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Genshin Impact Guide: Tips to fix the problems With Dehya’s Kit

Find solution to the issues with Dehya's kit!

“Flame-Mane” Dehya is a Pyro claymore character who was released in Genshin Impact version 3.5 and she will be added to the Standard Wish – Wanderlust Invocation in version 3.6. Dehya has one of the best visual designs out of all Genshin Impact characters. She was one of the most anticipated Sumeru characters ever since her design got leaked. It is truly tragic for players who have been patiently waiting for her release, only to be met with an awfully designed kit. This article will go in-depth about all of Dehya’s kit problems and try to figure out ways to fix them.

How to fix the underlying problems with Dehya’s Kit in Genshin Impact

Dehya’s kit is a hybrid between Raiden Shogun/Albedo and Xinqiu/Beidou. Therefore, most of the fixes for Dehya’s Kit problems in Genshin Impact discussed here will be in reference to these four characters.

Genshin Impact Dehya Team Compositions
Image via HoYoverse

Defensive Utility

The first problem with Dehya’s role as a Tank is that her DMG mitigation is insufficient. First of all, what she offers can hardly be called DMG mitigation. A shield would mitigate 100% of all incoming DMG while active. Dehya redirects only 50% of incoming DMG at talent level 10 (56% at talent level 13). Active characters are still taking DMG. What she does can be called DMG reduction, a utility offered by Xinqiu and Beidou, albeit not as their primary utility. Both of their DMG reduction is significantly lower than Dehya’s, but unlike Dehya, both of them are capable of dealing a lot of off-field DMG. Xinqiu also offers the added utility of healing, while Dehya is only able to heal herself.A simple fix would be to increase her DMG reduction percentage. Around 70%-80% would be enough.
Dehya has a passive that allows her to heal herself when her HP falls below 40%. She recovers a total of 50% HP through this passive. This is her survival mechanic which allows her to continue acting as a DMG sponge for her team. The problem with this mechanic is that it has a 20s cooldown which makes it not very efficient at keeping herself alive. It is entirely possible for Dehya to die while off-field. The best way to fix this issue is to remove the unnecessary cooldown. If that is too much, then even reducing the cooldown to 10s would be great. 
Another one of Dehya’s passives reduces the DMG taken when it is redirected to her by 60% for 6s. This effect only triggers when she retrieves her field. This is a really helpful passive as it allows her to take more DMG on behalf of her teammates. The problem is the conditions that need to be met to trigger it.The only fix for this issue is to make it permanent. There should be no conditions to trigger this effect. She should always take 60% less DMG when DMG is redirected to her. She reduces DMG taken for her teammates, so why not do the same for herself? It would be even better if this reduction was bumped up to 70%-80% but it might be too much to ask for. 
The same passive grants characters in the field infinite interruption resistance for 9s. The problem with this is that the 9s timer begins the moment the skill is cast. If she casts her burst after skill, the timer continues to run in the background. When she recreates her field after burst mode, it does not refresh the duration of the interruption resistance. It becomes practically useless since only a few seconds remain out of its 9s duration. Not to mention the infinite interruption resistance only stays active for 9s whereas her field lasts for 12s. On top of that, there is no visual indicator that the interruption resistance has run out. This makes the ability rather unreliable to utilize. It works rather wonderfully while it’s active.The solution is to tie the infinite interruption resistance to the duration of the field itself, instead of making it a separate timer. 
The duration and relocation of the field itself is another problem. Dehya’s field acts almost identically to Albedo’s field. Except, Albedo’s field has a 30s duration and a 6s cooldown, making it incredibly easy to relocate it whenever needed. Dehya does not have the same luxury. Her field lasts for 12s, the infinite interruption resistance lasts for 9s, and the skill has a 20s cooldown. All three of these combined makes it unbearably frustrating to use.Making Dehya’s field’s duration and cooldown match Albedo’s field would make it very convenient to use since many of her support abilities are tied to the field. Even a 15s duration with a 10s cooldown would be enough to maintain 100% uptime on her field.
Dehya’s DMG redirection mechanic is not enough to keep her teammates alive. She also needs to heal them. This is not unheard of, Xinqiu provides DMG reduction as well as healing. Dehya being able to heal her teammates will not make her overpowered, it will simply make her better at being the sole sustainer of the team.Dehya’s healing could come in the form of a teamwide single instance burst heal when she casts her burst, just like Jean. At C4 she does have the ability to heal herself, but she is required to continue hitting enemies to trigger it.

DMG Potential

Dehya’s coordinated attacks are triggered every 2.5s. Albedo’s attack triggers every 2s and Raiden Shogun’s attack triggers every 0.9s. Albedo is a Geo character and he is not meant to trigger reactions anyway. Raiden Shogun is absolutely amazing in Hyperbloom teams since she can trigger the Dendro cores once every second. Dehya was advertised as a reaction support but her 2.5s delay between attacks makes her a terrible choice for a Burgeon trigger unit. Enemies can only take a fixed amount of Burgeon DMG at a time, so Burgeoning a large number of seeds every 2.5s is not as impactful as Burgeoning a smaller number of seeds every 1s. Even Thoma is a better choice for Burgeon since he can trigger it every 1s. It is totally unacceptable for Dehya (a 5* character) to be worse than Thoma (a 4* character) in the one job she is supposed to be good at. Make Dehya’s coordinated attacks trigger every 1s.
Dehya’s DMG multipliers are too low for a 5* character. Her being a standard banner character does not work as an excuse for her having such low multipliers. Even Diluc, the other 5* claymore Pyro character in the standard banner has better multipliers than Dehya. Increase her multipliers to at least match that of Diluc’s. 
The biggest complaint about Dehya’s burst is that it counts as a burst animation rather than normal attack animation. This makes her burst not to work with Xinqiu/Yelan, robbing her of the best Pyro reaction, Vaporise.Make Dehya’s burst a simple stance change rather than a long animation.
Genshin Impact Dehya
Image via HoYoverse

General problems and suggestions for Dehya’s Kit problems in Genshin Impact

Dehya’s burst has an energy cost of 70 but she is terrible at generating energy particles. This makes her burst cost feel higher than it actually is.Lower her burst cost to 40 and let her generate more particles.
Dehya’s burst has an auto-targeting feature like the bow characters. This feature is absolute garbage as it can miss targets right in front of her. Her burst also ends prematurely when she walks into stationary objects.Make Dehya’s burst controllable by the player. This way players can attack the opponent they want while staying away from other objects.
Since Dehya has dual functions of being an on-field burst DPS and an off-field Burgeon trigger unit, her having mostly HP scaling hurts her ability to do decent Burgeon DMG. If she is built with EM, she becomes bad at being the team sustainer.Give Dehya an EM bonus based on her max HP. This will make her a good Burgeon trigger unit without sacrificing her ability to keep her teammates alive.
Dehya has dual scaling on her skill and burst, ATK, and HP. This causes a dilemma of having to choose between ATK or HP Sands. Her C1 gives her a DMG bonus based on max HP, which makes HP Sands the way to go. Incorporate Dehya’s C1 into her base kit. Not the entire C1, just the part that gives a DMG bonus.
Some characters in Genshin Impact gain bonus DMG based on certain conditions. Like Hu Tao gains a Pyro DMG bonus if her HP is below 50%. Raiden Shogun’s burst deals more DMG based on the energy cost of her teammates’ bursts. Xiao gains a DMG bonus based on how long he stays in his burst mode. In the same vein, Dehya should receive a DMG bonus based on how much DMG her teammates take. After all, a good chunk of Dehya’s kit revolves around her taking DMG on behalf of her teammates. She might as well benefit from all the DMG that is redirected to her.Create a separate bar for total DMG redirected to Dehya and grant her DMG bonuses when the total passes certain thresholds.

Final Thoughts 

The goal is not to make Dehya an overpowered character. The goal is to simply make her decent and actually playable. She is bad at sustaining her teammates as well as at doing DMG. Making her better at either of those will make her a significantly better character than she was at launch. Genshin Impact players deserve better, and Dehya deserves better. We do not necessarily want her to become the next META-defining character, we just want her to be good at what she was supposed to be good at.

Did you find our guide to fixing Dehya’s Kit problems in Genshin Impact helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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