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Genshin Impact: Ever-changing Parchment Challenge Guide and Tips

Find hidden luxurious chest with this guide!

The Araynyaka quest chain is the longest quest chain in Genshin Impact history. It has four parts, and each part contains multiple sub-quests that need to be completed to proceed further down the main quest chain. Each of those sub-quests sometimes also contains multiple parts that need to be completed. In this article, we will discuss the complete Ever-changing Parchment challenge walkthrough.

How to unlock and complete the Ever-changing Parchment challenge in Genshin Impact

After completing Royinjan’s chapter: Linga part of the Vimana Agama quest, you will be rewarded with an item called Strange Parchment. You can view it from the quest tab of your inventory. This parchment is the beginning of the Ever-changing Parchment hidden exploration objective. It does not appear on the quest list since it’s a hidden challenge.

Gesnhin Impact map contained in the Strange Parchment
Image via Hoyoverse

The parchment contains a map of Devantaka Mountain with some places marked with an X. You will have to visit 3 of the marked locations and the last location marked with a circle contains a fire torch puzzle. Every time you complete a challenge, the name of the parchment will change.

It will go from Strange Parchment to Unsealed Parchment to Guiding Parchment to Whispering Parchment to Mysterious Parchment over the course of the challenges. The order in which the locations are marked is the solution to the puzzle, we do not have to visit the locations in that specific order. However, for the sake of simplicity, we will follow that order here.

Unsealed Parchment

Gesnhin Impact Ever-Changing Parchment Unsealed parchment
Image via Hoyoverse

Teleport to the Devantaka Mountain Statue of the Seven. Glide southeast towards the arm to find a time trial challenge. The time trial challenge asks you to capture 8 anemo particles in 90 seconds. There is a bug at the time of writing where it says anemo particles but shows dendro particles instead. Since Sumeru is the land of dendro, it is safe to assume dendro was the intended one. This may be patched by the time you are reading this. Upon completion, you will receive the Unsealed Parchment.

Guiding Parchment

Gesnhin Impact Ever-Changing Parchment Guiding Parchment
Image via Hoyoverse

Return to the start of the challenge, and glide northeast to the location shown below. Here you will find a combat challenge. You will have to defeat three Ruin Sentinels in 60 seconds. Upon completion, you will receive the Guiding Parchment.

Whispering Parchment

Teleport to the waypoint above Port Ormos. Glide northeast to find the Sumeru Fisherwoman called Loumelat. Buy the formula for Sugardew Bait from Loumelat. Craft some Sugardew Bait from a crafting table. The ingredients are Harra Fruit and Sumeru Rose. You should already have plenty of those if you were collecting every material you laid your eyes on.

Genshin Impact fishing spot at Devantaka Mountain
Image via Hoyoverse

Teleport to the Devantaka Mountain north waypoint. Glide down south to find a fishing spot. The fishing spot can be seen from the air while gliding. Start fishing and continue until you fish out a parchment. If you followed our order, this should be the Whispering Parchment. It could be any parchment between Unsealed and Guiding depending on the order. You may have even accidentally got it before while fishing.

Genshin Impact: Ever-changing Parchment: Final puzzle and rewards

Teleport to the waypoint under the Ruin Golem. From here you can see a camp below with four fire torches. Glide down to the camp. Light them up in this order: bottom left, bottom right, top right, top left. Congrats, you have just completed the Ever-changing Parchment hidden exploration objective. Lighting the torches will spawn a Luxurious chest. It will also reward the Wonders of the World’s achievement Call of the Nameless City.

What are your thoughts on our Ever-changing Parchment quest guide in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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