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Genshin Impact Guide: Scarab locations and where to find them

Find all the Scarabs easily!

Genshin Impact just launched the new 3.1 patch update with the new Desert expansion of Sumeru. A new region means more local specialties and characters to ascend with them. Cyno, for example, is the new playable five-star character that needs Scarabs for his ascension. In this guide, we will tell you Scarab locations spread out all around the Desert region of Sumeru in Genshin Impact.

Scarabs are found in both the outside region of the Desert and in the underground parts of it. Just be warned that they indeed leave like every other creature in Genshin Impact once you are close to it. Fortunately, Scarabs take a much slower time in burying themselves underground so just be quick enough to catch them. Note: If the scarab buries itself underground, leave the area a few feet away and wait until it resurfaces again in the same spot

How to find the Scarab in Genshin Impact

There are approximately 78 Scarabs all across the Desert of Sumeru. Note that some of the Scarabs in the game are locked behind World Quest requirements, meaning to farm those Scarabs you would need to complete some World Quests.

Genshin Impact Scarab
Image via HoYoverse

1. Land of Lower Setekh

  • Eye of the Sands (4 Scarabs)
  • Aaru Village (6 Scarabs)
  • Dar al-Shifa (4 Scarabs)

2. Land of Upper Setekh

  • Sobek Oasis (10 Scarabs)
  • Valley of Dahri (8 Scarabs)

3. Hypostyle Desert

  • The Dune of Carouses (7 Scarabs)
  • The Dune of Elusion (6 Scarabs) 
  • The Dune of Magma (2 Scarabs)
  • The Mausoleum of King Deshret (31 Scarabs)

Some of the Scarabs are locked behind World Quests around the Mausoleum of King Deshret in the Hypostyle Desert. There are two World Quests that players need to do to have access to the other Scarabs

  • Golden Slumber: Players can find around 12 Scarabs after finishing this quest.
  • Dual Evidence: After finishing the Golden Slumber World Quest, wait for the next Daily Reset to start the Quest. Players can find around 6 Scarabs after finishing the quest.

Here is an extensive guide to all the pin-point locations of the Scarabs.

Genshin Impact Scarab
Image via HoYoverse

Travelers can also follow the Official Teyvat Interactive Map if they want to make use of the mark pins of the website or pinpoint the exact locations of the scarabs with imagery provided in each mark.

Genshin Impact Scarab
Image via HoYoverse

If players are still struggling then use this YouTube tutorial with a step-by-step guide. An NPC named ‘Nawaz’ who is located in Aaru Village will give you four Scarabs if you talk to him.

What are your thoughts on our guide on finding Scarab in Genshin Impact helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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