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Genshin Impact Guide: How to beat Primo Geovishap with Tips

How to beat one of the toughest bosses?

Primo Geovishap is an Ancient Geo Dragon-lizard boss monster awoken from hundreds of years of sleep. The Primo Geovishap’s primary element is Geo. However, it can infuse with either of the following elements: Electro, Pyro, Hydro, or Cryo. While infused with a certain element, the Primo Geovishap gains resistance to it. The enemy would also be able to unleash its infused element to launch an extremely high damage elemental attack called Primordial Shower. In this article, we will guide you to beat Primo Geovishap in Genshin Impact.

Primo Geovishap

Why Beat Primo Geovishap?

Primo Geovishap is arguably one of the toughest bosses to farm for ascension materials. Normal attacks have reduced effectivity due to their hardened scales. It can also be tough to take down with elemental attacks due to the random infused element that might make it more resistant to the player’s main elemental damage dealer. So before dealing with it, ask yourself what drops would you need from Primo Geovishap.

The unique ascension material which only the Primo Geovishap drops is called Juvenile Jade, which is an ascension material needed for the following characters: Xiao, Hu Tao and Yanfei.

Yenfei, Hu Tao and Xiao

If you do not have any of these 3 characters the Primo Geovishap also drops different ascension materials for every element, which are Prithiva topaz, Vajrada Amethyst, Shivada Jade, Agnidus Agate, and Verunada Lazurite. The Primo Geovishap also drops different artifact sets and 5-star variants of Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe. These are drops that you can also get from other World Bosses. But, if you would need a surplus of different kinds of materials, while being unsure on who you want to level up and ascend next, then clearing the Primo Geovishap would be worth your time.

Genshin Impact Guide to beat Primo Geovishap
Jean engaging the Primo Geovishap in battle

How to defeat Primo Geovishap in Genshin Impact

Clearing Primo Geovishap is not an easy task, but if you are determined to get the ascension materials that it drops, here are some tips for you to make your boss clear easier.

Evasive Maneuvers

Primo Geovishap’s attack patterns are nothing special for starters as they are as pretty straightforward as other bosses. The boss has four attack patterns.

1. Three-hit combo

Primo Geovishap jabs the player in front then launches an AOE attack for the third hit.

2. Lunge attack

When a player(s) gets too far, Primo Geovishap dives underground and will try to emerge below. You can usually avoid this by paying attention to the circle on the ground indicating where it emerges.

3. Breath attack

Primo Geovishap attacks with his breath in a cone-shaped hitbox. The attack can easily be dodged as it is indicated by a roar beforehand.

4. Stalagmite attack

Primo Geovishap scatters stalagmites all around, which will explode after some time. Try to steer away from these stalagmites and keep moving to not get caught up in their explosions.

Xiao ult infusing his attacks with anemo element

Weakness and Resistances

As Primo Geovishap is a Geo-type monster that infuses itself with either Electro, Pyro, Hydro, or Cryo, the element that it will not have increased resistance would be anemo. For Xiao players, this would be a walk in the park as his ult, as seen above, transforms his basic attack to be infused with anemo damage per hit. However, for Hu Tao and Yanfei players, which are both pyro characters, adding anemo characters to your team, ideally venti but, even Jean, Sucrose, and Anemo traveller would greatly aid in dealing damage to the enemy.

Keep in mind that Primo Geovishap has an extremely powerful move called Primordial Shower, where it unleashes a heavy elemental AOE attack with whichever element it is infused with. To counter this move, you would need to have either a Geo barrier or barrier of whatever element the Primo Geovishap infused with. When the Primordial Shower hits your unit with a barrier, the boss will take damage rather than your unit. Knowing this, characters like Noelle and Zhongli, which are both geo elemental characters with barriers, will help greatly as countering Primordial Shower deals a significant amount of damage to the boss.

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