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Genshin Impact Guide: Best Artifacts Build for Baizhu

Best Artifacts Builds of Baizhu!

Genshin Impact released a new playable 5-star character, Baizhu, in Version 3.6. Baizhu, a Dendro character with healing abilities, which can be a sub-dps or full support character has been recently released. He first appeared during the Liyue Archon Quests as the game’s first Dendro character. Here is a complete guide to the best Artifacts Build for Baizhu in Genshin Impact.

Best Artifacts Build for Baizhu in Genshin Impact

Baizhu is also the second 5-star Dendro catalyst user in the game. His Elemental Skill sends a Gossamer Sprite to deal damage to nearby enemies and heal party members, while his Burst creates a regenerating shield that heals and attacks.

Artifact Sets

4-Piece: Deepwood MemoriesSets to built
Genshin Impact 4 piece Deepwood Memories

Explanation: Deepwood Memories is an artifact set that can greatly enhance Baizhu’s performance. This is particularly true when using Baizhu’s Elemental Skill, which tracks opponents and hits three of them. The skill becomes even more effective when paired with Deepwood Memories, especially for activating the 4-piece effect. When you equip Baizhu with a full 4-piece Deepwood Memories set, it applies the Dendro Shred effect.

This means that enemies hit by Baizhu’s Elemental Burst or Skill will have their Dendro resistance decreased by 30%. This is especially useful for both main and sub-dps Dendro characters, as it allows them to deal more damage to their opponents.
2-Pieces: Dendro DMG Bonus +15%
4-Pieces: After Elemental Skills or Bursts hit opponents, the targets’ Dendro RES will be decreased by 30% for 8s. This effect can be triggered even if the equipping character is not on the field.
4-Piece: Ocean-Hued ClamSets to built

Explanation: If you want to make Baizhu an even better healer, try using the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact set. It boosts Baizhu’s healing and can be helpful when leveling up to level 90, especially if you don’t have high HP yet. Plus, it lets Baizhu deal extra damage even when he’s not active, which is great for tough battles. Overall, the Ocean-Hued Clam set is a good choice if you want to make the most out of Baizhu’s abilities in combat. Give it a try to see the difference it can make!
        2-Pieces: Healing Bonus +15%

4-Pieces: When the character equipping this artifact set heals a character in the party, a Sea-Dyed Foam will appear for 3 seconds, a Sea-Dyed Foam will appear for 3 seconds, accumulating the amount of HP recovered from healing (overflow included).

At the end of the duration, the Sea-Dyed Foam will explode, dealing DMG to nearby opponents based on 90% of the accumulated healing. (This DMG is calculated similarly to Reactions such as Electro-Charged, and Superconduct, but is not affected by Elemental Mastery, Character Levels, or Reaction DMG Bonuses).

Only one Sea-Dyed Foam can be produced every 3.5 seconds. Each Sea-Dyed Foam can accumulate up to 30,000 HP, including overflowed healing. There can be no more than one Sea-Dyed Foam active in the entire party at any given time. The effect can still be triggered if the character is not in the field.
2-Piece: Emblem Of Severed Fate/ Tenacity Of The MillelithSets to built

Severed FateGenshin Impact Best Artifacts Build for Yaoyao 4 piece Tenacity of the Millelith

Explanation: To improve Baizhu’s HP in Genshin Impact, we suggest combining two pieces of the Tenacity of the Millelith artifact set with two pieces of the Vourukasha’s Glow set. These sets offer a 20 percent HP boost, which is crucial for Baizhu. This means you don’t have to worry about getting the Jadefall Splendor artifact set or relying on substats to increase Baizhu’s HP. With this combination, you can give Baizhu the HP he needs to become a stronger character in the game.
   Emblem Of Severed Fate
2-piece set: Energy Recharge + 20%
Tenacity Of The Millelith
2-piece set: HP increased by 20%

Artifact Stats

When it comes to optimizing your artifacts in Genshin Impact, understanding the stat priority for each piece can make a big difference in your overall performance. For the flower, flat HP is the most important stat to prioritize. As for the substats, HP%, energy recharge, and elemental mastery are all solid choices.

Moving on to the feather, flat ATK is the primary focus for the main stat. As for the substats, HP%, energy recharge, and elemental mastery are once again the most desirable. For the sands, you’ll want to aim for either HP% or energy recharge as the main stat. When it comes to substats, prioritize HP%, energy recharge, and elemental mastery.

As for the goblet, HP% should be your main stat of choice, and you’ll want to look for substats that include HP%, energy recharge, and elemental mastery. Finally, for the crown, HP% is once again the most important main stat. When it comes to substats, prioritize HP%, energy recharge, and elemental mastery. By understanding the artifact stat priority for each piece, you can maximize your character’s potential and take on even the toughest challenges with ease.

That’s all for today’s guide on Best Artifacts Build for Baizhu in Genshin Impact. What are your thoughts on this guide? Let us know in the comment section below!

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