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Genshin Impact Neuvillette Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, and More

Genshin Impact's new character Neuvillette and his abilities explained!

Genshin Impact Version 4.1 debuts “Ordainer of Inexorable Judgment” Neuvillette (hydro/catalyst), a 5* Hydro DPS from Fontaine. This guide will provide a detailed breakdown of how his abilities work and how to play Neuvillette in a team in Genshin Impact.

Neuvillette, the esteemed Chief Justice of Fontaine and the Marechaussee Phantom’s leader is also known as the Ludex of Fontaine.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Guide: Abilities description

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Guide
Image via HoYoverse

Talent upgrade priority

Normal Attack > Elemental Skill = Elemental Burst. The majority of his DMG comes from his charged attack, which scales off his Normal Attack talent. His Skill and Burst are both important but not to the same degree as his charged attack.

Normal attack: As Water Seeks Equilibrium

Normal Attack

With light flourishes, Neuvillette commands the tides to unleash a maximum of 3 attacks, dealing Hydro DMG.

While charging up, Neuvillette will gather the power of water, forming it into a Seal of Arbitration. In this state, Neuvillette can move and change facing, and also absorb any Sourcewater Droplets in a certain AoE.
Every Droplet he absorbs will increase the formation speed of the Seal, and will heal Neuvillette.
When the charging is stopped, if the Symbol has yet to be formed, then a Charged Attack will be unleashed. If it has been formed, then a Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment will be unleashed.

Charged Attack

Consumes a fixed amount of Stamina to attack opponents with a rupturing blast of water, dealing AoE Hydro DMG.

Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment

Unleashes surging torrents, dealing continuous AoE Hydro DMG to all opponents in a straight-line area in front of him.
Equitable Judgment will not consume any Stamina and lasts 3s.
If Neuvillette’s HP is above 50%, he will continuously lose HP while using this attack.

Plunging Attack

Gathering the might of Hydro, Neuvillette plunges towards the ground from mid-air, damaging all opponents in his path. Deals AoE Hydro DMG upon impact with the ground.

Elemental skill: O Tears, I Shall Repay

Summons a Raging Waterfall that will deal AoE Hydro DMG to opponents in front of Neuvillette based on his Max HP. After hitting an opponent, this skill will generate 3 Sourcewater Droplets near that opponent.

Arkhe: Pneuma

At certain intervals, when the Raging Waterfall descends, a Spiritbreath Thorn will descend that will pierce opponents, dealing Pneuma-aligned Hydro DMG.

Elemental burst: O Tides, I Have Returned

Unleashes waves that will deal AoE Hydro DMG based on Neuvillette’s Max HP. After a short interval, 2 waterfalls will descend and deal Hydro DMG in a somewhat smaller AoE, and will generate 6 Sourcewater Droplets within an area in front.

Ascension 1 passive: Heir to the Ancient Sea’s Authority

When a party member triggers a Vaporize, Frozen, Electro-Charged, Bloom, Hydro Swirl, or a Hydro Crystallize reaction on opponents, 1 stack of Past Draconic Glories will be granted to Neuvillette for 30s. Max 3 stacks. Past Draconic Glories causes Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment to deal 110%/125%/160% of its original DMG.
The stacks of Past Draconic Glories created by each kind of Elemental Reaction exist independently.

Ascension 4 passive: Discipline of the Supreme Arbitration

For each 1% of Neuvillette’s current HP greater than 30% of Max HP, he will gain 0.6% Hydro DMG Bonus. A maximum bonus of 30% can be obtained this way.

Utility passive: Gather Like the Tide

Increases underwater Sprint SPD for your own party members by 15%.
Not stackable with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Guide
Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Guide: Abilities explained

Normal Attack: As Water Seeks Equilibrium

This talent is the most important part of Neuvillette’s kit, all of his other talents complement this. Neuvillette’s charged attack has two variants. When he starts charging, it begins to form a round Seal. If you let go of the button before the Seal is formed, it unleashes a regular catalyst-user charged attack which consumes stamina. However, if the Seal is fully formed, it unleashes a Hydro laser which deals DMG in an AOE in the form of a straight line in front of him. This version of the charged attack does not consume stamina. The Seal takes 3s to fully charge, but this is where Sourcewater Droplets come in.

Sourcewater Droplets are created by his Elemental Skill and Burst. When you start charging his attack, it will absorb at most 3 Droplets (within a rather huge AOE) and the charging speed will become instantaneous. Each droplet that he picks up will heal him for 16% of his max HP and he can heal at most 48% of his HP in one go. While firing the laser, Neuvillette can move around and change the direction he is facing. At C0, his interruption resistance is mediocre and he will get knocked around by heavy attacks from bosses. Once the laser starts firing, you do not need to hold on to the attack button anymore. The Hydro laser can be canceled by jumping or dashing.

If Neuvillette’s HP is above 50%, the Hydro laser consumes 8% of his max HP every 0.5s. The laser lasts 3s and it can drain up to 48% of his HP in one go. The laser will never consume regular stamina. If his HP goes below 50%, it will stop consuming HP but it will not consume stamina.

One important thing to note is that his regular attacks are ATK-scaling but his Hydro laser is HP-scaling.

Elemental skill: O Tears, I Shall Repay

His skill is one instance of HP-scaling AOE Hydro DMG. If it hits an enemy, it will generate 3 Sourcewater Droplets near the enemy. Sourcewater Droplets last for 15s on the field.

Elemental burst: O Tides, I Have Returned

His burst is one instance of HP-scaling AOE Hydro DMG, followed by two smaller instances of the same thing. It will generate 6 Sourcewater Droplets in front of him even if it does not hit any enemies.

Ascension 1 passive: Heir to the Ancient Sea’s Authority

This passive is one of the biggest sources of self-buff. Each unique Hydro reaction that gets triggered by party members will grant Neuvillette a stack of Past Draconic Glories. Triggering the same reaction multiple times only refreshes the duration of that stack, it does not add to the stack. Triggering the same reaction by multiple characters also does the same thing. The only way to add to the stack is to trigger a unique Hydro reaction like Vaporize, Frozen, Electro-Charged, Bloom, Swirl, Crystallize, etc.

Each stack will increase the DMG of the Hydro laser by 10/25/60%. This is not the same thing as Hydro DMG bonus, this is a separate multiplier. The 60% increased DMG at max stacks is no joke, even the 25% increased DMG at 2 stacks is pretty great to have.

Ascension 4 passive: Discipline of the Supreme Arbitration

This passive is another source of self-buff. As long as Neuvillette’s HP is above 30%, he will gain a Hydro DMG bonus. This caps out at 80% max HP where he gains a 30% Hydro DMG bonus.

This DMG bonus is dynamic and it depends on his current HP. When you start firing the laser at 100% HP, the DMG numbers will be at it’s peak. But as his HP falls below 80%, the DMG numbers will also get smaller.

Utility passive: Gather Like the Tide

The underwater swimming sprint speed bonus is a pretty useful passive.

Genshin Impact Version 4.1 Neuvillette
Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact Neuvillette Guide: Playstyle

Neuvillette’s rotations revolve around allowing him to unleash as many Hydro lasers as possible. His Burst is not a major part of his total DMG but it is essential to use his Burst to generate enough Sourcewater Droplets for his Hydro laser. Use his Skill and Burst whenever it is available and you should be good to go. Do not forget to cycle through

As an HP-scaling character, Neuvillette benefits from the Hydro resonance. A second Hydro character is also great for particle generation which helps him use his Burst reliably. He does not benefit from ATK buffs. He can be a part of most teams that require Hydro application. However, he is more of a Hypercarry than a support/enabler, so his own personal DMG will likely contribute the most to the team’s total DMG.

Final Thoughts

Neuvillette is the first proper Hydro hypercarry character in Genshin Impact. Just like Yelan, he benefits from having HP scaling since it makes him tankier. It also makes building him very easy. His unique Hydro laser playstyle will surely draw in many players.

That’s all for today’s Genshin Impact Neuvillette guide, which discusses his skillset and different abilities. Let us know what you think about this guide in the comments below!

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