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Genshin Impact Guide: Tidalga Locations and how to farm them

Farm Tidalga easily with these steps!

Tidalga, a resource in Genshin Impact, is commonly located underwater during diving expeditions, notably abundant in the Great Fontaine Lake. Alternatively, players can acquire Tidalga by purchasing it from Hinterman, situated just outside Poisson. Hinterman offers ten Tidalga for 240 Mora each, and one can find a convenient Teleport Waypoint nearby for quick access to his location. In this guide, we will try to find out the locations and list down the uses for Tidalga in Genshin Impact.

Tidalga in Genshin Impact: Overview

An algae floats with the tides, sustaining itself by feeding on substances produced by other plants. Though often mistaken for zooplankton, Tidalga falls under the category of phytoplankton by nature.

Tidalga: Uses and Utilities

Genshin Impact Tidalga weapons
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  • Required for Blueprints: This proves valuable as you require 20 units to obtain the blueprints for both the Finale of the Deep and Flowing Purity.
  • Crafting Pure Water: To craft Pure Water, players must gather 3 Wheat, 2 Pinecones, and 1 Tidalga as the required ingredients for this consumable item.

Genshin Impact Guide: Where to farm Tidalga and get them

The best way to farm any material in Genshin Impact is the Teyvat Interactive Map. A substantial amount of Tidalga can be discovered in the southeastern vicinity of Chemin De L’Espoir, north of Elton Trench, and southwest of Salacia Plain.

Unlocking numerous underwater Teleport Waypoints is advisable as most Tidalga is spawned underwater, utilizing a Fontaine character for increased mobility is recommended. Tidalgas are often clustered together, making collection relatively straightforward.

How to purchase

Genshin Impact Tidalga purchase
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Hinterman, a Fontaine NPC vendor, sells ten Tidalga for 240 Mora each on the outskirts of the Poisson section in Fontaine. A nearby Teleport Waypoint facilitates easy access to his location. Please be aware that once you progress and complete Act 5 Chapter 4, this shop will become unavailable.

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