-friendly way to shred Anemo Resistance if players don’t have C4 Jean. Although be advised that she is very clunky to use and for an even better-experienced Team comp, it is recommended that players get her to C6 to fix her energy issues and consistently buff the team.
  • Bennett: Bennett boosts Wanderer’s personal damage and helps swirl Pyro for Wanderer to enable the Pyro buff which increases Attack to 30%. This third slot is easily flexible, with Wanderer obtaining many useful buffs based on the swirled Element. Other viable characters that players can use are any character that readily applies Electro, Hydro, and Electro.
  • Zhongli: Zhongli here acts as a Shield Support for Wanderer. Wanderer as stated is very vulnerable especially when he activates his Elemental Skill ‘Hanega: Song of the Wind’ and hovers mid-air. He has almost zero Interruption Resistance and can get knocked down very easily, which is why having a shield character is highly recommended for him. Characters like Zhongli, Thoma, Layla, and Diona are viable options.

2. Heizou Team

Faruzan Heizou Team
Image via HoYoverse

Heizou Team would consist of Heizou being the main damage dealer, Faruzan providing Anemo buffs and support, Kokomi acting as an applicator to swirl and charge up Heizou’s skill and Kazuha being the Sup-DPS plus Energy Battery for Faruzan.

Main DPSSupportSub-DPSSupport
   Alternatives: Mona, Shinobu, Fischl
  • Like the Wanderer team, Heizou is another Main DPS that does an insane amount of damage as a four-star. Most of his high personal damage comes from his charged-up E skill. Heizou is also another catalyst user and hence deals consistent Anemo Damage to the enemies.
  • Faruzan’s role is just the same as Wanderer’s team comp. She helps to provide Anemo resistance and increase Anemo damage bonus to other parties. Faruzan may not consistently apply these buffs if her Elemental Burst is not up on time during this team rotation.
  • Kazuha: Triple Anemo is a fresh new team composition introduced, thanks to Faruzan. The reason for Kazuha to be on this team comp is to act as a Sub-DPS in the team, while also providing Energy Particles to Faruzan in order to keep her Elemental Burst up.
  • Kokomi: Kokomi is there to usually provide a Hydro application for Heizou to swirl and charge up his E skill quickly. Equipping her with the Tenacity of the Mililith Artifact set helps buff the team’s damage.

3. Xiao Team

Faruzan Xiao Team
Image via HoYoverse

Another triple Anemo team consisting of Xiao acting as the main DPS, Jean provides Energy particles and healing to the team, Faruzan with her Anemo buffs, and lastly either Bennett or Zhongli for more Support and Buffs in the party.

Main DPSSupportSupportSupport/Shield
  Alternatives: SucroseAlternatives: Bennett
  • Xiao is a selfish DPS who acts as a hyper-carry unit, dealing damage with his Elemental Burst. Xiao just like Faruzan has Energy Recharge issues, due to him having a high Burst cost and not generating Energy particles well.
  • Jean helps fix the overall issues with the team and synergizes well. She can help both Xiao and Faruzan’s Energy issues while also applying consistent healing for Xiao. Equipping Jean with a Sacrificial Sword is highly recommended if players use this particular team comp.
  • The last slot can be filled by either bringing Bennett to increase Xiao’s attack or Zhongli to help by providing a solid shield to Xiao, when he uses his Elemental Burst.

Final Thoughts

Faruzan’s kit is mostly centered on providing buffs to other Anemo characters. Her own personal damage is negligible and she is not a character we recommend to build as a DPS seeing as how she loses a lot of value and wastes her own kit if she is built around as a damage dealer rather than a Support. Faruzan’s Elemental Skill ‘Wind Realm of Nasamjnin’ barely does any crowd control to enemies. Her main usefulness relies on her Elemental Burst ‘The Wind’s Secret Ways’ which decreases Anemo Resistance and grants the character Anemo Damage Bonus.

What are your thoughts about our guide on Best Team Compositions of Faruzan in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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