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Genshin Impact Electrogranum Guide: How to use, unlock details, and more

To boost the exploration in Inazuma

Exploration is an integral part of Genshin Impact and with Inazuma update, players have a lot of areas to explore. Inazuma is different from the existing areas in Liyue and Mondstat, it has some new mechanics which players need to be familiar with to make sure that players do not miss out on chests and collecting other materials. To aid travelers in their exploration of Inazuma, Genshin Impact developers have introduced Electrogranum. In this article, we will find out what electrogranum is and how to use it.

Like Dragonspine which has a lot of its interaction based on cryo, Inazuma is completely built around the electro element (Inazuma in Japanese means Lightning). Inazuma was an area that was isolated from the other islands because it was locked down under the Sakoku Decree meaning and hence this part of the world functions differently.

What is Electrogranum in Genshin Impact

Electrogranum (singular for Electrograna) is a grana that float around the traveler for 15 seconds (at level 1 and 2) and helps in traversing through Inazuma. A Grana is a curious spirit bursting with elemental magic that follows the player along. In mondstat there is anemograna. Collecting 3 anemograna creates a wind current. Electrograna is the grana for Inazuma and since Inazuma is the land of electro archon the grana is of the element electro.

How to activate Electrogranum and what does it do? 

To activate an Electrogranum players will need to locate the Sakura Bough which is found abundantly throughout the three islands. On locating the tree players need to interact with it and then the Electrogranum will be summoned and will stay for 15 seconds (at levels 1 and 2). Electrogranum is used for various purposes as follows,

1. To activate Thunder Sphere

It is a traversal mechanism found in the skies of Inazuma. It is activated when players come in contact whilst being affected by Electro or if they have an Electrogranum with them. This mechanism is used in various puzzles and challenges (time trials) across Inazuma. Also, this mechanism is used in the event “Thunder Sojurn”.

Genshin Impact Electrogranum
Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)

2. To get past Thunder Barrier

There are three types of electro barriers, differing in terms of strength. Players can use the Electrogranum to get past these barriers as long as the level of electrograum is high enough.

Genshin Impact thunder barrier levels
Image via miHoYo

3. Protection against Thunderstone

Some of the thunder barriers have thunder stones inside them which inflict electro damage over time. Players can temporarily avoid the damage if they have an Electrogranum by suppressing the thunderstone.

4. Protection against Balethunder

In some parts of Inazuma players gradually lose HP as these areas are highly concentrated by electro. This phenomenon is known as Balethunder and by using Electrogranum players can avoid damage by using Electrogranum. 

How to level up Electrogranum in Genshin Impact

Located at the top of the Grand Narukami Shrine, the Sacred Sakura tree is a mesmerizing location that players will be visiting time and again for offering sigils in return for rewards. 

Genshin Impact Sacred Sakura's Favour
Genshin Impact Sacred Sakura’s Favour (Image via miHoYo)

Unlike Liyue and Mondstat where sigils are used to buy a variety of items from the Souvenir Shops, Inazuma uses the sigil to level up the Sacred Sakura tree.  By offering the Electro Sigils to the Sacred Sakura tree, players increase their Favor Level.

LevelNameUnlock RequirementAbilities
1ElectrogranaInitial– Can pass through Thunder Barriers
– Can interact with Thunder Spheres and other objects when the character is not affected by Electro
– Can block 6 instances of DMG from Inazuma’s environmental hazards, such as Thunderstones and Balethunder areas
– Electrograna will last for 15s
2Eternal CurrentSacred Sakura Level 3When an Electro character’s energy is less than or equal to 50%, Electrograna will slowly regenerate Energy
3Continuation ISacred Sakura Level 7Electrograna duration increased to 20s
4Coordinated Attack: StormlightSacred Sakura Level 10Electrograna can deal additional Electro DMG alongside Electro characters (effect occurs once every 6s)
5Negation IISacred Sakura Level 13Can block 8 instances of DMG from environmental hazards
6Barrier Breaker IISacred Sakura Level 17Can now pass through Intermediate Thunder Barriers
7Coordinated Attack: StormwindSacred Sakura Level 20CD of Electrograna’s coordinated attack decreased to 4s
8Continuation IISacred Sakura Level 23Duration increased to 25s
9Coordinated Attack: TempestSacred Sakura Level 27Each Electro character in the party increases Electrogranum attack DMG by 20%
10Coordinated Attack: StormfallSacred Sakura Level 30Every 3 attacks by Electrogranum will cause the next one to deal AoE Electro DMG
11Negation IIISacred Sakura Level 33Can block 10 instances of DMG from environmental hazards
12Barrier Breaker IIISacred Sakura Level 37Can now pass through Advanced Thunder Barriers
13Coordinated Attack: Radiant StormSacred Sakura Level 40Each Electro character in the party increases Electrogranum attack DMG by 30%
14Continuation IIISacred Sakura Level 43Duration increased to 30s
15Coordinated Attack: StormtriggerSacred Sakura Level 47Every 2 attacks by Electrogranum will cause the next one to deal AoE Electro DMG

With Genshin Impact 2.0 update Electrogranum has become important for exploring Inazuma and we hope this guide will be useful to help the players. And if you are not prepared for exploring the new area, feel free to check out our Inazuma preparation guide.

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