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Genshin Impact: Complete list of hidden achievements in the Version 4.0 update

New hidden achievements to be completed!

Genshin Impact with its Version 4.0 Update debuts the Fontaine region, bringing fresh landscapes, bosses, domains, quests, and both visible and hidden achievements. In this article, we will take a look at all of the hidden achievements that the Genshin Impact Version 4.0 Update has to offer.

Genshin Impact: Mortal Travails Series IV achievements

Players are required to gather a complete book series within the Fontaine region and resonate with the hydro element.

Genshin Impact Mortal Travail Series IV achievements
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  • Land of the Fair Spring Achievement: Resonate with any of the statues of seven found in Fontaine
  • Compendium of Misery Achievement: Head over to the southeastern court of the Fontaine teleporter and proceed to purchase all available books. (15000 Mora), then go to the Statue of Seven Court of Fontaine, go inside the Palais Mermonia collect the book
  • Robben versus Chesterton Achievement: Visit the northeastern court of the Fontaine teleporter where players will encounter an NPC named Vitruvia. Collect the book from this location to unlock the corresponding achievement
  • Renart of the Deceiver Achievement: Players can teleport to the Statue of Seven of Court of Fontaine head east, then teleport to the Statue of Seven of Remaritime Harbour and turn right

Unlocking all these achievements will unlock the Mariner name card.

Genshin Impact: Hidden Achievements for Version 4.0 Update

These achievements require completing certain tasks:

  • Welcome to Fontaine: Enter the Fontaine Region via riding the aqua bus
  • Water World Future: Dive Underwater. (Left ctrl)
  • These are a few of MY…: Begin by teleporting to Elton Trench. Navigate to the submerged ruins nestled between the two teleport waypoints. Ascend to the colossal leaf and acquire the Ousia Block. Return to the entrance of the ruin and interact with the “Attack” option on the Pneumounia storage box (distinguished by Pneumounia energy). As the seal dissipates, granting access, veer to the right and opt to play the music, thus securing the achievement.
  • Sogno di Volare: In order to acquire this achievement, your task is to board an aircraft. Numerous aircraft are scattered across Fontaine, offering ample options for selection. Opt for the aircraft situated near the Statue of The Seven in Elynas. From here, direct your course eastward, and behind a cliff, you’ll encounter another aircraft. Retrieve the Ousia Block before employing an “Attack” action on the Penumounia storage box affixed to the aircraft. After Defeating the enemies, await your arrival at the destination. Subsequently, defeat the enemy once more, followed by another interim period until the next destination. As a reward, you will be granted the concealed “Sogno di Volare” achievement and a remarkable chest.
  • Like Tears in the Rain: To get this achievement, you need to defeat underwater survey mek in disguise among Hunter’s ray
  • An Eye for an Eye: to get this achievement you need to counter-attack bullet bernacles attack using the armored crab’s ability.
  • Too Hot to Handle: This achievement requires freezing a hydro eidolon. Continuously employ cryo skills until the achievement is successfully unlocked.
  • Cell, Splinter: To attain this achievement, utilize Pneuma or Ousia attacks to disrupt the Breacher Primus’s stress state. This can be accomplished by any Fontaine character or the Hydro Traveler, employing the designated pneuma or ousia attacks.
genshin impact wonders of the world
Image via HoYolab
  • Angle Eraser: To get this achievement, you must defeat the Beastly Rift by harnessing the energy of crystals. Three distinct locations within Elynas offer these opportunities. The first lies adjacent to the northern teleport waypoint in Elynas. From here, head south and proceed east to reach the Fantastical area. Engage and vanquish all summoned beastly rifts. Repeat this process at each location. The third crystal resides south of Elynas; glide downward and make your way to the Fantastical Arcane region. Triumph over the beastly rifts to earn the elusive “Angle Eraser” hidden achievement.
  • The King is Dead, Long Live the King: To attain this accomplishment, you must disrupt the Searing Coronation of the Emperor of Fire and Iron by employing elemental reactions to dismantle the shield. The shield must be dismantled precisely when the Emperor of Fire and Iron begins the searing coronation ritual.
  • Icebound Oath: To unlock this achievement, you must engage in a battle with the Icewind Suite. Opt for the second choice, known as “Nemesis of Coppetius.” Remember to include the Fontaine character with Ousia energy in your party. Utilize the Ousia attack to eliminate the shield that Coppelius deploys at the peak of the performance’s climax.
  • Funerary Storm: To unlock this achievement, you must engage in a battle with the Icewind Suite. This time opt for the first choice, the Hydro Traveller. Use the pneuma attack to weaken the whirlwind Coppelia creates during the performance’s climax.
  • The White Path Between Two Rivers: Get defeated by the Legendary Hunter’s ray to get this achievement by their linked attack.
  • Nothing but a Hound Dog: Players will get this achievement in the Ancient Color World Quest.
  • Song of the Ancients: Get this achievement in the Echos of the Ancient World world quest
  • The White Ship: Get this achievement in the Lone Phantom Sail World Quest
  • Birth of the Modern Clock: Get this achievement in the Strange Stone Chronicle World Quest
  • It’s Fish, I Added Fish: Help all the Merusea for a hidden quest completing the quest will grant players the achievement
  • Hardships Experienced: Get this achievement in the Ann of the Narzissenkreuz World Quest Part 1
  • And After That: Get this achievement in the Ann of the Narzissenkreuz World quest
  • Fontaine Expects That Everyone Will Do Their Duty: Once successfully completed the “Ann of the Narzissenkreuz” World Quest, proceed to place the verdant feather inside the receptacle located within the Western Slopes of Mont Automnequi.
  • Truly Mouthwatering!: Pick up the Sweet Madame to get this achievement
  • Anaesthetics of Ugliness: Get this achievement in the Good Stuff but Terrible Taste World Quest
  • A Sudden Squall: Get this achievement in A Certain Trifle, A Certain Stamp, A Certain Stamp World Quest
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: Get this achievement in the Aqueous Tidemark World Quest
  • A Fontainian Message: Get this achievement in the Fontainian Message World Quest
  • Encyclopedia of the Natural Philosophy requires finishing Aqueous Tidemark World Quest. Teleport back to the Ruin then teleport to the northeast side of the ruin then go straight, and interact with the book on the table to get the achievement
  • A study in Sable: Use the key to Some Place in Institute to get this achievement (players are required to complete Aqueous Tidemark World Quest)
  • Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution: complete daily world quests from a Blubberbeast for 5 days to get this achievement
Image via HoYoverse

Local Legends Achievements

Defeat the 8 local legends to earn hidden achievements from each of them in the game. Each of these legends can be located in various places across the map.

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