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Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest Guide and Tips

Tips to complete the Moon-Bathed World Quest guide!

The Moon-Bathed Deep World Quest is one of the longest quests in Genshin Impact with more rewards in the game. Over the course, players will get 170 Primogems. The Moon Bathed Deep quest will start after talking to Tsuyuko on the northwest of statues of the Seven in Mouun Shrine, Watatsumi Island. She will provide the backstory of the people in Watatsumi Island and ask the Traveler to collect four pearls in different areas.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest
Talk to Tsuyuko on the North-west of statues of Seven in Moon Shrine, Watatsumi Island

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest: Different parts

  • Eye of the Watatsumi
  • Fang of Watatsumi
  • Fin of Watatsumi
  • Tail of Watatsumi

After completing the following quest, one can only complete the last quest Heart of Watasumi. The following quest can be done in any order.

Eye of Watatsumi

One must glide to the island on the west of the current spot. One must make sure to deploy any Anemo character in the party, as their Elemental Skill is needed to complete the puzzle.

After reaching the Island, one has to interact with the stone tablet beside the sealed shrine. To unlock the shrine, players have to find three Electro orbs using Elemental sight.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest
Map of the Watatsumi Island
  • On top of a cliff on the west side of the Island.
  • Behind a broken boat, north from the shrine.
  • Beside a rock, south from the shrine.

Once, a player has collected all the electro orb using the Anemo character, he must go back to the shrine to collect the Spirit Pearl.

Fang of Watatsumi

They must teleport to the waypoint of the Sangonomiya shrine. This will be followed by heading west and following the navigation quest. They must read the stone tablet which is next to the shrine to start the task.

Read the Stone tablet at the ‘Fang’

Unlike the other 3 challenges, the Fang of Watatsumi challenge is entirely combat-based. In the challenge, players must defend a Ley Line monolith for 300 seconds. Defeating an opponent would decrease the countdown by 5s.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest
Activate the Ley Line monolith, standing beside the purple stone

One must make sure to constantly summon Electrogranum and stand beside the purple stone to make the challenge easier.

Fin of Watatsumi

The Fin of Watatsumi challenge is found on the north of the island. This quest is completely different from all other quests. At the location, players will find two large circular puzzles with a series of fish statues.

Read the Stone tablet at the ‘Fin’

This is a new type of puzzle but it’s very easy to solve. Players need to rotate each of the fish statues to the point towards the center of the circle. After all the fish statues are pointed in the correct direction, players must interact with the pearl statue to lock their position, before moving to the next circle.

It is very easy to find if one has solved the puzzle. This is because, each time a player does solve the puzzle, he will notice a blue light glowing in the middle or center of the puzzle-like in the image.

Tail of Watatsumi

The tail of the Watatsumi challenge is found on an island, which is southeast of Borou Village. This is the last quest item Spirit Pearl which one has to obtain to unlock the seal. After arriving at the location, players will have to defeat several Fatui enemies before interacting with the next tablet next to the shrine.

Read the Stone tablet at the ‘Tail’

There will be an electrogram plant found at the bottom of the path which will lead to the shrine. To solve the puzzle, one needs to light up 6 stone lamps using the Electrogranum. Players must interact with the Electrogranum Plant and move quickly and stand near all the stone lamps. The Electrogranum will light up the stone lamps like in the image.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest
Electrogranum will light up the stone lamps

Once all the stone lamps are lit up the seal in the shrine will unlock then collect the last Spirit Pearl.

Heart of Watatsumi

After collecting all the Spirit Pearl, players have to teleport to the waypoint in Sangonomiya Shrine. This is followed by talking to Tsuyko again to unlock the final destination.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest
It’s finally time to use the 4 pearls

By heading to the gate nearby, and submitting the four pearls, which they have obtained from the challenges to unlock the gate and go inside the Heart of Watatsumi.

Once a player enters the cave, he can spot four circular platforms with fish statues, which is similar to the Fin of  Watatsumi. The mechanism of this puzzle is also the same. To solve the puzzle, one must follow the order in the image.

Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest
Follow the order of solving the puzzle

One must rotate the fish statues to face the center and connect. Players can observe the glowing light on the floor to determine the right direction for each statue.

Once a player is done with all the fish statues on one platform, some hydro enemies will appear. Defeating the incoming enemies and activating the Mysterious pillar will prevent the statues from changing direction again. Players must follow the same steps for all the platforms. After eliminating the last wave of enemies, a cut-scene will appear. After the cut-scene ends, one must go to the altar and collect the quest item. This is followed by a conversation with Tsyuko to complete the Moon Bathed Deep World quest in Genshin Impact.

That’s all for today’s guide about the Genshin Impact Moon-Bathed Deep World quest! Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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