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Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator Tool: What is it and how to use it

All you need to know about the new component in HoYoLAB!

miHoYo, the developers of Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis have added another tool Enhancement Progression Calculator to the growing list of companion tools on the HoYoLAB website, app. The tool is focused on making the calculations for the resources required to enhance weapons, characters, and artifacts. 

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator: Function

Farming ascension materials is one of the most painstaking tasks in Genshin Impact. Therefore, the developers have introduced a small, yet valuable tool to HoYoLAB. This will definitely make it easier to track the materials required. Not only will it let the travelers know all the costs associated with upgrading, but also make resin management efficient.

Techniques to use

Players can access the tool by either accessing the website or downloading the app which has been made available on Android and iOS devices. On the website, the tools section can be found on the menu pane on the left-hand side under the tools section. The same can be found in the game tools section on the app.

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator
HoYoLAB: Tools Section (Image via HoYoLAB)

On accessing the calculator for the first time, players will see generic details. By logging in using their miHoYo account, they can get details catered to their account. The UI offered is intuitive, very clean. Additionally, the calculator houses three sections, one each for characters, artifacts, and weapons. 

The feature has been provided by third-party sites for a long time, but getting support from miHoYo directly guarantees account safety and ease of use. Currently, the data for characters like character and talent level is synced with players’ accounts to offer a better calculation experience. 

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator: Complete breakdown of the 3 sections

1. Characters

Players will be able to access characters they have unlocked and need to select the levels of talent and character which they want to achieve, to get the total amount required. To make the process of finding the desired characters, travelers can use the elemental attribute and weapon-type filters or simply enter the name of the character.

Genshin Impact ascension tab
Character ascension tab (Image via HoYoLAB)

2. Weapons

Similarly, for weapons, there are two options either search with the name directly or apply the rarity and weapon type filters. The calculator will list all the level-up materials including the total amount of Mora and Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator
Level selection in weapon tab (Image via HoYoLAB)

3. Artifacts

Last but not the least, artifacts can also be searched in the same way. Players have the ability to select artifact sets as well as the sub-type of the desired artifact, i.e plume, circlet, etc. This will be followed by travelers, choosing the current and the final level up to which they want to upgrade the artifact, for gathering the exact amount of resources.

Final Thoughts

While in the current iteration, the tool does not take into account inventory as count. Nor, it does show the schedule for the domains. It still is a great way for resin and resource management. Paired with the interactive map offered by HoYoLAB, collecting ascension drop materials will get easier. Players can expect that miHoYo will implement these features, as they are a staple among the various third-party tools as HoYoLAB has gained a lot of practical features since it was first launched for mobile in July this year. 

What is your opinion on the Genshin Impact Enhancement Progression Calculator? Mention your thoughts in the comment section below!

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