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Genshin Impact: Temple Inquiry World Quest Guide

Complete the Quest easily with these steps!

In Genshin Impact, there is a World Quest called Temple Inquiry in Enkanomiya in version 2.4, which is a part of the World Quest series for Hyperion’s Dirge. The players can start the Temple Inquiry quest after finishing The Subterranean Trials of Drake And Serpent. It is necessary to complete this quest in order to advance in the Hyperion’s Dirge series. For an easy walkthrough this quest, our guide will take you on a tour to complete the Temple Inquiry World Quest in Genshin Impact easily. 

How to complete the Temple Inquiry World Quest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Temple Inquiry World Quest
Evernight Temple location

The player should use the daylight setting to Evernight before beginning this quest. The player’s inventory must also contain one of every type of Key Sigil. Now, be ready with your powers & go to the Evernight Temple. Upon reaching the clearing, the player will find five stones containing symbols that are similar to the Key Sigils.

Speak with Aberaku for the quest

Genshin Impact Temple Inquiry World Quest
Aberaku location

Offer each of the stones a Key Sigil that matches the stone. When the Seals are activated, an afterimage of Aberaku will be visible. Talk with Aberaku to find out how he was imprisoned by a child at a very high place. Despite his contributions to the creation of Helios, his body was enshrined in various places, preventing him from resting.

Genshin Impact Temple Inquiry World Quest
Completing the quest

As part of his quest, Aberaku now warns the player that many dangers lie ahead. He then wishes to put the player to the test. Talk to Aberaku once more to begin the Trial. As soon as the spirit’s trial is activated, the player must defeat Rockfond Rifthound ×1 & Rockfond Rifthound Whelp ×2 within 60 seconds and move forward. 

Quest rewards

As the opponents are eliminated, a treasure chest will come up. For the last time, talk to Aberaku & get the Quest Items & Offerings of the Temple. The player gets 30 EXP, Primogems x 10 & Offerings of The Temple x1 as the quest rewards.

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