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Genshin Impact Version 4.0 update “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason” to release on August 16th with new nation, Fontaine

Version 4.0 arrives with new nation, Fontaine this August 16th!

The fifth nation of Teyvat, Fontaine, will join Genshin Impact Version 4.0 “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason” on August 16, according to the announcement by international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse. In addition to being the Nation of Justice, Fontaine is a center for culture, the arts, and technology. As such, it will soon have several new additions, including its first three playable characters as well as adventures and gameplay types. Players will get the chance to embark on an underwater adventure in addition to the bustling city on the surface, which is a first for the game.

Fontaine brings exciting underwater adventures in Genshin Impact

The Hydro Archon, the God of Justice, and Focalors now rule Fontaine, a region northeast of the Sumeru desert. She has made trials at the Opera Epiclese, which also features magic, farce, tragedy, and other types of acts, into significant public events. Players will see a spectacular magic performance by Lyney and Lynette as well as an ongoing trial here as the most recent Archon Quest chapter also takes place there.

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 update

Being a country surrounded by water, Fontaine provides a unique underwater encounter in various spots. Players receive a particular blessing that prevents them from running out of oxygen beneath the water’s surface; instead, they use Aquatic Stamina when sprinting. In addition, they can gather “Recovery Orbs” to replenish their stamina or swim through “Turbulent Bubbles” to advance more quickly. Diverse tactics will be used for underwater fighting, and it will even be possible to absorb particular aquatic species’ skills to protect oneself, avoid traps, and find jewels caught in seaweed.

Image via HoYoverse

Also awaiting in Fontaine are new bosses. The first Boss challenge “Icewind Suite” is a creation of Fontaine’s renowned clockwork science and aesthetics, and it features a dancing clockwork meka duo.
Challengers may select one of two themes, and the couple will battle with rhythmic Cryo assaults that are inspired by dance and figure skating. The adversary of the other boss resides in an underwater cavern. The massively armored crab lord “Emperor of Fire and Iron” can launch deadly Pyro assaults through its organs in addition to having the defense of an iron crab.

Genshin Impact Version 4.0 update will feature three new characters from Fontaine

The first three playable characters from Fontaine will appear in version 4.0. They are related: The eldest, Lyney, is well-known in Fontaine as a magician. He is a five-star archer that can launch pyro magic technics, perform Pyro magic feats, and change into a Grin-Malkin Cat. Lynette, Lyney’s sister and best helper, will also be a part of the game as a four-star Anemo character with a sword. In the most recent seasonal event, players with Adventure Ranks 25 and higher can invite this low-profile sidekick for free, who can approach adversaries with unnerving speed.

The youngest sibling, Freminet, rounds out the group. A talented diver making his Claymore debut at level 4, Freminet is skilled at using the fully pressurized Pers to launch Cryo and Physical strikes. In the first half of Version 4.0 Event Wishes, Lyney, Lynette, and Yelan will be available again, and in the second half, Zhongli, Tartaglia, and Freminet will make their debuts.

Several new features and functionalities will be added to improve the play experience.
Utilizing the feeling of time and place, Global Illumination (GI), motion sensor support (Gyroscope), and faster loading on PlayStation consoles will further enhance the graphics, the controls, and the immersive experience. The multi-layered map and the new Party Setup backdrops and animations are two additional optimizations that aim to give players useful and fascinating information about their experiences.

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