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Genshin Impact Icewind Suite Boss Guide: Location, How to beat, Rewards, and more

Beat the boss and win exciting rewards!

Genshin Impact has officially released Version 4.0 packed with amazing content such as new regions, exploration, characters, quests, etc. One of the new content has introduced a new Genshin Impact Boss located in Fontaine called the Icewind Suite. The Boss has a unique gameplay and introduction, seeing that it is currently the only duo Boss where they are shown as a pair and do not show any hostility when you approach them as they dance away. The Icewind Suite is located in the new Fontaine update expansion.

As of the current Version 4.0, Lynette and Freminet are the only playable characters that will be requiring the Ascension Materials dropped from the boss. In this guide, we will be discussing and giving tips on how to defeat the Icewind Suite in Genshin Impact, along with recommending what characters one should use in the boss fight.

How to find and unlock the Icewind Suite Boss in Genshin Impact

The Icewind Suite is located northeast of the Court of Fontaine Region in Fontaine. To access the boss, players need to unlock the Fontaine region, specifically around the area where the Marcotte Station and the Opera Epiclese are found.

Unlocking the Fontaine region will easily let the Adventurer’s Handbook locate the Icewind Suite for the player. There are nearby teleport waypoints where players can get as close as possible to the boss’s location. Players can unlock the nearest Teleport Waypoint and teleport to the Boss as close as possible.

Once you get close to the Boss you will notice the two robots dancing, no sign of hostility as you approach them. In order to trigger the Boss fight, talk to the NPC named Maillardet. You will be presented with 2 types of Boss fights: Dirge of Coppelia and Nemesis of Coppelius. Picking any one of the choices will then teleport you directly to the Boss fight as the couple both get ready for battle.

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite: Quick Overview

Description: Artificed Dancers developed by the Fontaine Research Institute. Bossuet originally intended for Artificed Dancers to be works of art that transcended the era of mechanical reproduction.

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite Boss

But after Bossuet was forced to resign, the project was taken over by Maillardet, who had his own unique understanding of what he wanted to achieve. As a result, while their features were perfected during the course of its development, the Artificed Dancers gradually strayed from Bossuet’s original vision.

Materials and items dropped by the Icewind Suite Boss

  • Character Ascension Material: Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelia, Artificed Spare Clockwork Component — Coppelius
  • Artifact Sets: Berserker, Instructor, Adventurer, Gladiator’s Finale, and Wanderer’s Troupe
  • Ascension Gems: Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, Vayuda Turquoise Fragment, Vayuda Turquoise Chunk, Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone, Shivada Jade Silver, Shivada Jade Fragment, Shivada Jade Chunk, Shivada Jade Gemstone.

How to Defeat the Icewind Suite Boss in Genshin Impact

Both versions of the Boss have similar attack moveset, but different weaknesses. When entering the Climax move, staying in the middle can be a risky move since you can take very high damage from Coppelia/Coppelius as they can knock you away.

After enabling the sequence of attacks, they will re-join the middle and then separate again, re-doing the movie 3 times. Players can stay out of the middle area in order to prevent any heavy hits taken. But it may take a considerable amount of time to do so and in turn can be detrimental, especially during Spiral Abyss.

Dirge of Coppelia

Attack Patterns and Abilities

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite Boss
  • Double Spin: Coppelia and Coppelius each perform a melee attack with their fan and cape, dealing 60% ATK as Anemo DMG and Cryo DMG.
  • Stationary Lift: Coppelius skates in a small circle, dealing 70% ATK as Cryo DMG and leaving a trail of ice shards. The ice shards detonate shortly after, dealing 80% ATK as AoE Cryo DMG.
  • Glacial Flourish: Coppelius raises his cane before tapping it on the ground, sending out a trail of ice, dealing 80% ATK as AoE Cryo DMG.
  • Shard Spray: Coppelius spins his cane to shoot forward many icicles, each dealing 75% ATK as Cryo DMG.

Coppelia’s Climax

During the Climax Phase, three spinning winds called Whirlwinds of Dirge appear in the arena. These whirlwinds slowly move in a clockwise direction. At first, they’re infused with Anemo wind energy. But if Coppelius hits them with his icy attacks, they’ll change to Cryo Wind Energy.

Anemo-infused whirlwinds blow winds that deal damage over time to players and will pull you toward the center of the arena. Cryo-infused whirlwinds deal more damage and are hit with both icy and windy damage. As for the individual attacks each of them has:

  • Coppelia will swipe her fan twice. The second hit is weaker if the first one connects. She’ll also send out a pulse of wind. On the second attempt of swiping her fan twice again, the second hit will be weaker if the first one connects. Lastly, Coppelia also will send out two pulses of Anemo DMG wind.
  • Coppelius on the other hand will swing his cane twice. He’ll skate in a small circle, dealing damage to the players if he touches, and then move to the edge of the arena. He’ll then shoot two ice blades at the players after a bow. The second hit is weaker if the first one connects. Lastly, Coppelius will skate around the whole arena, damaging players he touches, and then return to Coppelia.

These attack patterns will repeat three times unless you interrupt the Climax Phase. During the Climax Phase, both characters will reduce the damage they take from all attacks by 25% in each attack sequence. However, hitting them with the new “Pneuma” mechanic power will remove this damage reduction. If you manage to hit them with three Pneuma attacks during the Climax Phase, you’ll interrupt their moveset and stun them for a short time.

Nemesis of Coppelius

Attack Patterns and Abilities

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite Boss
  • Double Spin: Coppelia and Coppelius each perform a melee attack with their fan and cape, dealing 60% ATK as Anemo DMG and Cryo DMG.
  • Death Spiral: Coppelius spins Coppelia around himself, dealing 30% ATK × 5 as AoE Anemo DMG.
  • Throw Jump: Coppelius throws Coppelia airborne, who deals 60% ATK as AoE Anemo DMG upon landing before returning to Coppelius while rapidly spinning, dealing 15% ATK as Anemo DMG every 0.3s to players that come in contact.
  • Salchow Jump: Coppelia shoots 3 orbs at the player with her fan, each dealing 75% ATK as Anemo DMG.

Coppelius’s Climax

During the Climax Phase, three strong icy creatures called Retributive Frosthearts appear. These Frosthearts will occasionally release a freezing blast that damages all players nearby. As for the individual attacks each of them has:

  • Coppelius will perform a series of attacks using his Cryo powers. He’ll swing his cape three times. If the first or second hit connects, subsequent hits will be weaker. He’ll then create a shield made of Cryo that can be damaged by using special elemental abilities. However, if it’s hit by a specific type of attack called “Ousia,” it will break immediately. Coppelius will lastly swing his cane, then glide in a small circle while attacking with his cape. If the first or second hit connects, subsequent hits will be weaker.
  • Coppelia, on the other hand, has a different set of attacks. She’ll shoot three blades of wind at the player, causing Anemo damage upon contact. As she returns to Coppelius, she’ll then spin around and deal continuous Anemo damage. These attack sequences will repeat three times unless the Climax is stopped.

Players can interrupt the Climax Phase by hitting both Coppelia and Coppelius with 3 special types of attacks called “Ousia.” If you manage to do this, they will be stunned and unable to continue their powerful move for a short time.

Genshin Impact Icewind Suite Boss: All Achievements

There are 3 total Achievements that are related to the new Icewind Suite boss. Complete them all to obtain Primogems.

  • Funerary Storm: When playing in the Dirge of Coppelia mode, Coppelia creates 3 Whirlwind around her. Use Pneuma attack on Coppelia to break them. Players can use the Hydro Traveler or Lyney for this Achievement
  • Icebound Oath: When playing in the Nemesis of Coppelius, Coppelius will summon 3 Icicles and gain a Cryo Shield. Use Ousia attacks to break the Shield. Players can use Lynette for this Achievement.
  • The Power of Science is Staggering: Complete one form of the “Icewind Suite” challenge in Co-Op Mode.

The duo both deal with Anemo and Cryo damage respectively, and as such it is recommended that players do not bring any Anemo and Cryo characters in the party during the battle due to the eventual high resistance. Since Fontaine has arrived, the new special mechanics, Ousia and Pneuma have been implemented and can be used in various ways including in Fontaine-related bosses. Some Bosses will have weaknesses to such special mechanics and as such it is recommended that players bring Fontaine characters to the battle as it will make the fight much easier in comparison to just brute forcing it.

As of now, to defeat Dirge of Coppelia you will need Pneuma to counter the moves, so Hydro Traveler and Lyney are recommended. As for the Nemesis of Coppelius you will need Ousia to counter the moves, so Lynette is recommended. If you do not plan on using the Fontaine characters and abide by the mechanics, then a Pyro reaction team is highly recommended as well.

What are your thoughts about the guide to beating Icewind Suite Boss in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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