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Genshin Impact: How to unlock and complete the Fertilizer Salesperson World Quest

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With the release of patch 2.1 in Genshin Impact, many new world quests were released, one of which was Fertilizer Salesperson quest. Players were left stumped when they could not find a way to start the quest no matter what they did. With the release of Sangonomiya Kokomi and her story quest on September 21, travelers now have access to this world quest. In this article, we will show you how to start the Fertilizer Salesperson world quest and the steps to complete it.

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson World Quest: How to start

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson World Quest
Iwata in Genshin Impact

To start the quest, players first need to complete the In Another Land world quest and also complete the first part of Kokomi’s story quest Dracaena Somnolenta Chapter Act I: Warriors’ Dreams Like Spring Grass Renewing. Players need to teleport to Bourou Village in Watatsumi Island and talk to Iwata.

Quest walkthrough

To complete the dialogue-heavy Fertilizer Salesperson world quest, players must help Iwata in searching for the perfect fertilizer to grow his plants. Iwata is unable to travel to Ritou and therefore asks you to bring him the fertilizer he needs to grow more plants in the village. He describes the salesperson who is from Sumeru and makes a fertilizer that is of mythical powers due to its ability to grow plants that bear tons of fruits. The person of interest here is Vahid who players have met in other quests.

Unable to make the fertilizer himself, Iwata asks for the traveler’s help by overseeing the whole process. All the players need to do is change the time using the in-game clock and set it to the morning of the next day. In doing so, players will find that Iwata is under attack from some Electro and Cryo slimes. Defeat them to commence your conversion with Iwata, and find out about the progress made with respect to the fertilizer.

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson World Quest
Iwata being attacked by slimes

Gorou, the General of the Sangonomiya Resistance makes an appearance as he is on the lookout for the source of the smell that some of the inhabitants of the village have been complaining about. The stench is coming from the pile that Iwata had prepared for his fertilizer. Gorou then takes the traveler for an investigation on a suspicious woman who calls herself a “fertilizer salesman”.

It turns out that the woman in question is Alrani, the scholar who is out there in Watatsumi doing research for her thesis. In a series of events that unfold, it is found that she was mistakenly arrested by some soldiers and to prove her innocence, she has to take help from a fellow scholar from Academia, Kaushik

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson World Quest
Alrani and Kaushik

In the end, Gorou requests Alrani to assist Iwata with the fertilizer research, while keeping an eye out for a suspicious person who is roaming around disguised as the fertilizer salesperson.

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson World Quest: Rewards

  1. 100 x Adventure Experience Points
  2. 20,000 x Mora
  3. 5 x Hero’s Wit
  4. 20 x Inazuma Reputation Level

Hope this walkthrough will be useful for the players to complete the quest efficiently.

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